Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM)

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    PPC Adwords Campaign

    byogojames in PPC/SEM

    Hey Folks I am running a GDN campaign and I would like to advise me on whether it will be fruitful according to this report. This is my first campaign ... [read more]

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    hello ! help please !!

    lachgarayoub in PPC/SEM

    i want to start a good comping like ppc bing ads i dont have more good exp so itry to found some here with a good exp to creat it ... [read more]

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    "Add This To Your PPC Marketing and Profit"

    fasteasysuccess in PPC/SEM

    I wanted to talk about something that a lot of business owners miss big time when doing pay per click. Really a lot of business owners miss this fact when ... [read more]

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    How do you analyse QS of your campaigns

    brieunier in PPC/SEM

    Hi everyone, To analyse the quality score of a campaign i make a weighted average. So i will take my statistics on the past week and calculate using the number ... [read more]

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    Bing ads - am I missing something?

    thobson in PPC/SEM

    I've been using Google adwords for some time with good results. A 0.7 GBP bid will typically get us into a position around #1 to #3 for a specific set ... [read more]

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    Using trademarked names in Google Adwords

    jtr8178 in PPC/SEM

    I have a friend who has designed a device that fixes certain codes on Toyota vehicles. Normally this code costs thousands to fix, but his item is only $200 or ... [read more]

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    best solo ads

    lachgarayoub in PPC/SEM

    hello please im looking for software/ hosting solo ads nitch any help please

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    Where to get my adwords compaign reviewed?

    littlewaynia in PPC/SEM

    I have launched adwords compaign few weeks back, not doing much as of now, have spent a lot of time looking through info on how to set up a good ... [read more]

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    what are qualified and affordable paid traffic services?

    longdinh101 in PPC/SEM

    The best traffic service I know is Adwords, but it's too expensive. I sometimes got offers from SEO guys, things like: guaranteed traffic from targeted countries... But I don't dare ... [read more]

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    How many uniques to make money

    MrAndrew in PPC/SEM

    How many uniques do you need to make money with advertising. I need some help. I own a lot of good domains. One is getting 500 uniques a month how, ... [read more]

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    Google Rich Media Ads

    v2stechnologies in PPC/SEM

    Has anyone tried Google rich media ads (RMA)? I have worked on search, display, and remarketing ads. But never get the chance to work on rich media ads. I was ... [read more]

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    Bing Ads and Pay Per Call

    chfumar in PPC/SEM

    I am doin bing ads with Pay Per Call (direct link) offers , spend $500 not a single lead convert , Please share your experience expert and senior members.

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    suggestion about chitika !

    simou94 in PPC/SEM

    i use chitika for my website movies so any suggestion about chitika ! isn't good !

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    Facebook Introduce JIF flash advertisement

    Akisingh in PPC/SEM

    Hello, I want to know that is that good for advertisement our product via flash image on FB, is this any chances to conversion of our product. can anyone tell ... [read more]

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    PPC Startup costs?

    Realtawk in PPC/SEM

    Hi, I was wonder what the start up costs are? I know I should get aweber and landing page builder. But how much for the rest? what other costs are ... [read more]

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    7search question

    Zodiax in PPC/SEM

    Has anyone ran a compaign for the keywords, "make money online"? Its like .30 per click. What was the quality like?

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    Google adwords for Luxembourg? Please help

    auditt05 in PPC/SEM

    I live in Luxembourg and it seems I cant find anywhere an adwords coupon that I get for free? Germans could get upto 300EUR Please help!

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    Yahoo Gemini - What's The Scoop?

    consultant1027 in PPC/SEM

    One simple question, if you are already advertising on Bing Ads and have the "Microsoft and Yahoo owner properties" target enabled (or something like that) - is there any reason ... [read more]

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    Does bot traffic always have high bounce rates?

