Which is the best language to create a new website?

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Hello All,

I want to create a new website with new domain and everything else. I am an NRI living in Florida US from last 12 years and now I want to create a website which helps all NRIS to find anything related to Indians. Here I have found some sites which I liked very much:

Indian Website for Nris in USA | NRIS
Welcome to nri-worldwide.com ← The website for the great Indian diaspora
Welcome NRI

I want similar website mixture of all above and wants to include all categories related to Indians.

Next I want to select which platform Should I choose: Php or Dot net?

I heard php is free open source platform but less secure and dot net is very good. It's also expensive.

Please guide me in this issue.
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    Dotnet is good technology to develop new website because it is very secure technology developed by Microsoft...
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    Okay. Sounds good.

    But others Say Php is also good and it's an open source platform. I contacted to developer and he added that php is also going very secure and safe. Feeling still confused... !
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    I think php is a good language for develop a theme.
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    This is a massive undertaking. The first site you list has over 100 pages and not just content. There are forums, mini CMSs, advertising, lots of web applications. The second looks like a circa 2000 web portal. The third is more of a newspaper site, tons of content, news feeds. Funny how they all look like MySpace. If this is all that NRI ( something - something - India??) people have to use right now, perhaps your idea to build a fresh new competitor is a good idea.

    Too early to consider programming language, you are at the stage where you need a consultant to help you choose a publishing system, and a project manager/operations person to plan staffing. A site like this needs full time writers and editors, designers, web developers, devops, marketing staff. To build it, first you need to plan a mockup. Do you really need 100 menu items?. Then you need to either buy a publishing system that is similar, and customize it. Or start with a general content management system and customize it. I just searched and read some articles. I am not aware of the publishing systems mentioned. For CMS, apparently Wordpress and Drupal have been used by some newspapers, but you will need a team of experts to built it out to scale.
    Ok hope that was a little helpful!
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    The language/platform you choose to go with will have every little impact on the final product for something of this size. PHP is a terrible language, widely regarded as so (googley), and .NET is definitely at the bottom of the list.

    If you really must build this yourself, go with something like Rails or Node.js, or even Go for the serverside if you are feeling adventurous. Overall though, it is not an easy project.

    You also need to think about the frontend, and everything else that would go along with something like this. UI/UX design, graphic design, content, etc.
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    Any language can be used for developing an application i.e; java, PHP,.NET etc. PHP and .NET is very easy as compared to JAVA. PHP is considered easier to learn and use as compared to other languages. It is used to create dynamic and flexible applications. Even Facebook is developed using PHP language and if PHP were an inefficient language then, Facebook would have been migrated to another language.
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    Thank you for your help. I must select one platform and would start ASAP.
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