Why does my site load so slow?

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Hi friends,

I've recently started working with WordPress, and I've created multiple sites all hosted on the same hostgator account.

I've noticed that my site: http://maskersfortinnitus.com/ seems to load very slowly. Can anyone tell me how I can track down why it is so slow and what I can do about it?

My images are highly optimized, usually less thank 10k each, and there are not many.

As I add WP to multiple sites all hosted on the same account, are they all getting slower?

Please help.


- Pete
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    Are you using any caching plugins like Quick Cache or W3 Total Cache? They can make a BIG difference to load times.
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    It does seem slow. You really do need to use a caching plugin...

    Please note that the caching happens on the server side. So if you use something like WP Super Cache or W3 total cache...the first time someone visits your site after update it might take a bit, but the next time ANYONE visits it will serve it up from that cache and be much faster.

    In addition, you probably aught to do the regular things to speed up your wordpress site like deactivating all unused or not needed plugins. The wrong plugin can slow you down tremendously.

    It does feel real slow when I click around...do you use that theme anywhere else? does the theme slow it down? you might temprorarily change the theme just to see if that's your problem...
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    A cache plugin is highly required, I'm using wp-Cache and it's doing a very good job. Especially on shared hosting this is a must. Your websites are using only a small slice of the server resources so when they reach the top of their quota, they kinda stop serving properly. A cache plugin will make the pages static, so they won't be parsed by PHP anymore, thus reducing the stress on the server.
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    i had seen the site and didn't found any thing special that makes the site loading slow as well as its opening in 4 sec. over here
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    Requirement of cache plugin. do you have more flash on your website?
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    There is no reason it should be this slow. Even WITHOUT a cache. You should not need a cache at all for your site.

    It HAS to be your host... who are you hosting with?
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    Thanks for all the analysis and replies, folks.

    Yep, I'm not doing anything fancy like flash or anything, and this is not a big site at all.

    Kcatrlidge: Thank you very much for your detailed analysis of my load times. I have no idea how you come up with numbers like that, but it offered a lot of insight into what's going on.

    So, I'll look into a caching plugin, but it sounds like my hosting is the real issue.

    Is there anything I can do about that without switching providers? HostGator has been good to me and came highly recommended, plus I love that I keep one hosting account but I can put multiple web sites on it.

    Of course, if I can't depend on their performance, I might have to move on. I'm sporting a "Baby croc" account, and I've recently added an additional web site to it... another really small tinnitus site.

    Could this be the problem?

    Thanks again, everyone. Being new to all this, problems like this can be real intimidating, but you folks have been tremendously supportive and informative.

    That's really appreciated!

    - Pete
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    Try using another WordPress theme. Your current theme might be the culprit. Only use the essential plugins. I have used Hostgator and it worked fine for me even with multiple sites. If you want, I can send you a free copy of a single-column minisite theme which is perfect for sales pages, products or affiliate promotions.
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    I have the same problem, all my other sites are running fine, apart from this one, (see post) http://www.warriorforum.com/programm...ml#post4008992 Have you been able to sort out the problem?
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    Thank you for all your help!

    Just a quick note to anyone who has had a slow running problem. The problem has now been solved, it turned out that it was an ISP problem my end, my Internet provider made some changes and the problem is now solved. I would never of thought it to be an ISP problem, due to the fact that I could view other websites with no problem at all.
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    Loads okay to me despite my having a slow internet connection. Perhaps it was a server problem at that time? The site looks simple enough to load fast, and it does in my opinion.
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    Had NO problem with it loading..I am on FF
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