How do I add monetization codes to my WP blog?

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I just created a WP blog and I was hoping to monetize it by adding some CPA offers, Adsense, etc. but I am not sure how to add the codes for such offers on the blog. Right now, I am using one of those generic free themes for the blog but where and how should I add such monetization codes? I have looked at the dashboard and I am confused!

Any further clarifications would be appreciated, thanks!

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    You may get the CPA offers links and add it to your blog within your post.
    Free wordpress from wordpress does not allow you to install adsense.

    Install plugins if you are using a webhost installation of wordpress.
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    integrate it in the theme instead, beause the text gadget will only put it in the sidebar... header and in post are decent places to put in.

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      I was actually thinking of integrating the offers in the header, but whereabouts should their code be inserted in the header e.g. before <head>? Thanks again!

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    @DoraKing... PM me the details of your website I'll tell what needs to be done....
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    With Adsense Insert plugin you can choose where put your Ads, even in posts, sidebars.... It's easy to install and configure

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