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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    Can't login inside Prosper202 tracking

    Rauhbautz in Programming

    So I've installed Prosper202 on my own hosting (ANhosting). But after try to login it returns me back to the login page. Any ideas? Thanks everyone in advance!

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    A problem in Widget Logic

    abede in Programming

    hey i use widget logic plugin previously it's working i use this code <a href=”*”> here is the redirection url <img src=”*”> here is the banner url </a> but today ... [read more]

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    PHP Help Please

    mikeboffer in Programming

    Hi everyone, I need a nudge in the right direction if anyone can help please I am trying to output different H1 headers on my page based on the page ... [read more]

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    Which Is Best SugarCRM Plugin for Survey?

    I am online seller of some electric items. I am thinking to get feedback of my customer so I need a survey plugin for it. Any Suggestion ?

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    Please fix the linkshortener website script

    Xfactormaster in Programming

    I am planning to use linkshortener website script on all of my sites. I used their website script, but it is not working always. I contacted their support, but ... [read more]

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    suggest similar wordpress plugins like this

    fxstay in Programming

    i need 2 plugin that provide me features like CNN money internal pages below: Code: 1- related links between content like page above 2-advertising shows in the middle of ... [read more]

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    Migrated website - however WP logs me out, when I log back in changes I've made are gone...

    willyboy104 in Programming

    I migrated a website from one server to another server yesterday, the original server was hosted on Godaddy, I didn't have Cpanel access so I used a WP plugin to ... [read more]

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    itthinx & wp leads press

    mrsray in Programming

    can anyone point me to the dummies version to get these two working together? Affiliates Enterprise | Itthinx Documentation that documentation makes my eyes cross and nowhere mentions how wp ... [read more]

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    prosper202 landing page not working

    levyorit in Programming

    hi hope to get some help. a friend install prosper202 on my hosting (hostgator) i created direct link campaign, works fine. created landing page campaign, not working. can it be ... [read more]

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    Set expiration date for shared link through Google Drive

    Kris G in Programming

    Does someone know how to set expiration date for shared files with Google Drive? With DropBox is possible, but I can`t find such feature in Google Drive? Or some reliable ... [read more]

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    Warriors i need some help with Wordpress

    SCrafted in Programming

    Guys i am going crazy . I am using a plugin called Saragna Grid to display posts (products): Kava Kava Products « Kava. If you hoover the mouse on a ... [read more]

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    admob interstitial

    hamza oucha in Programming

    Hello everyone please can I found the method to control the appearance of admob interstitial . Thanks

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    Does it take a long time to learn how to create web apps

    maxdosh in Programming

    I have noticed vendors nowadays sell software packages and or web apps. I know sometimes they outsource them but I was wondering if one can build one fast without previous ... [read more]

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    http2 stuff

    kingjpm in Programming

    anyone know if this is the correct way to format a header get request for HTTP2 need some illumination its like a top secret subject, can't find much good information ... [read more]

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    Help Creating Custom Branded Widget for News website Syndication

    dalereardon in Programming

    I have recently created a disability news and opinion website at and would really love to create some custom branded widgets to let people carry our news stories on ... [read more]

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    WP site shows blank page after auto-update, need help

    writingwonder in Programming

    Godaddy updated wordpress automatically, and since then only the navigation tab is visible. Rest all the pages are empty. My content and images have disappeared. However, in the dashboard of ... [read more]

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    Make links expire X hours after being sent via email?

    Ashley Gable in Programming

    Hi, Here is my situation: I want to include, as part of my autoresponder series, an email with a link to my sales page. But I want this link to ... [read more]

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    Bring absolute positioned child out of parent?

    yangyang in Programming

    Please go here and click Facebook Like button in the social sharing bar floating at the left of the post. After the click, there should appear a share dialog box ... [read more]

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    Amazon S3 Video Help Please :-)

    StevenUK in Programming

    Hi, I am asking if somebody can help with Amazon S3 video hosting/streaming. I know how to host and play the videos, but the videos I will be hosting in ... [read more]

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    Locking/Freezing Popups

    anantgupta in Programming

    Hey, Is there any popup script which freezes browser and user cant close the tab without filling the form ?

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    Loading PHP Pages Dynamically For On-page SEO

    MarketingAce in Programming

    I am my second week into learning PHP & building database-driven dynamic websites. I noticed that some database-driven websites seem to load their pages from the database into the main ... [read more]

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    How does one go on to create a website like youtube or a Instant messaging app like whatsapp?

    aviraj112 in Programming

    I love chatting and sharing photos and videos with my friends on social media, but lately I'm thinking a lot about creating my very own Instant messaging app. So, how ... [read more]

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    SQL database crashed

    morrisonn in Programming

    Hello, Our server was hit by some unknown virus which seems to have corrupted header information for many of our files including an important databases and some of its backups. ... [read more]

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    How to create SQL varaiable database?

    rachidspot in Programming

    Hi all ! Please I have a php mailer and I want to set a sql variable like [ip] to get ip from used server, how can I do it?? ... [read more]

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    Newbie here. Can you point me to some good articles on WordPress security?

    James Liberty in Programming

    Preferably articles that are easy to understand. I hardly know a thing about coding.

