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I have a squeeze page that collects users' Name and their email. Is there a way for my website to leave a cookie that could track the user's browsing habits and send me the information so that I could send the person relevant ads?

For instance, once a user fills my form with his email (, my site has to leave a cookie in his browser. If the user then browses through sites on solar energy, can the cookie send me this information so that I could send relevant offers to this user?

I'm sorry if this question appears idiotic. I'm not a tech guy and do not know how a cookie works.
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    Doubleclick / facebook and other companies use these kind of cookies, but it requires to have a snippet of code on each of the sites you want to track. Google for example leaves you a cookie and each time you see an ad block of them google will track the cookie in the browser and the ad script will send your info to a central server. This is very bad for the users privacy, and I don't think you want to go this way, especially not for just a squeezpage, and I don't see how you want to get your script on millions of website just like google/facebook and other socialmedia have.
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    Doesn't your squeeze page targets a specific branch already? If you want to have more specific data let them use a dropdown, most autoresponders can generate such a form, and create different list for each choice the user made. Having a extra dropdown will reduce your sign-up rate, so I won't advice using it but it is possible.
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    You should look up the 22 million dollar fine Google got for doing just this. Then you should rethink if you want to even do this

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