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I'm currently using an online store which isn't supported by the creator anymore.

It's called Express Store.

I originally made it so California and Iowa weren't included in the drop down for billing and shipping.

Now, the products can be shipped to California so I need to change it back.

It's been two years since I made that change and I've looked through dozens of PHP pages within this site but I can't find what I need anywhere.

Does anyone know what php page these typical settings would be on?

In the express store folder these are the options. config, core, css, functions, images and js.

I thought for sure it would be in something like core-ecart but I couldn't find it anywhere.

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    How did you create that dropdown? Isn't it stored in the database?

    If it is hardcoded do a full folder search with any code editor that can search within folders, most can do that. Search for any of the other states.
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    No just on your local system. Download your complete website with ftp to a folder. Then use a coding editor like dreamweaver or a free alternative, and press ctr+f to search, then you can choose to search through the complete folder (not with all software), so all of your php files at once. Then you will easily find what your looking for, if it is the case that the dropdown is in your html/php.

    Hope this helps.

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