Any Script to redirect links based on affiliate program

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Is there any script that detects the link posted & attaches the corresponding affiliate program`s codes (along with utm tags at end) & opens it ?

The scenario is like this
1) A visitor posts a link of a product on a forum.Lets say it as
2) The link is displayed as on the screen
3) On clicking the above link, it communicates to & attaches the affiliate codes for & opens it.

Similarly, when another product from a diffrnt site is posted, it attaches a diffrnt code & opens that website.

Many coupon sharing/deal sharing websites are doing this by creating a centralized database of affiliate links & based on the posted URL, the affiliate codes are attached when someone clicks on that link.

Is there any script to incorporate this OR how do i make one?
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    So you just want to append e.g. ?affid=xxx to the URL?

    Google for php append value to url

    or jquery append value to url

    or append value to url
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      Originally Posted by Michael71 View Post

      So you just want to append e.g. ?affid=xxx to the URL?

      Google for php append value to url

      or jquery append value to url

      or append value to url
      Thanks michael for replying.

      not only appending values to the URL but also appending values to the entire url itself.

      For eg: see this website,

      in the answer part, although the page displays only when hovered o the URL, it redirects to then to (where the codes are prefixed & utm tags are suffixed) & then finally opens the product website

      The website uses some kind of javaascript to do such a redirection. Hw to do this for 3 or 4 different product websites?

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