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Anyone know of a free or simple program to download to open up php type files and all its variations such as xse , xls , flv , mo , etc.,???...they use the same icon image when you have no file/program to open them up.

The image is usually a square box with 3 images in one row, then 3 images/pictures exactly under it, and it ask you what program you wish for it to use to open, but nothing you have opens it.

I downloaded one program, but it only opened up avi and flash movie type files, so I have some downloaded material portions of products that cannot be opened.

I thought I bought a program to do this, I assumed, since I thought it was a php opener, when it asked what program you want to use and I used my new program, it turned files that were not avi/flash into avi/flash format, of course the file was not designed to play avi/flash, so it did not work.

Basically , I thought I downloaded a php type file opener, instead, it just opens up avi/flash movie files. I downloaded because I needed that , too, I could'nt play certain flash video. Flash movie program, although I have adobe and Windows Media Player from Windows xp.

Duh. Very frustrating.

Computer is so behind that I have no ports for uploading or downloading music/video if I wanted.

Seems like if you don't upgrade within 6 months to a year, your computer is already old and getting near obsolete.

I need a "stay on top of computer updates/software/hardware for the tech challenged , senile and dumb " book, cd , program or membership. Holy cow.

Obviously I'm extremely tech challenged.

Any clue appreciated.

The 13 th Warrior
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    Hi, I don't know about the other files but you can open php files just with Notepad. If you use windows you will find notepad in your Start menu usually or just search your computer for it.

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    That's not a PHP file then. PHP files are plain text files, nothing else. I doubt you'll find a program that opens both .flv (Flash Video) and PHP, since there isn't any reason to need an editor that uses both.

    php type files and all its variations
    There's only one variation of PHP: PHP.
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    For the stay on top of updates bit: TURN ON WINDOWS UPDATE. Or if you don't have automatic windows update, then every week or two goto internet explorer and goto

    Sorry for the caps, but failure to do this is the leading cause of virus propagation on the internet.

    Re the icons / files:
    Any unrecognised file type has the default windows icon.
    Those you list there are
    PHP - type of text file - NotePad will do.
    FLV - video - do you want to play or edit? Play = Flash / Shockwave, which should auto install from Adobe - Adobe Shockwave Player
    xle / xls - Microsoft Excel files. if you don't have excel, I recommend downloading www: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
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    If you run windows update, you are nowhere near as tech challenged as you think.
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    For PHP I use Notepad++ (.:: NOTEPAD++ ::.). I second the motion for OpenOffice.Org. I love it because I can write my articles with the Writer (OpenOffice equivalent to MS Word) and with one click of a button it converts my document in to a PDF. No special printer drivers need to be installed, etc. Best of all, it's free!
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    If you're trying to open a .php file form the net, it won't work - the server 'runs' the page and all you get it the finished code (which looks like HTML).

    If however you have a .php file on your computer you'd like to look at, one program I like is pspad, a free editor for files. It also allows you to look at non-standard files, which may help with your other file types. you can get it at editor PSPad - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C, HEX editor
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    There is another possibility - the php may have been encoded with the zend or ioncube encoder.

    If it has, and you didn't encode the file then someone else does not want you to open and steal theirs...!

    Kind regards, Spencer
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    a .php file can be opened with notepad, or better yet, if your begugging or editing get Notepad++ its free, just search google.

    a .xls file is an excell file and can be opened with Microsoft excell or you can go and download Open Office for free and use spreadsheet.

    .flv files are flash files and you will need Macromedia Flash to open them and edit them. Otherwise a typical browser will play the flash movie.

    .mov is a movie file which cant be edited (that i know of) but can be viewed in any browser with a flash pluggin or quicktime plugin.
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    Try PSPad it is free and will open php,html javascript and much more.

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