With what programming language was Facebook written??

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I was just wondering if anyone knows what programming language was used by Mark Zuckerberg to write facebook.com?

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    At the front end, their servers run a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack with Memcache.
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    A lot of PHP, too.
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    initially zuckerberg wrote it in php, backend was a lamp stack, later as the needs grew, the servers had to be incorporated with a cdn (akamai) and hashcache servers were introduced, later memcache came into being which is a opensource project written by Facebook engineers themselves.

    Since they use off the shelf hard drives and systems, more of the coding is custom. To introduce new features C++ was introduced some time ago, at the backend aswell as the front end (which is ofcourse visible in the source code of the webpage written as ...CDATA...)

    Currently their servers serve 5,00,000 photos a second, and add more than 24tb of just the picture data every week, so... they have to be pretty cautious about space.

    Hope that helps, you can search more about them at their developer blog and wikipedia.

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    Interesting, I didn't realize that it was originally done in PHP. That's some serious data pumping through their servers these days. Pretty amazing.
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    Thanks for all the reply's.
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    Really a good question..its hard to find what programming language is being used by fb team..I think so ful n full PHP plays with them..what u guys thing abt python ??

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