Can someone please help with this code snippet?

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I'm using a script, and it's having a problem with some characters. There is a fix for it, but I can't quite figure it out.

The fix is to replace 3 instances of:
str_replace(" ","",$str);
To clarify, in each instance of replacing you need to make sure the $str is the same as the one replacing. The preg replace applies to the same $var as the str_replace.

However, the 3 instances where str_replace appear look like this:

str_replace(" ","",$value);
str_replace(" ","",$value1);
str_replace(" ","",$value);
So I'm unclear on exactly what I should change my lines to. Any help? If you could show me in detail it would be appreciated.
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    Figured it out, thanks anyway. Amazing what a few hours sleep will do to solve a problem.

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