Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM)

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    877 clicks and no sale.. I'm very frustrated

    MetallicaFan in PPC/SEM

    Hello, I started with Bing PPC a few weeks ago I spend more than $200, and even no one sale. I don't know what I am doing wrong.. I tried ... [read more]

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    Facebook CPC disaster

    Munyez in PPC/SEM

    Hey fellas I am targeting tourists in Prague for segway tours and having a small disaster. The ads look fine and I am targeting "people travelling in this location" My ... [read more]

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    yousss1993 in PPC/SEM


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    How in the world?

    freeleon in PPC/SEM

    I was browsing on my mobile phone for apparel and viewed certain products on x website through Google search results. Later, when i was browsing Facebook on my computer, i ... [read more]

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    Bing PPC - Troubleshooting Optimization Efforts

    victorius in PPC/SEM

    Hi there. A couple of months back I started my journey as an affiliate. I read online and watched a video about Bing and cheap clicks. I still only have ... [read more]

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    Newbie to CPV/CPA Losing Money - Help

    neshand in PPC/SEM

    I'm new here and new to CPA/CPV marketing, so I'm reaching out for help. I watched a webinar that made it look so simple, but I didn't sign up for ... [read more]

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    How You Can Generate Natural Traffic to Your CPA Offer

    BionicMan40 in PPC/SEM

    If you want to promote your campaign for your CPA offer, you need to make sure that you are able to generate enough traffic to your site(s) using the natural ... [read more]

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    Lead magnets

    MichiN21 in PPC/SEM

    Hi, how important are lead magnets in a campaign?? or do i need a lead magnet for bing ads ppc?

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    want suggestion

    limon96 in PPC/SEM

    will you please tell me about some of the ptc sites who really pays?

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    Spyfu leads

    ronr in PPC/SEM

    Is anyone using spyfu business leads? You get 250 with any plan. What is the quality like and how good are the emails? I've heard about 70% of the emails ... [read more]

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    signs of ppc campaign

    stanigator in PPC/SEM

    Let's say you're advertising on Facebook to generate leads. If the bid per click keeps going up as you run the campaign, is this usually a sign that things are ... [read more]

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    Adwords account suspension

    Bulldoggie2k in PPC/SEM

    I have been an adwords user since 2006, I have never attempted to skirt the rules or used any tactics that would be deemed black hat. I use the account ... [read more]

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    just HELP for me

    yousss1993 in PPC/SEM

    HI warriors help me please I am a beginner i want start in this area and i want a efficace method and strategy for get 1 dollar per day for ... [read more]

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    How can I do banner promotions?

    richinfra in PPC/SEM

    Dear friends I am running real estate business in India & willing to do banner promotions online . Can Anybody suggest me that ?

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    Facebook ad frequency capping

    Delta223 in PPC/SEM

    Hi, is it possible to set a frequency of one for my Facebook ads?

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    Bing Cuttin down on cloaked skin/diet?

    Dresden14 in PPC/SEM

    Title. Past few weeks have been hard... In my testing, I noticed even legit (not cloaked sites) will automatically get that suspicious activity ban after submitting the stuff.. Anyone else ... [read more]

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    How to Setup Overlay Ads ?

    ExacoMvm in PPC/SEM

    Hello guys, which PPC/PPV networks supports this kind of ads ? And is it very expensive ? Does Google Ads or Bing Ads supports that ? Also maybe you can ... [read more]

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    What is the minimum cost we should spend to test the in-text targeting method?

    sekhar1017 in PPC/SEM

    Need minimum cost to start with And also best methodology to do so.

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    How we can promote amazon product on shopping campaign

    Intouch01 in PPC/SEM

    How we can promote amazon product on shopping campaign

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    what is considered successful ppc campaign ?

    bravedancer in PPC/SEM

    Hi, Thanks a lot to wf. Good learning. I created test campaigns on bing and google. Relationship self help niche. Set low daily limit of 5 $/day. Its running for ... [read more]

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    Succeeding With BING Ads?

    peakdesire in PPC/SEM

    Hey guys! I just set up my Bing ad campaign, and as I did some research I noticed that there is probably a way to do it 10x better and ... [read more]

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    landing page the same theme of the offer and the same content is better ?

