Which is the best programming language to build a video streaming website?

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I want to launch a video streaming website for my business. I've searched around but haven't found much information. Do I need a certain type of server to host these types of sites? Kindly suggest me.
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    Do you have any programming experience?
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      Yes, I have experience in programming. I've found lots of ready-made video streaming software to build the website. Shall I go for those?
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    PHP is the most used, but there's a lot of others options such as Python or Ruby.
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    python is the best programming language for video streaming
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    For me PHP is the most suited programming language to use for web services and web applications because of its RAPID software architecture.
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    php is enough
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    What type of site will it be? Are you planning on building a tube style site or a business site with a daily/weekly/monthly instructional video, other, etc..?

    It's hard to give you solid advice without knowing more details. However, in generic terms, if you do know a programming language well, then customizing a script in your preferred language would give you the most control. I'm not sure which language is best, but I do know of many PHP based video sites that do a tone of daily traffic and most of the top commercial scripts out there are written in PHP.

    As to server type, I would recommend at least a VPS so you have control over your environment as many Shared plans don't include the required modules for streaming video, unless you find a specialized video host or offload the videos to a CDN that supports streaming.

    Good luck.
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    Ok you don't actually stream video - you stream single images and show them one after the other which animates them. This is how videos work.
    So what you need to do is have something that shows an image on your website - go with The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site easiest way forward I would say, put an image control on the page with the source being the picture you want to see. Get next picture change the source to next picture and repeat.

    Have a look at these:
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    2. Asynchronously streaming video with ASP.NET Web API
    3. HTTP 206 Partial Content In ASP.NET Web API - Video File Streaming
    4. Video Streaming to a client app using Asp.Net Web API
    5. The Embedded Streaming Video Control Suite for ASP.Net
    6. Live Smooth Streaming
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    PHP is the best to build video streaming website..

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