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This fanpage has been not active for a while.. now when I try to post.. I can only post links.. i can post photos or just status... why?

when i try to post i get a "You are not permitted to access this resource." error
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    I think you have the WF confused with FB.
    Try here:
    Contact Facebook and Facebook Support - Facebook Help Center | Facebook
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    When you leave fanpages alone for long enough, facebook might lower its credibility, getting some of your "privileges" frozen.

    I'd get in contact with support, if I were you! Fastest way to get it back on it's feet
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    i did try to contact them but no reply
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    I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have any experience on how long it takes for facebook to address this problem?
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    Well good news, in case this happens to anybody else. Facebook finally fixed it. It took about a month (maybe a bit longer). I was concerned because I bought the page from someone, and felt like a got ripped off. In any case turned out to be a good deal despite the hassle. Ended up paying under $3 per 1,000 likes on the page.

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