Any ideas how best to build a secure Stats reporting APP/SaaS?

by Joshster 5 replies
Hi guys,

I am wanting to have built something that will scrape some numbers from columns of a secure website. And display the results in various ways, graphical and charts etc.

Nothing too fancy but it will either need to be a SaaS or downloadable App (which will need authentication of some sort).

Any thoughts on the best way to go about getting this done?

To recap:

  • Scrap numbers from a HTTPS site, users login through an IFrame I presume?
  • Display results in real time (hourly updates would be fine) in graphical and charts
  • Have a way to secure or authenticate usage.

Should it be PHP, or what?
And where would you suggest to get this type of thing done?

I've so far been recommended


Ps. It's 100% legit and not related to financial websites or anything sensitive.
Pps, I thought to post this over at bu tthat place is such a warren...not sure where to post!
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    Josh there are web scraping tools that are pretty robust like unit and adobe air that can automate the data collection part. I would feed the data into a simple database and then into a reporting service or plugin. You could of course code it from scratch but I'd recommend checking out the scripting tools and report generators already available.
    Good luck.
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      Jack, thanks for the super useful info. I'm fairly techie but not too much into actual heavy duty coding. A little lightweight stuff is no problem
      Looking to form an LLC or C/S Corporation?
      See my review of online co's here

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