Any Script to redirect links based on affiliate program

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Is there any script that detects the link posted & attaches the corresponding affiliate program`s codes (along with utm tags at end) & opens it ?

The scenario is like this
1) A visitor posts a link of a product on a forum.Lets say it as
2) The link is displayed as on the screen
3) On clicking the above link, it communicates to & attaches the affiliate codes for & opens it.

Similarly, when another product from a diffrnt site is posted, it attaches a diffrnt code & opens that website.

Many coupon sharing/deal sharing websites are doing this by creating a centralized database of affiliate links & based on the posted URL, the affiliate codes are attached when someone clicks on that link.

Is there any script to incorporate this OR how do i make one?
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    So you just want to append e.g. ?affid=xxx to the URL?

    Google for php append value to url

    or jquery append value to url

    or append value to url

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