Location insertion in AdWords?

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I've seen many ads with custom URL (destination) like: website.com/city=MYCITY when MYCITY is the one recognized my google.

Any idea how to do that?
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    I had a quick look at the value track parameters and none of them look like they'd give you the city of the user. You *could* do it by having a separate ad group for each city, and just hard-coding that value in, but that would be pretty cumbersome to manage...

    Anyone else got any ideas?

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      Yup it's very unlikely, one of the sites that I see doing it, is advertising in few states, and the ad shows my (very) small town, not just a large town near me or the county...
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    You want {loc_physical_ms} parameter
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    Hi F,

    Maybe what you are seeing is based on the Ad customizer feature built into AdWords?

    If you sell products in different cities, or if you have multiple store locations, you can use customizers to update the details on your ad based on someone’s physical location or the location they’re interested in.

    Hope that helps,

    Don Burk
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      Thanks Don, but I think that using this feature will require a huge list.
      Let's say I only have 1 area of 30 miles radius, the amount of towns will be overkill to create a dedicated "If" rule to each one.

      In this case I think it's easier to implement the {loc_physical_ms} parameter on AdWords end, and a script on my site to convert the numbers to the city names.

      I tried to find a WordPress plugin, because I already seen many PPC campaigns using this feature, and I can't believe each of one them bothered with writing a code for it by himself...
      Unfortunately I didn't find so far any existing code or plugin to do that...

      Edit: I see that Adwords API have a field of "LocationName", so theoretically, if there is no way to implement it on Adwords side, it should be possible to do it with the API, on the website. No?

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