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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    Removing <br> from contact form 7

    adamgoldman47 in Programming

    I tried the solution at contactform7, the post about setting constants. I tried editing the (wp-config.php) file on my main WP folder, like he said in the above post. Setting ... [read more]

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    Need db manager to create tabels

    ram07 in Programming

    He every one, I am hosted few websites in There i have unique mysql admin for all the websites. I need to to login the root access to create ... [read more]

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    Implementing Alerts for Android (Potential Paying Gig)

    LocoDice in Programming

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project that could really use push notifications on the Android app. I was told that there wasn't a solid way to implement this in ... [read more]

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    Linklicious API and WPsbox

    jakdwak in Programming

    I've been waiting a few days for a direct answer from wpsbox and linklicious support on this issue so I thought I'd try opening up the question here. I've installed ... [read more]

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    Facebook apps development?

    kultronik in Programming

    I'm looking for a custom FB app development source, hope you can help me with some good recommendations. I need 4 apps for coupons, photo contest, audio contest and sweepstake. ... [read more]

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    Mobile technology

    webdesign123 in Programming

    Which is the best mobile technology? and why

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    Help me on imagick php

    ram07 in Programming

    Hi every one, I have add php_imagick.dll in ext dir. And I have checked it in phpinfo. ImageMagick version: ImageMagick 6.3.3 04/21/07 Q16 But I can’t use setImageOpacity() function: ... [read more]

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    Plz help me set up my private server for SMTP bulk sending

    NashRyker in Programming

    Thanks for reading! I just purchased the starter package private server from here but I'm having trouble getting my bulk email program to connect with the SMTP info I'm using. ... [read more]

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    JayBest in Programming

    Hi there, I am wanting to run some TCP analysis scripts from HTML / PHP / HTML5 / Javascript or whatever form works. Any suggestions of good forums / places ... [read more]

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    Problem uploading my autoaffiliatex software package to my i-page website

    thomoyaec in Programming

    tried to upload my autoaffiliatex software package to my i-page website which is but it didn't upload the file I use filezilla ftp client software to upload the New_site ... [read more]

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    Enabiling Users/ Subscribers To Message Admin In Wordpress

    scriptkid in Programming

    Hey Warriors , Needed a help. I am searching for a plugins where a user can message a Admin. I know there is Users Messages plugin for wordpress. But that ... [read more]

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    Has anyone ever come across

    actionbiz in Programming

    Hey Warriors, Just wondering if any one has ever come across a script where people can join and then guess a date and time a certain event will happen. Example: ... [read more]

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    Creating dating site?

    halfazzer in Programming

    Can anyone tell me how to go about in creating a dating site?

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    How the top marketing software be done?

    jeffdo in Programming

    Hi guys, Do you know some softwares like Market Samurai, Spy Glass... be done? I mean how can they generate the indexes, where they find information, how they get them? ... [read more]

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    Uncovering discrepancies between Google's indexed pages and a site's actual pages?

    carlos123 in Programming

    I have a client who has handed me quite the doozy of a task and I am not altogether sure as to what is the best way to help them ... [read more]

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    Googlebot is blocked from my domain

    mc9320 in Programming

    I recently added my site to Google Webmaster Tools but it says Googlebot is blocked from my domain. It displays the following User-agent: * Disallow: / (+ it lists the ... [read more]

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    change drupal to wordpress ?

    muscletom in Programming

    hi, years ago i changed my system from wp to drupal. last year i did much with wordpress and is simpler than drupal. is there anyone who changed from drupal ... [read more]

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    WP-Affiliate-Platform: Sending the lead to the affiliate's email

    adamgoldman47 in Programming

    Hey guys! I have WP-Affiliate_Platform installed with contact form 7. Here's the flow I need to happen: 1. Aff send visitor to aff link 2. Visitor fill up the ... [read more]

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    Prismotube Installation Help Needed

    Draxx in Programming

    Hi, I recently signed up with Alurian. Got the monthly license, and downloaded there program. I then followed the steps in the instructions they provided. which were.... 1. Download Prismotube ... [read more]

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    backup cpanel backups to rackspace

    layouts4you in Programming

    I am looking for someone that knows much about having cpanel do a backup and sending it over to rackspace cloud files. If anyone that knows how to do this ... [read more]

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    MY Blog & Forum NOT working after .htaccess re-direct code. HELP!

    EvilKnevil in Programming

    Hello everyone, I have been fighting with getting proper redirect code to point all 'non-www' versions of my website to 'www'. I used rediect code in the .htaccess file to ... [read more]

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    Duplicate posts in wordpress.

    Ebrar in Programming

    Hello Warriors, I am building a website using wordpress , but when I use one of my post as a sticky page , it also shows in category page , ... [read more]

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    Block Internet Browsing with host file?

    Noobcorp in Programming

    I have setup a VPS for my virtual assistant, and I want to prevent him from using my IP signing up for forums/sites etc. (you get the idea) Is it ... [read more]

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    Python coding central

    pywned in Programming

    Hi guys, little bit boring these days, so I did simple website with some of my Python scripts for beginners or maybe advanced users. Can you please tell me what ... [read more]

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    Domain Registration & WebHost Question

    scriptkid in Programming

    Hey Warriors.. I have a simple question to be answered. I am bit curious to know why people usually don't register the domain from where they purchased a web host ... [read more]

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    Need Help NOW With Lifestyle Theme

    tomstark in Programming

    I was trying to change a code on lifestyle theme options so I could change/remove the 468x60 ad block, but I messed something up on the css editor. I get ... [read more]

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    What variable do I have to destroy to make this work correctly?

    meriad in Programming

    I am trying to create a script that will automatically update my website using Share-a-sale datafeeds. I've got most of it figured out, but can't seem to figure out a ... [read more]

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    help on scripts

    globalwalyy in Programming

    hello great warrior thanks for all your actice help, pls i have a hyip manager script , but i want to accept libertyreser and alertpay and set to auto deposit....any ... [read more]

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    iphone app submission - how to be protected?

