CS student here looking for starter info

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Yes, I'm lazy. Yes, I should read all the stickies of the gazillion and one forums that are available on this site. However, we all know that the meat of the information takes much too long to get to.

That said, let me make a short introduction along with what I hope you all can help me with. I'm a CS student and have SOME experience with programming, html, and css. I'm no journeyman by any stretch of the imagination and hardly a amateur. That said I am fairly capable at what I do and can learn quickly.

Some questions I have:

1.) Where would one go to start off?

1.a.) What is the route many go to when they have a technical background?

1.b.) Is website building a realistic revenue maker?

2.) What languages are used the most in this line of business?

3.) Any reading material that you guys are fond of (note: only free material is eligible in this case)

4.) Any courses that you recommend are greatly welcomed (note: again only free courses)

5.) Any other input is greatly welcomed

Thanks guys, if I sound demanding I'm sorry and that's not my intent; all posts are appreciated.
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    Start off by not being lazy. By not disrespecting the members of this forum by making your first post a bunch of questions that you could answer yourself if you were not self admittedly to lazy to do a little research.

    Programming is not for lazy people. If you to lazy to learn then dont even bother.
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    Actually there is not a single assumption in the text you quoted. Every thing I said in the text you quoted was a statement of fact based off my experience. For example: Yes you can make a good living. Where exactly is the assumption there? Do you know what the word assumption means?

    The only one who has made an assumption was you where you once again tried to insult me by guessing at my income and my age. Although I applaud your attempt to be creative when trying to insult me this time you have once again made yourself look foolish by doing siilly things like assuming my income and age Nice try though. Really you should quit while your ahead.

    As for if Im 'all fluff' well you are free to think what you like. I really have no need to explain or qualify myself to some kid who is self proclaimed as being 'lazy'. Best of luck. You sure are going to need it.
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    Just a FYI, your have not insulted me. You have made yourself look foolish several times.
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    Hi is suggest you to go with PHP learn php as there are many frameworks that are base don php and mostly many sites uses all those framework

    as php is easy to learn and also available for free to learn on internet.

    you can really make money if you learn php by just making small php scripts for the buyers.

    Let me know if you want more guidance as i was also a CS student

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