Ad Performance on the Search Network with Display Select.

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Can anyone guide me with the phone number of the Google Adwords Help Center in India?

I tried running a campaign on the search network with display select for a jewellery brand with the website ( My Goals are:

1) To Increase Brand Awareness
2) To drive traffic to the website and increase sales.

The ad got disapproved. and I'd like to find out why and how I can rectify it.

I used just to get some practice to run a dummy ad campaign as I am preparing myself for a job interview for Search Engine Marketing in a digital marketing agency.

Thank You
Siraj Ganju
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    it google help center 1800 258 2554 9 - 6 pm IST Monday - Thursday and 9 - 5 pm IST friday.
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    you cannot run "test" campaign for the test "website",
    you can only run real campaigns for real websites
    Victorious Marketing

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