    Midou93 in PPC/SEM

    Hi everyone I'm new here in CPA affiliate so i have a question.. for an example i choose an offer for selling a product for health .. so i use ... [read more]

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    Are there any good CPV URL-Targeting networks that are less than $0.01/view?

    josephgny in PPC/SEM

    Are there any good CPV URL-Targeting networks that are less than $0.01/ view? I am trying to get as much traffic as I could get for $2/day. Thanks

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    How can i do affiliate marketting without website?

    ashikpriya in PPC/SEM

    Hello Brother I have a simple blogspot Health Tips A Great Blog About Your health tips,skin tips Actually i want to do affiliate .. How can I grow visitor Or ... [read more]

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    how we can calculate profit of ads campaign

    Intouch01 in PPC/SEM

    how we can calculate profit of ads campaign-Give me one example

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    Free website traffic

    rashelbd7 in PPC/SEM

    Please suggest me how can i get free real visitor for my movie downloading website?

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    The #1 Mistake Made By PPC Newbies & How To Avoid It

    Jordan Stark in PPC/SEM

    I read the threads in this forum to get insight on what people that are new to PPC marketing are experiencing. This helps me with my business. I own a ... [read more]

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    Where to get PPV/PPC traffic for $0.001

    josephgny in PPC/SEM

    Is there any trusted advertising networks where I could get PPV/PPC traffic for $0.001 per click/view? Somewhere I could get 100 to 1000 or more visitors a day for $0.001 ... [read more]

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    Digital Point Forum Advertising Success?

    bbjumpman in PPC/SEM

    I was curious if anyone has had any success using the ad platform from Digital Point? They offer a few different ad options with inline text, banner and email ads. ... [read more]

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    Whats the best PPC Network for German Gambling Blog?

    Vayas in PPC/SEM

    Hey guys. I have a serious german gambling (Sport Betting) Blog with professional and unique content. Exists some PPC Network that supports gambling and could deliver german users? I've tried ... [read more]

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    Any recommendations besides Adwords and Bing?

    CarlosFarfan2012 in PPC/SEM

    Hi guys, I've been running CPA for a while and would love some feedback/advise from other marketers as well. I have a small question: what are your best recommendations besides ... [read more]

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    How Can You Make $50 or more per click with Adsense?

    SEOGhost in PPC/SEM

    I have read online that certain Adsense ads can pay the publisher $20 or $50 or even $100 per CLICK. I don't doubt this. My question is, beside researching and ... [read more]

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    Still want to Pay for Ads?

    nmwf in PPC/SEM

    After reading this: ? And seeing the horrific numbers? What's plan B, people? I see a trend developing!!

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    Snail Mail from Google

    nmwf in PPC/SEM

    So has anyone else received Google's new push for AdWords campaigns through snail mail? I got mine a couple of days ago. They're offering a free $150 campaign with the ... [read more]

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    Facebook CPC Rate

    liran121211 in PPC/SEM

    Hello Everyone, I have this simple question that bother me for a long time. I ran few campings on facebook but all of them never got impressions if the bid ... [read more]

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    How to get Facebook Coupon ??

    srmlf in PPC/SEM

    How can I get Facebook Coupon ? is it possible to get coupon for Facebook ?? Please help me about how can I get it ........

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    Testing Idea With Paid Traffic

    Longshot1 in PPC/SEM

    I'm pretty new to IM, but have an idea for a membership site. I recently heard that it's good to test your market/niche first. The process is something like this: ... [read more]

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    How would i go about marketing to grow fan bases and audiences?

    cjsparacino123 in PPC/SEM

    I'm looking to use PPC to grow artists fanbases and audiences, then hopefully increase their ROI through song downloads. My method would be to pick a target audience, market to ... [read more]

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    Basic steps for noobs in PPC network???

