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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    nice menu

    derekad in Programming

    hi, how is menu done here ? is it some cms system? if yes, which one?

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    computer freeze - arrrrrrgh!

    ArtBiz in Programming

    Hi Warriors, My computer freezes up and the cpu usage skyrockets to 100% when I'm in My Computer. I've run two different registry cleaners, restricted my msconfig start-up, and run ... [read more]

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    Which is better

    Amisha_Sharma in Programming

    Hi all I want to know which Server Scripting Language is better to learn.Which has more scope in future. Thanks

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    Visits to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

    BenFromSoMo in Programming

    I have been getting visits to that address on my WP site every three minutes for the last day or so. What is going on here?

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    Need Help with php include statement

    ErnieB in Programming

    Im wanting to use a "token" for information that will be used across multiple sites Code: = "information" ; I was using an include statement on certain website pages to ... [read more]

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    Advanced E-Commerce Website Design Help

    Mattymac13 in Programming

    Hi, I'm looking into developing a website but need help some advice on how to go about it. The basic template for the site would be closely related to many ... [read more]

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    cheap but quality programmer for hire?

    beck13 in Programming

    hi i know those 2 words really don't go together but i thought i'd ask anyway i have hosting which allows 20 domains but i'm not sure how to install ... [read more]

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    Post title link creates 404 Error in WP blog

    projectmarketing in Programming

    Hi, I keep getting a 404 Page not found error in my WP blog when I attempt to click on my post titles. This also occurs when I click on ... [read more]

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    Every month I get a "509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" Error

    NigelJohnson in Programming

    About once per month, I get an error when I try to go to my site. Here is a copy of the error: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily ... [read more]

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    &nbsp What does this mean and how do I get rid of it?

    mistyone in Programming

    Hi folks I have just loaded up a 'simple' forum into my website I Married A Fat Bitch url in my sig and it is showing   in a number ... [read more]

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    Chrome Tabs

    Why9999 in Programming

    This is kind of a weird question, but it will really help. I want to be able to do the following: 1. Open up, say, 50 tabs in Google Chrome ... [read more]

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    Run-time error '339'

    sloanjim in Programming

    Hi, I am trying to run a piece of software of mine that is a few years old. But whern i try it comes up with Run-time error '339' missing"mscomctl"................................. ... [read more]

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    Simple Question " How best to create PDF Files "

    Peter Thompson in Programming

    Hi all, This might sound like a very basic question but I want to know the best way to create pdf files for ebooks. I want to be able to ... [read more]

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    How difficult would it be....

    Landon Walsh in Programming

    To have a storefront with different vendors than placed the fufilment orders with the respective vendors? As well as a system to have the payment go to different accounts on ... [read more]

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    Help needed please: The Like button on Facebook

    bizwebstart in Programming

    Hi there I am trying to redirect my visitors when they click on the Like button. I am using this bit of code but it doesn't seem to redirect. Just ... [read more]

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    Image display in PHP

    Computer Master in Programming

    Hi all I want picture display should change automatically on the page. Can anybody guide me about this Thanks

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    Fan Page Advanced Features

    Tara in Programming

    Hi...Can anyone here tell me how to add rotating images to my fan page using WP or html? Thank you! Tara

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    What is best source for learning database design online?

    Terry Crim in Programming

    What is the best online course, set of tutorials, printed books that teach database design from basic to very advanced level?

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    Post only visible on main page

    Carol_A in Programming

    I didn't know where else to post this - can anyone help? I made a post to my blog last night and this morning, emailed my entire list with the ... [read more]

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    How to add google optimer tracking code to wordpress page?

    Rylynn in Programming

    I'm a newb when it comes to coding and stuff so i really need some advice here. I'm trying to run a simple AB test using google web optmizer but ... [read more]

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    Programmer needed

    zenmack in Programming

    A simple assignment. May take 30 minutes of time to create. I can describe what I want on skype. $50.00 for the completed work paid through paypal. Basically take 6 ... [read more]

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    Help finding and setting up an MLM script

    kpark in Programming

    Hi everyone new here. I am starting a monthly subscription based MLM type company. I need help finding software that will work for it. I looked at EZ gold mlm ... [read more]

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    Need a custom Top Frame

    Re-cycle in Programming

    Hello, I need to insert a top frame into one section of my website but I need this top frame to "eat-up" the header part of the website i'm linking ... [read more]

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    Best free alternative to Adobe Acrobat??

    Epicurus in Programming

    Hello people, Can anyone recommend a good free alternative to Adobe Acrobat? I've been using Adobe Acrobat 5 for years now but it's becoming a little outdated, I've been looking ... [read more]

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    mrpals in Programming

    I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice, sites or software to create widgets for a website. I would like to create 7 main widgets for the site widgets ... [read more]

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    Please Help with WWW Redirect

    PGA in Programming

    Can someone please help with the following? I had Hostgator set up a www redirect for one of my sites a few months ago. Since then I noticed that my ... [read more]

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    Paypal - review your purchase here - link

    Hi! Perhaps this is not really a programming question, or is it? I set up a Paypal "buy" button. On the thank you page, Ì need to create a link ... [read more]

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    PHP - How to Dynamically insert images

    JayGreen in Programming

    I'm hoping someone can help me sort out some dynamic image insertion using PHP. All photos are in the same directory and have same file extension .gif Goal is to ... [read more]

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    Animated GIF support in Kindle?

    astaga in Programming

    Does anyone know whether the Amazon Kindle supports the display of animated GIFs on their device? Any reference, or if this is not supported, viable alternatives to showing animation on ... [read more]

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    Ninja Script to Move Buyers to New Getresponse List?

