What Do I Need To Learn To Create A Facebook App?

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I want to learn how to create a Facebook or iPhone/Android app. I am new to coding. I have limited knowledge of PHP (WordPress) but have extensive knowledge in HTML and CSS. I am curious as to what other languages I need to learn to create an app. I would assume PHP and javascript, but what other languages? And is there a resource/resources online to help with learning these codes or creating an app?

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    It's quite different working with those 3 platforms. You'll have different languages (Java/Objective-C/HTML+JS), different APIs, different toolchains, etc. I recommend heading to your library or book store and flipping through a book about the platform you want to know more about.
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    Well, this is kind of tricky question - facebook OR iphone/android? what kind of app? is it gonna be game or maybe tool?

    first of all, facebook apps are usually written in flash (or they used to be written in flash). iPhone apps are written in objective-c while android are written in java.

    all three options are not very good for beginner. but there are other ways. if you want to build a game, you should take a look at Unity3D - using it you can publish for web, iphone and android (but it is not free).It uses C# which is pretty good language to learn first. If you want to write an app, check out Mono Develop - it is C# .NET platform for both iPhone and Android, also not free.
    good luck!
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    Objective C or Java, I dont think FB has a native SDK for either of these so you will have to choose a 3rd party SDK
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    This is probably an idiotic question, but remember I'm a newbie to programming. Is Java and JavaScript the same thing?
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    No, they're not the same or even similar.

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