    IbsGameStudio in PPC/SEM

    Hi Users New to join here! How are you? I want to start PPC/SEM business by individual (1 or maybe 2 persons). Before I apply for any Affiliate network I ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics - Chinese Market

    st0nec0ld in PPC/SEM

    Hello All, I am here seeking for help regarding Google Analytics for chinese market. We all know a fact that there is an issue going on between China and Google ... [read more]

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    Facebook ads VS Adwords

    AndrewAdamSmith in PPC/SEM

    I have used facebook ads a few times and basically broke even. With Adwords I was in the red so I stopped using them. Which of these two have you ... [read more]

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    My best PPC traffic sources are Facebook & Bing, how about yours?

    OzDesign in PPC/SEM

    Hi all, Just want to reach out and see if anyone has any other good places for PPC traffic? Just want to brainstorm.... Mine are Facebook and Bing at the ... [read more]

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    Is Bind ads a scam?

    myattitude in PPC/SEM

    Every time I put a bid according to the keyword tool, say 50c, the cpc shoots up to $5-$15. This happens ALL the time, and when I contact Bing support, ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Products

    PGM Sameera in PPC/SEM

    Hi Friends, Without Website or Blog use, How to sell clickbank products through Google by PPC Can you explain about this...?

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    Bing ads support kills me..

    MetallicaFan in PPC/SEM

    Hello, I started to promote Clickbank offers with Bing ads a few months ago I had no sales at all But than in a one bright day, I got my ... [read more]

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    Promoting Athletic Greens keywords

    spursn17uk in PPC/SEM

    Ok so I set up a campaign promoting athletic greens superfood shake as recommended by my AM on bing. however as part of the campaign you are not allowed to ... [read more]

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    What to write in the "Capacity in which acting" field on the "Certification of No U.S. Activities"

    aronjohn in PPC/SEM

    I was wondering if someone here can help me with a question that I have regarding the "Certification of No U.S. Activities" form. I'm a YouTube partner from Pakistan and ... [read more]

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    Optimum budget for Facebook and Bing Ads

    Vikram Anand in PPC/SEM

    Hello Warriors, I am promoting Clickbank products using Facebook and Bing ads. Initially I have set the budget as $5 per day. However I don't see any result. There are ... [read more]

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    Made My 1st sale today.. need advice on scaling

    r10gordon90 in PPC/SEM

    Hi Warriors, I have gotten some results by following the advice on the forum. But i need advice on scaling. I have being testing an offer in the "Urgency Niche" ... [read more]

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    Is there something wrong with BING ads?

    fahax in PPC/SEM

    Hi to all warriors I starting testing CPA with bing ads but no success right now, I bought WSO promising BING CPA results, have limit budget 200$ for ads here ... [read more]

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    Exclude Search Location Intent Not in Campaign Location Target?

    consultant1027 in PPC/SEM

    In looking through the search terms report, I am finding clicks for search terms that included a location name outside of the target location setting for the campaign. So for ... [read more]

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    Does Facebook Ads have any say over what you promote to your Email list After you get Opt Ins?

    MarketingVet09 in PPC/SEM

    Perhaps a silly question, wondering the same with Facebook and Adwords. Say Facebook doesn't accept a certain website, like a casual dating site, for instance. If I post a landing ... [read more]

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    Is This a Good Way to Get PPC Clients? Partnerships

    vanleurth in PPC/SEM

    Hello Warriors, I started working for a PPC advertising company recently. --------------------------------- What We Are Trying --------------------------------- We have been cold calling potential customers, limo companies. Most of this companies ... [read more]

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    Advantages of Bing ads certification ?

    James3013 in PPC/SEM

    Hi folks, Just wanted to know whether there are any specific advantages of getting a Bing ads Certification ?

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    Sources for learning

    IamJeez in PPC/SEM

    Hi, what are some good sources to learn the basics about SEA and specificly about Adwords? the SEO beginners guide from quicksprout and SEJ are amazing, can't seem to find ... [read more]