Convert Joomla template to wordpress

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I have a website built on Joomla. I want to migrate to wordpress with the same design.

It provides better options for me.

Please advice.
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    There are some companies that do this - this was the first that came up a google search:

    Joomla to Wordpress - Custom WordPress and Joomla Services by CrushLabs, Inc.

    but usually, it's not worth the hassle. Start with a fresh theme. It's the best option.

    Rob Konrad
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    You will have to spend some money on it, there is no other way to do it.....
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    I've heard something about a script to convert your Joomla content to your WordPress installation, but you need to have some experience with PHP in order to be able to run the conversion.
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    Hi, try to use program called Artisteer. You cant import any kind of template, edit and export to wordpress, joomla etc.

    Keep up!
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    I am not sure about any plugin or converter which will completely help to extract the same template into WP theme within one click but want to recommend you to
    1. Create the mock (PSD)
    2. and then with the help of designer create its HTML and with the help of developer convert it into WP theme.
    Hardly for this process it will take 10-12 hrs.
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    You can try CMS2CMS - that's an online convertor tool. I used it to move from Drupal to Wp, and it also supports joomla to wp. You'll be able to import only content, however. The design would have to be taken care of.
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    You will have to get the theme deisnged in Wordpress. You can keep the same design or go for a new design as well.

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