How do I make an application?

by el mhassani tarik 10 replies
I want some sites to learn how to teach applications like kdenlive natron ubuntu programs and windows
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    I want some sites to teach me how to work on ubuntu mace windows programs
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    Python is a fairly straightforward language that you can get started with, and it'll work on most platforms. I'd recommend checking out any of the MOOCs about learning Python, such as this one.
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    Hello , "Timokeefe " is 100% correct , Python is a fairly straightforward language you can use this for your application , I have developed bigger application in Python language . If you need any help feel free let me know.
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      im a newbie here any other flatform or social media to meet you?
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    these are not meagre apps but are OS. You might need to have a deep understanding of a few programming languages
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    I suggest python language..python very useful and easy to understand
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    I believe you are trying to build simple application with window, buttons etc.
    Bet way to start is to get yourself a Microsoft Visual Studio (because it is beginner-friendly), and find some beginners tutorials on YouTube.

    To make a serious application like Kdenlive you will need to develop serious programming skills, and maybe a year time.
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    Want to know some sites that will teach you how to make an application? Here are some useful stuffs for developing Windows programs that I can give:

    1. There is an official "Windows Documentation | Microsoft Docs" for developing Windows apps.
    2. You can learn AutoIt to create a manipulating program with GUI by just writing directives, AutoHotKey is its competitor.

    You can also apply to an online course to study a programming language.
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    Python can be a handy tool for that. It also deals very well with bigdata programmes like ubuntu and windows.
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