I want to learn PHP

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I want to learn PHP i have little knowledge of it, but I really want to learn.

Any one have any suggestions, books or websites to learn from?
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    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    just go there and learn step by step PHP
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      Originally Posted by waqasikd View Post

      W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

      just go there and learn step by step PHP
      This is really a good site. I start my html learning there as well.
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    Have server installed at your pc so that you can do all coding
    and testing on local pc.

    I use and recommend WAMPSERVER for PCs.

    Once you have installed WAMP on your pc. And
    when it is running...

    Now you three things:

    1. Some online source like W3Schools
    or my fav
    PHP Tutorial - Introduction

    2. See the code you like to try or adapt from #1
    and go to your WAMP www directory:
    mostly here:

    create some folder say: code
    in code folder: have test.php
    and put the code from #1 in it and then

    3. Open your browser and access this file:
    and see how it looks (the output)

    4. Now you ready to adapt, change and improve the code..
    just open that file in Notepad++{ you should have notepad++ installed for awesome syntax highlighting}

    and from learning sources like Tizag, w3school or better from php.net
    just read the concepts, look at examples and try to write the code in
    your local php file, and see the output in browse..make mistakes and
    try to fix them...this is how i started learning and if i had to do it again,
    i will love to start this way...

    Good Luck!
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      Originally Posted by ziaht View Post

      well if u want tolearn PHP online then

      w3school.com is best website for PHP basic
      Thanks for giving this information bcz I also want to learn php with the help of internet.Thanks again.
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    w3schools.com is a best way of learning PHP.
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    Try lynda dot com. Its a very big Online Training Library with hundreds of video tutorials.
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    Find this book: Head First PHP & MySQL or go to sitepoint.com

    Need help with PHP and Laravel?

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    I want to learn some coding myself, JavaScript to be exact.

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    Wow! Im thinking of actually starting a thread here to offer free tutorials for PHP/MySQL and maybe even javascript and jquery... Where I will lead a study group sortof here i post occassional exercises you guys comply and post question.. Too bad I jusy cant commit yet... Hands up if you guys like my idea! It might drive me into actually doing it
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      You may refer PHP Tutorial of w3resource.com. They have covered PHP in a very systematic way, keeping the content pretty easy to understand for beginners. The tutorial includes plenty of examples and you can practice those examples using their online practice editor.

      Once you finish with them, you may refer ibm developer works which offers articles for intermediate to advanced PHP users.
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    short & sweet - the best programming language references + examples submitted by users:

    php.net :-)
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    I recommend looking up 'PhpAcademeny' that's where i learned PHP and they guys are cool
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    I thought myself php using w3schools.com, but it will help if you have a background in programming. I used to code in C & C++.

    Also try downloading XAMPP so you can test your codes.

    It also helps if you start using an IDE from the begining. For that download Exlipse IDE and install the PDE plugins.

    A book will help too, I saw earlier in this thread people suggested many good books. just get the one with the most positive reviews.

    good luck!
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    If you want to learn PHP than you go on Internet and Google than be search to get help or tutorials, you get help step by step tutorial regarding PHP guide, and first write hello world program, write coding for it, compile program and run it.
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    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials or go to lynda.com for interactive video tuts...
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      I'm copying what I posted on my blog. I hope you will find this useful:

      Things to do when you want to learn PHP:

      1) DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL XAMPP - So what the heck is XAMPP? This a open source cross-platform web server package. You're going to need this because if you're going to study PHP and MySQL, you would need an Apache server, a MySQL database and a PHP interpreter. You need these to test your codes. XAMPP has everything you need. Don't worry because XAMPP is free. You can download XAMPP from here. Alternatively, you can download WAMP.

      2) SURF THE INTERNET FOR WEBSITES THAT OFFER HELPFUL INFORMATION - There are a lot of web sites that offer tutorials in web development and design. Among the websites I've found very helpful are:

      W3 Schools

      Killer PHP (You can buy the videos that are being sold or watch the free sample videos. The sample videos are helpful.)
      PHP Official Site

      3) JOIN ONLINE FORUMS - You may need someone to help you understand some concepts or you may have questions that need to be answered. You'll be surprised that there are many people who are more than willing to help. Here are some online forums that you can join:

      PHP Builder Forums

      PHP Developer's Network

      4) DOWNLOAD E-BOOKS OR BUY BOOKS ON PHP AND MYSQL - Books and e-books present information in a more organized and comprehensive manner. They would be good to have for reference and in-depth learning.

      There are available free e-books all over the Internet. Just Google the terms "free e-books" and "PHP" together. However, from experience, I've found that some of those books are either outdated or not very good, and some files contain viruses and trojans (Be particularly wary of those in .exe and .chm format). They're free, but download at your own risk.

      Good luck and have fun!
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    Don't spend too long on it. Use it as an introduction into beginner web programming, then quickly move onto something more robust and thought out like Ruby, Python, or Java.

    You will pick up a lot of bad habits if you're not careful about where you learn from. Get a good book from Amazon. An excellent book is:

    PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice:...PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice:...
    I wouldn't even consider the risk involved in learning from the myriad of trash sites out there like w3schools (see: W3Fools instead).
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