    Delta223 in PPC/SEM

    In your experience does bought traffic always balance on the landing page, or can they get past initial lead capture pages using false sign-ups, in order to make them harder ... [read more]

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    david1618 in PPC/SEM

    Hi there, Greetings!!! I want to know about PPC, i already read articles on google regarding ppc but i want to know that in simple language, so please tell me ... [read more]

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    thinking about SEMrush

    chi124 in PPC/SEM

    Hey guys, I was looking at purchasing the SEMrush monthly plan and was wondering if any of guys could provide some insights if this is worth getting. My main question ... [read more]

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    Get less revenue from PPC ads

    Moira Yao in PPC/SEM

    how to stop this? make desktop in-app ads, but get less and less income.

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    SpyFu Estimated SEO Click Value

    rcjeng in PPC/SEM

    I am trying to monetize my website as of now. I have a ton of good seo traffic but still searching for the best way to monetize. I stumbled on ... [read more]

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    Adwords and Bing coupons???

    rolltide in PPC/SEM

    Does anyone know where I can find active Adwords and Bing coupon codes for a new account? I haven't been able to find any active ones. Thanks

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    Does TrackingDesk Track Keywords?

    davedemille in PPC/SEM

    I am trying to track keywords with TrackingDesk. I will send PPC traffic through direct link to affiliate and CPA offers. I setup a campaign with TrackingDesk and I am ... [read more]

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    Bing or Facebook? What should I do?

    yansolo518 in PPC/SEM

    I would like to ask everyone if I should stick with Bing or move over to Facebook traffic? I dont necessarily want to quit Bing or give up. I am ... [read more]

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    Low ROI Top 5 Pos Keywords - Lower Bids or Turn Off?

    consultant1027 in PPC/SEM

    We all know CTR goes down with average position. Let's say the ROI isn't high enough to justify bids high enough to get you in the top 5 ot 6 ... [read more]

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    some help please

    simou94 in PPC/SEM

    I have created a web site for movies a month ago and the daily number of visitors 500 , Im on the right track !! and Is there a better ... [read more]

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    Facebook CPC disaster

    Munyez in PPC/SEM

    Hey fellas I am targeting tourists in Prague for segway tours and having low CTR I am targeting "people who are recently" What am I doing wrong? Here are some ... [read more]

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    Bing ads gets click but no sells

    MichiN21 in PPC/SEM

    Hi, Im new here and to Affiliate marketing. My question is, is it possible to get from 1 bing ad,with around 14-20 click, that i get 1 sell per day. ... [read more]

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    Please Help me to Choose my NICHE .... :(

    srmlf in PPC/SEM

    I am just a beginner of this Affiliate Marketing . I want to build up my own business in Affiliate marketing , I like to go with only one NICHE ... [read more]

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    Google AdWords - Campaign and Keywords

    distrakt in PPC/SEM

    If anyone has experience in Google AdWords, please help! I just started an AdWord campaign for a dentist. I'm not used to working with Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, and Exact ... [read more]

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    Bing ads impressions issues

    asys in PPC/SEM

    i have ad campaign and the impression are different from day to day it shows good amount of impressions one day then the next day very low. example yesterday i ... [read more]

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    So I decided To Try Some Bing Adertising, And...

    PhilCarson in PPC/SEM

    ...this happens: As a security precaution, this account has been disabled. To continue using Bing Ads, please contact Support. Mind you, this was less than 10 minutes after I opened ... [read more]

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    Events code is not working in Analytics

    Techninjas in PPC/SEM

    I had created events for my website and added it correctly inside code, but found after a week still there is no stats. Can anybody have knowledge about this and ... [read more]

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    paying very high for ppc keywords

    asys in PPC/SEM

    I think i am paying high for keywords on adwords for the niche that I am targeting. the ppc is around $10-12 each click. my keywords are 3 to 4 ... [read more]

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    1 broad match keyword dominates always

