How Do I Find a Programmer?

Profile picture of the author mfleisch by mfleisch Posted: 07/22/2010
Hi fellow warriors.

I have an idea for a piece of SEO software but need to find a developer. I was thinking about eLance but was a little hesitant. Once I put the idea out there it could be lost forever. Not to mention that I really have know way of knowing if the proposed vendors are any good.

On elance the reviews are often doctored or vendors beg and plead for 5 stars. What you don't see is how much back and forth there was before users were satisfied.

ANY ADVICE on how to find a good programmer that won't cost an arm and a leg who can help me build some simple software?
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    If you want cheap you have to go to elance/odesk/etc. There are other ways of finding good coders, but none so good at finding good people at a very low rate.

    But - you do have to work hard to find the good guys. There are a lot of people out there who don't really know what they are doing & if you don't know a bit of coding yourself it's easy to get in trouble with it.

    If you want any help on the best way to do it, drop me a line. I'm far too busy to do it but I might be able to help you out to suggest the best way to do it.
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    Ken Durham
    What is an arm and a leg? Good Programmers have a lot of knowledge and skills that they deserve to be paid for.
    Is this an Internet app or a desktop app?
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    Hi Davao, thanks for the response. I'm looking to find a reliable programmer who can create a workable demo of a product that will set up alerts and provide a semi assisted submission process to popular social media sites. What would be the best way to find a programmer directly or via elance? Thanks!!!
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    Hi Ken, thanks for the response. It's a pretty basic program that would set up alerts in a dashboard (like Google alerts) and also help people (semi assisted) set up profiles on popular social media sites. Thoughts on what something like that would take to build? time? costs?
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    I suggest to look for an outsourcing company. This company hired various programmers trained and leased their staff to different clients. I would like to get your contact info, I can put you on the right track.
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    Thanks myeanne. I can be reached at support at marketingscoop dot com or via direct message in the forum.
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    Well, I can do it, but sounds like my standard rate is probably out of your price range.

    If you'd be interested in a joint venture though, drop me an e-mail at matt (--at--) kiopa (--dot--) com. I'm one of the better developers you'll find. See sig for a sample of my work.
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    There are so many forums and warrior forum is one of the best and freelancing site you can hire programmer from there

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