How to setup email with namecheap domains?

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Does anyone own domains?

I want to setup an admin email account, but can't figure out how to do it.

I need something like, even a redirect to a gmail account is fine.

I have done this before with GoDaddy, but can find how to do it with namecheap.

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    Why don't you check their site for documentations on how to set up emails and other things? I'm guessing they already have it, if not just shoot them an email - that's why they have support.

    Just give it a try
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      I though some warriors might have experience with it.

      The information is so easy to find with godaddy, but couldn't find anything on namecheap.

      yes, I will contact their customer support.

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    There is many way to setup your email.
    The most popular way is:
    1. You can use a web host that support email.
    most of web-host support it.

    2. Google Apps.
    you must use the DNS Management and point to google server.

    all the best,
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      I've done this with namecheap:

      1. log in
      2. hit 'view' to see your domains
      3. click on the domain that you want to set up with email
      4. in the left sidebar you'll see 'Email Foward SetUp' click on that
      5. then you can see where you can set up up to 8 forwards

      hope this helps!

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