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Hi guys,

I have just received the following request from someone I designed a wp site for. Can anyone tell me how to do this in wp

can you add this <meta> tag containing the authentication code to the <head> section of your default webpage.

<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="4B074622D1FE3827963A18029038691E" />

It is some sort of tracking code for bing

Confirm successful upload by visiting BingSiteAuth.xml in your browser


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    Hi Anton,

    It depends on the theme, but usually if you go into Presentation/Editor in the WP dashboard, you can edit your header.php and add that neta tag snippet in there.

    click "update file" after you add it and you're done. Then visit the appropriate bing link to verify that it has been done.
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    Likely what's happening is your theme is disabling the editor.
    You'd have to find that and comment it out. Probably find it in the functions.php or just ask the theme developer.

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