Lead Form Builder Software??

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Hi All,

Newbie here setting up a website designed to run lead gen campaigns. One thing I'm looking for is an out of the box request form builder that I can purchase and install on my site (not a paid service).

Does anyone know of a lead form builder that can be purchased? Ideally it would be configurable so that I can add or remove questions/fields, make the fields reliant on each other and possible add unique functionality.

What I mean is a tool that I can use to build and output an information request form for upload onto a website. It would need to have place holders for content, the ability to add custom questions and set drop down answers. Something like a "wordpress" type of form builder....? It would have to output a form that can be hosted on a linux server and a flat file site. I'm not using a CMS

Anyone know of a software available for purchase?

Thanks much!

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