learning python. how to get to the next level

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I am learning python and have learnt the basics.
Now, my goal is to be able to build tools which could help
with internet marketing.
But my main aim is to become good enough to become a freelancer.

The problem is that even though I can solve the problems in books
I have no idea how to do things that freelancers are being asked to do in some freelance sites.
Some people say that one should start doing some open source projects,
but that seems tough for now.
There seems to be a huge jump between learning from a book or tutorials
to start doing professional stuff and become a freelancer.

Please give me some ideas about how to bridge the gap.
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    You may want to start with a commonly used framework, such as Django, and learn to build web applications first. This will give you measured value in the freelance market as well as give you the opportunity to become a professional at reading documentation.

    Freelancing is a little bit like being thrown into the fire: you need to come well prepared, but willing to learn as you go, since no one is expected to know everything. Relying on documentation is an essential part of the job.
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      I don't use Python myself, but the following advice applies to learning any programming language.

      It's nice to read/watch tutorials, but the real learning begins when you roll up your sleeves and start coding small tasks yourself.

      There is sample code everywhere.... stack overflow, coding forums, open-source scripts, etc. Just Google "Python + [task you want to learn]". Then when you find sample code for that task, pull it apart, change things around, and just experiment with it until you understand not only what works, but why it works.

      Then just rinse and repeat for each new task you want to learn.

      The more you do that, the more you'll understand how various parts of the language interact with each other, which will allow you to write the most robust, efficient code possible when it comes time to start developing actual projects.

      One other tip... start a swipe file, and every time you learn how to code a particular task, add it to that file so that everything will be archived in one place for future reference. That will save you a TON of time in the long run. I use The Guide for that... great little program.

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