    Texas_Guns in Programming

    I had an iPhone app developed by an overseas team of developers. The app is complete and they are going to upload the app for me in my Apple dev. ... [read more]

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    How to set up an Amazon fillers website

    testwarrior in Programming

    Does anyone know how to set up an automatically updated list of Amazon "fillers" on a website? Like a list of products that you can search by amount to get ... [read more]

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    Where is this code coming from?

    jleavitt13 in Programming

    Noticed this code on a website I was working on today and I cant seem to find where the heck it is coming from. Obliously the website was hacked to ... [read more]

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    Wordpress php meta data and title

    craigtheartist in Programming

    I want to use some php code for my meta data and title. Basically if the page is a blog post I want it to automatically pull the post title ... [read more]

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    Is there a program that allows my server to act as a proxy?

    andrewsyc in Programming

    I wanted to know if there is any opensource program out there that allows my server to act as a proxy? Any leads? Thanks.

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    String analysis

    JayBest in Programming

    Hi there, I have a bunch of logs which I have a VB program which uploads to my PHP page as a POST query from an HTML page on the ... [read more]

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    Face Book Integration Code

    waqasikd in Programming

    Can anyone help me to integrate facebook login connect to my website which facebook has updated after october 2001 In ASP.NET

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    Website Spiders Gone Wild

    Texas_Guns in Programming

    What's going on with all the spiders? I launched a site on Monday and so far 1786 spiders have visited my site. Granted, I built up the site first and ... [read more]

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    Trying to create my website, please help

    ericwolfe2 in Programming

    I am trying to give away my ebook on a website. The ebook is complete and I typed out a sales page (just on microsoft word). I bought my domain ... [read more]

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    How to show post thumbnail in wordpress?

    mpchekuri in Programming

    I am using wordpress and I developed my own theme for wordpress. Now I would like to show the thumbnail of one of the images uploaded for the post. I ... [read more]

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    download protection?

    Rampant in Programming

    I am using Optimize press to set up sales pages, etc to sell an ebook and possibly an audio book (of the same content). One thing I don't know how ... [read more]

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    Program SEO Link Vine & Authority Link Network

    richjerk321 in Programming

    Hi, Who here can program a site similar to SEO Link Vine or Authority Link Network? How long would it take you? How much would it cost? Thanks

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    Which one is best PHP OR ASP

    olakh in Programming

    Which one is best PHP OR ASP

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    List Post Titles For Current Category

    drewhowell21 in Programming

    I'm creating a template and seem to be stuck while I'm creating my category template. Currently I have all my posts listed when you click on a category. I'm wanting ... [read more]

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    Please help me.

    Sajjann in Programming

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but i didn't know where to get help. I was trying to access a paid membership site where i get this: Fatal error: ... [read more]

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    Pixel tracking system not working with real offers only...(Will Pay for help!)

    matthewc in Programming

    So I've got this simple pixel tracking system which I had developed for me, which allows me to track which offers a user has completed. Once an offer is completed ... [read more]

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    Page Protection

    bloggerd in Programming

    Hi im hoping someone can help me i have product on jvzoo. how can i setup that download page so it is secure and people who have paid can still ... [read more]

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    Starting Programing/ design

    jebwrecker in Programming

    I'm interested in being able to design/ compile interactive websites. I have picked up html and some css. Any thoughts on what my next language should be? thanks everyone!

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    looking for PHP script similar to

    remymartin1 in Programming

    Hi there! Is it possible to find a PHP script similar to it should support schedules and search by location/zip codes... I am Ok to buy it but I ... [read more]

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    Installing Google Analytics to Wordpress

    jguo713 in Programming

    I got a question about installing google analytics to my wordpress site. I am installing google analytics on my site by going to my backend appearance => editor => header.php ... [read more]

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    Coding To Add Date/Time To Phone Calendar?

    rlhurst in Programming

    I design mobile sites and had this question asked of me.... I said I'd research it. Is there a way to link a date/time on a mobile page to the ... [read more]

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    echo data input field?

    jmoose in Programming

    Hi guys, Can someone please explain to me how to do the following: I've made a squeeze page with a form collecting some data (name, email and telephone). When a ... [read more]

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    Help I lost my site

    options in Programming

    I checked my site today and the server is down, I cant even get in touch with the hosting company.... I never made a backup to the site is there ... [read more]

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    Mobile redirect in Drupal

    wuping in Programming

    Hey guys! So I landed my first client (yeha). The thing is, his website is using Drupal, and since I've got absolutely zero experience in Drupal I'm not sure how ... [read more]

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    Asp.Net HELP please...

    bloggernot in Programming

    I will try to be brief and thank you in advance.I have a desk top software on windows platform Asp.NET for lack of knowledge that is what I got Perhaps ... [read more]

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    Setting a Preferred Domain and sitewide .htaccess ReDirect

    EvilKnevil in Programming

    Hello guys & Gals.. As I'm sure most of you know, if you don't set up a 'preferred domain' in Google Webmaster tools for when people search your site, you ... [read more]

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    Email form and redirect back to the site

    ansokclifford in Programming

    hi i'm a newbie on php and i want to create a form that will collect the name and contact number of the person and send it to my email. ... [read more]

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    Clickbank XML feed- How to read it?

    07 in Programming

    Hello! I have a link: www(.)clickbank(.)com/feeds/marketplace_feed_v2(.)xml(.)zip remove the () in url. its a xml feed. Can anyone help me to understand how to read it? I want to save ... [read more]