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Hi all.

We have created a php script that we'd like to distribute but also protect from theives. We're going through what options we have without creating our own.

A lot of clients would like to keep it on their own servers as open source which would make the script open to abuse. I'd prefer to keep it on ours but to only give access to certain parts.

Anyone know of anything that would be suitable?

Many thanks
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    ionCube PHP Encoder

    Zend Guard
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    for small projects I'd use obfuscation with a integrated API of version control.
    This one is free in most cases.

    For large projects I'd use ZEND with the same API of version control.
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    Another option, depending on the size and scope of your project, is to license your product out as an API, and have it hosted on a cloud service, requiring each licensee to use a unique username/password combo to gain access to the API.
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    Why not use WHMCS licensed addon?
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    Do all of your clients use WHMCS for their hosting? If your going to close your source keep in mind that you'll be the only one who can maintain it and that may make your clients uneasy if, for whatever reason, they can't get ahold of you.

    If you have a service that provides updated data or a embedded widget, you could keep your product closed source, and write a wrapper for your service. You could charge monthly membership costs for hosting the service. The customer would still need to reach out to you for support in this case. (But make sure your response times are quick and uptime is solid!)

    They paid good money for the application, right? Another option is to not worry about it at all and trust your customers to honor their license or make it just difficult enough for them to want to pay you for another site license instead of messing with the code(if that's how you're charging). That allows them to tweak the product to their specific needs and be able to reach out to anyone with PHP experience for support.

    Weigh the cost of your time to implement and maintain an application that impose these restrictions to the ability to code faster and provide the best possible product =)
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    I wouldn't consider encrypting your code for low prices products, because not all hostings will run ioncube or zend. Obfuscating + licensing can work. Plus offering membership access to documentation / support will make your product unique and worth paying for.
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    I have experience with ioncube and it's worked greatly for my projects.
    It's super easy to use and well worth the cost of admission.

    I had looked around for free or cheaper alternatives and to be quite frank, none of them are near the level of zend and/or ioncube.
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    You can use ioncube's online encoder. It works by purchasing credits and depending on the complexity of the code you're charged X amount of credits.
    I remember purchasing credits for $5-$10

    Another option is to offer a hosted version of your software
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    PHPMyLicense is a beautiful low cost licensing system and really easy to will encode and license your scripts to a specific domain. It also has a built in shopping cart and creates a license for a customer automatically on checkout.

    We use it for our own software products some of which are very expensive and we need protected at all costs.

    You can find out more here: PHPMyLicense Licensing System

    I do hope this helps,

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