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    There is a static post title just below the site title!

    monsur in Programming

    Dear expert friend, While pasting my site URL -Bd News on FB status box,I see that it is coming with a fixed static post title and image just below the ... [read more]

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    Error Showing in Mozilla

    josoftech in Programming

    At the time of opening our website on Mozilla Firefox, an error ( Connection is Not Secure ) showing in browser. Is anyone able to let me know the reason ... [read more]

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    kubikdanon in Programming

    Hi guys! I am a c# programmer with average background. I am trying to create application + any type of bot (fb, twitter, etc). I have two questions on ... [read more]

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    602 can't connect to the host

    monere in Programming

    EDIT: sorry if I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Please feel free to move it where it belongs to. This is where I thought it would fit mostly, but ... [read more]

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    Joins in sql

    karthikaqpt in Programming

    i have 2 table such as company and companyrelationship. 2nd table have the following fields. id ,subject,relationship type,company object. I need to write a query which joins companyrelationship with company ... [read more]

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    a html editor similar to dreamweaver?

    azulita in Programming

    Hi, do you know an HTML editor (with WYSIWYG) similar to Dreamweaver that is cheaper or for free? I know that Dreamweaver is a great program but I had read ... [read more]

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    How much would you pay for website maintenance?

    p2hmasters in Programming

    I am a web developer and i thought about offering website maintenance to businesses. So i did a bit of research and found the service being offered by many, but ... [read more]

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    Mgungor in Programming

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone could tell me where i can find the following type of plugin. Currently working on a website (groupbuy ecommerce) and we want ... [read more]

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    Web application or website

    musmines in Programming

    Hello warriors, i'm Mus, new member hear. It has been just few days that i heard about, so i decided to subscribe to share with you my project. Well, ... [read more]

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    Help! What happened to my domain?

    hani215 in Programming

    Hi all, I got hold of an older version of prosper202. The version on the website wouldn't install. So anyway, I installed this older version from a site that I ... [read more]

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    Help with php mail

    rachidspot in Programming

    Hi Everybody Please I want to know how can I specify header parameters using mail() function I want to set and usemy own email header, plz tell me how can ... [read more]

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    WordPress - how to find a function attached with hook?

    ayazahmed in Programming

    Hi, I am editing a custom theme with woocommerce and so many other plugins. Is there a way or tool to find a function attached with a hook? or downloading ... [read more]

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    CSS to make woocommerce image smaller...

    SCrafted in Programming

    Guys i m looking for some help with some ccs from programming warriors for a woocommerce product image. Could somebody with experience provide some css? The image is way too ... [read more]

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    Website Hacked

    options in Programming

    Hi guys My site was hacked a few months ago, I have only just really noticed as I have not done much with it. I cant really do a earlier ... [read more]

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    If you use it right.

    Kurt in Programming

    This is a real pet peeve of mine. You buy software or an info product that requires it to check to make sure that you have a valid license. That's ... [read more]

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    wordpress help needed

    minna9646 in Programming

    i'm a student of software engineering. i want to build project for last year in WordPress. think there is 3 department of Math,physics and chemistry. i want to create a ... [read more]

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    How to make Ad images responsive

    habeycole in Programming

    Hi warriors, I want to add some advert images to my Site: 3 x 1. But I want the whole 3 images to show on web browsers but one of ... [read more]

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    dbf file in FoxPro 9.0

    sealixir in Programming

    Good time of day to all, Help, who can, cannot open a file with the extension dbf. Maybe there is a program for the treatment? Thank you.

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    Empty space after footer

    dutzu in Programming

    Hi, I've got a site and a custom theme. All's runnin' good but I recently found that on the mobile it shows me an empty space after footer, can't ... [read more]

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    Uploaded pdf & excel file combined into a pdf file ASP.NET

    Hi, I have the requirement to one user can upload PDF and Excel file but another user will get the all information of PDF & Excel file into a new ... [read more]

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    Contest winner picker

    gamestoenjoy in Programming

    When you make a contest / giveaway / raffle / sweepstake in your website / blog / forum you will need to pick the winner (or winners). Here is a ... [read more]

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    Problems integrating new amember license with old wordpress site.

    Daniel Soulsby in Programming

    Hi Warriors! I'm not very technical so any help explained "for tech dummies" would be great lol I acquired a site in a business deal, a wordpress site with amember ... [read more]

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    Front end drag and drop??

    Hi, I want to make a site where it is possible for clients to put in data into forms and use drag and drop to move the elements. Can't find ... [read more]

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    PHP Upgrades

    ryankenny in Programming

    How has your PHP website performed in the past year? Planned for any upgrades?

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    HELP!!! Need Database Expert, Please

    Hello All, Wow this place has changed! Anyway, down to business ... I have a problem. I have developed an online script that will allow its users to perform a ... [read more]

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    Web Application Development

    ryankenny in Programming

    How do you ensure your web application is easier to use? Have you got any usability tools?

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    HTTPS padlock is not on for one of my site pages

    yangyang in Programming

    This is driving me crazy. Most of the pages on my site are correctly displaying the HTTPS secure badge on the browser address bar but on the product pages such ... [read more]

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    declanbooth in Programming

    Hi all. I have one problem. Recently I was working with my access database and added a lot of info into the document. I `ve got to hand over month ... [read more]

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    Add software to web page?

    ezjob in Programming

    How do I add a software to my website so it will run from the site? Who would I get to do this? Thanks, Ez

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    How to remove default Post image on WP sidebar

    ahsonwp in Programming

    Hi all, Calling All Developers --- Please help I am using this free theme Attachement: Theme Preview: The thing is, I am using this theme for a 'news syndication' ... [read more]