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Hello programmers,

I am developing a web page. now my problem is...

I am working with relation database. I have a category and subcategory option and so in my form there are 2 list one category menu list and subcategory menu list.

So I want to know that if I select a category from a list immediately show all subcategory of that selected category from database.

Waiting for solution.
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    If you have the proper relations set and your db is relational yes it will...
    however you're a bit vague.. you might wanna include some more info like which database you are working with.
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    What you'll need to do is some behind the scenes javascript. Disable the subcat dropdown so that people are forced to choose top-level cat first.

    When first cat is chosen, use AJAX to query for subcats of the chosen category. Or, if you don't want to use AJAX, you can build select boxes for all of the subcats, grouped by category parent, with css display:none. Then use onchange event on the main cat select to turn on the proper subcat select section.
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    I think what your saying is that you have a drop down with categories and then want the sub categories to show based on the category selection.

    There are a couple ways to do this one is with JQUERY
    Chained Selects jQuery Plugin

    Another would be with PHP/JS ala AJAX
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    I'd say if you're not too deep in the project maybe you can try using WordPress as a framework. It has the categories other other taxonomies built-in.

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