    PPCDan in PPC/SEM

    Hey, I've been running a bunch of different accounts and noticed a common pattern with broad match modified keywords. Regardless of how many keywords or how many close variations I ... [read more]

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    yahoo gemini

    mons300 in PPC/SEM

    Hi, sorry for my bad english. i am used yahoo gemini. my all Campaign is paused and refund. why?? thx

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    Adwords Best Position? 1 or 2?

    consultant1027 in PPC/SEM

    We've been doing some experimentation with Adwords ad positions and have found that the ads appearing in position 1.x perform the best - produce the most conversions. Let's take cost ... [read more]

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    Is there any big CPA/Affiliate network which will help create landing page?


    Hello, I have traffic and I promoting ClickBank offers directly, I don't know good english and also don't have experience to create squeeze or landing page... I want help.... I ... [read more]

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    First Face Book PPC Ads Campaign

    Webs10 in PPC/SEM

    After almost 24 hour of launching of my first campaign on Face Book ads I received a notice from them in which they required more information about campaign and in ... [read more]

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    Bing Ads Account Related Question

    Webs10 in PPC/SEM

    I have recently signed up for Bing Ads Account and have come to know that there are many people whose accounts have been disabled for using coupons or for providing ... [read more]

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    Can I use affiliate links on AdWords?

    MoneyManager in PPC/SEM

    Can I use affiliate links on AdWords? Thanks

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    How can I earn?

    limonzmn in PPC/SEM

    I have a google blog, I mean It is about English learning of secondary and higher secondary classes of our country. I have about 50 to 150 visitors per ... [read more]

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    adsense suggested bid

    Dachi in PPC/SEM

    Hello im interested how does it adsense exactly count and tell suggested bid for example if page is on #1 of google and it has 3$ of suggested bid is ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords Disallow Classifieds or sites with only ads?

    RankSale in PPC/SEM

    Used Adwords for one classifieds site for few months, today got a suspended notification. Called the support, and she answered that Google regards a site with lots of ads as ... [read more]

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    PPC Budget

    rkourworks in PPC/SEM

    How can I budget For PPC And How to Select Keywords For PPC.Which tools I use to Define PPC Budget.

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    Help! Passing URL tokens through multiple pages

    kerberosss in PPC/SEM

    Hey Guys! Got an issue going on, hope you can help me. I'm trying to pass bing's URL tokens trough 2 pages on my website, to the affiliate link, and ... [read more]

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    Bingads Quality Score Question

    premiumsource in PPC/SEM

    I have a question regarding Bingads quality score. Specifically my ad relevance. My ad relevance is poor, even though my CTR is high. My expected CTR is good, landing page ... [read more]

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    Contractor Needing Leads

    StudentOfTheGame in PPC/SEM

    I want to start generating leads for kitchen and bath remodels with facebook ppc ads. do you think this method would work to generate a good amount of leads? and ... [read more]

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    Bing Ads + Countries To Target : Any Suggestions ??

    John Brondwell in PPC/SEM

    Hi I'm promoting some ClickBank products with Bing Ads, i already prepared a list of quality keywords from Google Keywords Planner, but now i'm confused about which countries i've to ... [read more]

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    Is it best to Let Affiliates Pay for your PPC ?

    twiggy6 in PPC/SEM

    Is it best to Let Affiliates Pay for your PPC ? I am struggling to make my site convert with Adwords. Should I just let affiliates worry about that? What's ... [read more]

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    How to Find Adwords Bid Gaps?

    consultant1027 in PPC/SEM

    Has anyone devised a fairly reliable with to determine bid gaps? Many agree position #1 performs the highest as far as CTR and Total Conversions. But this is disregarding Cost ... [read more]

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    What does "-" in Google Adword's suggested bid mean?

    phucdull in PPC/SEM

    Hi, I found some keywords with quite high search volume. But in "Suggested bid" section, it shows "-" only (Vietnamese currency). Does this mean I can bid 1 VND and ... [read more]