How To Watch Uploaded Video File Online?

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I need to upload many video files to my hosting,also I need what other can watch it without downloading. If I simply upload video file to server and I write link name I just download it,but how can I make videos watchable online?Maybe I need some scripts? Please can somebody help me?

Thanks in the future
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    You need a website video player such as Flowplayer or JWPlayer. Or, if you want an easier option, you can upload the video to YouTube and then embed it (via iframe) on your site.
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    Thanks for helping ! I found solution Dreamweaver have option to insert swf media and automaticlly adds all codes .Thanks anyway
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    I'd suggest you use a video hosting site and then use an embed code.
    Reason: a good video hosting site will deliver the content that will work with iOS and other devices.

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