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I recently register a new domain name. I have made few share on fb and other social media just fine. But twitter sees my URL as a Malware. I contact them without any response and their email was crystal clear states they do not reply for that matter to each individually.

How to clear my URL ?
I checked on Google and nothing was found.
I checked my server and I found a new folder with the word malware dot txt but my programming skills are none and I am not sure if that file is malware or not

Any experience or any advice ? please...
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    Is it a site or blogger?
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      is a website - my developer told me to move it to dedicated IP but in my opinion is not worth the money. I am looking to learn about alternative solutions. do you have any idea ?
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    You may want to try calling the support department of the hosting company.
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      I did and they told me they will scan the url and send me the report but is been now few day and I have not heard back.

      I checked google and my site seems fine so i don't know what else to do. I contact twitter support and i searched all over the internet to find more information.
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    did you do a virustotal scan?
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    Please share your website URl so I can check what is the exact issue!

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