    EndGame in Programming

    Hi Warriors, I am not very "technically" competent, and I just wondered if there was a nice/elegant way of moving people who purchase your product off your freebie list on ... [read more]

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    Looking for some help

    andybeveridge in Programming

    Hi, I want to change this site into a Wordpress site. It is not important to keep the look as we will build a completely different look through wordpress. ... [read more]

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    Making a WP theme - Or let it be made?

    Jelle Kaldenbach in Programming

    Hi fellow programmers, First time I'm on this part of the forum, but I think this will be the place to ask. I need a very simple Wordpress theme. It's ... [read more]

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    Mysql update issue!

    cap2cap10 in Programming

    Here I am again, members of the php technorati, with another strange issue. This time it is my update script. Here is the code: Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ... [read more]

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    How Do I Unindex a pdf file on my server

    ezjob in Programming

    Hello, I uploaded a pdf file to my website. Google has indexed it. I didn't know that search engines indexed uploaded files. How do I unindex the file and ... [read more]

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    Product user reviews script or software

    michaelromero63 in Programming

    :confusedoes anyone know of a script or software that can find actual user reviews for products. I build product information sites and would like to automate the task of finding ... [read more]

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    Assign Variable from Directory name?

    scotl47 in Programming

    For example : In : ttp:// <?php $keyword = preg_replace("/_/",' ',$_REQUEST["keyword"]); ?> Gets the term before the .html so everywhere I place <?php echo $keyword; ?> on the page that ... [read more]

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    Anyone Here Able to Decipher This Error Message Please?

    V12 in Programming

    This has suddenly appeared on a client's site in place of the description when a Google search is done for the relevant keyword: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'. Object required: ... [read more]

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    Wordpress plugin like WP Robot, but pulls from my target folder

    Tess D in Programming

    I am looking for a wordpress plugin that auto posts from a directory of text or word documents. Similar to WP-Robot, Article Jackpot, or other autoblog but it pulls from ... [read more]

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    What is the EASIEST membership plugin?

    ezjob in Programming

    Hello, I would like to know how to set up a membership area on my blog. I have micro-membeship but it is very confusing to me. I can't figure out ... [read more]

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    Microsoft releases new Internet Explorer 9 browserAlmuslim Australia is News & Current Affairs. Curr

    arshed in Programming

    web browsing software free online late Monday, hoping to fend off recent challenges by Firefox and Google Chrome. “IE9 has just released around the world,” a booming voice told a ... [read more]

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    Problem Solved Mod please delete

    ErnieB in Programming

    Thanks to WillR for saving the day!

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    Probably a really stupid question..

    sstoney200 in Programming

    How can I define a php link with a css class? I need to define: PHP Code: echo "<a href=\"?page=" . ($i-1) . "$search\">Previous Page</a> ";  with my css: class = "t_color1 next" :confused: [read more]

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    Sitemap not showing all categories

    BradH23 in Programming

    I have built my sitemap with the XML Sitemap plugin and checked Include Categories to be indexed. For some reason 6 of my categories are not being added to the ... [read more]

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    How to pass slash / in an URL?

    yangyang in Programming

    On this page there are many abbreviation / acronym entries: Acronyms & Abbreviations: D They are generated in PHP: PHP Code: <a href="/define/<?php echo rawurlencode($abbreviation['title'])?>/">     <strong><?php echo $abbreviation['title']?></strong> </a> I used rawurlencode because many acronyms ... [read more]

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    Easy 5 dollars if you can answer this....

    I will paypal 5 dollars to the first warrior who can (reasonably) resolve this............. Summary: WordPress: Click FB Like Button: How to load new WP page.? I'm able to get ... [read more]

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    Server Startup costs

    andynov123 in Programming

    What would be the best route to take if I want to build a website where users can create accounts and upload files to be shared and purchase within the ... [read more]

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    Wordpress https

    joscarff in Programming

    Bit of a dumb question... Trying to make some booking forms on a wordpress site secure so I can ask for credit card details. I found a plugin called Wordpress ... [read more]

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    Problem with Adsense appearing

    ecdavis in Programming

    Hi. I have just finished converting a small site from .html to wordpress. I'm running WP 3.0.3 and using the Twentyten template. For some reason, Adsense is not showing up ... [read more]

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    [CLOSED] Thanks!

    Shane N in Programming

    Got it fixed, thanks!

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    Best websites to learn wordpress design?

    welland in Programming

    Does anyone know? I did a search but its a bit overwhelming.

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    Archeon in Programming

    Hi Everyone, I am currently looking to implement a "refer a friend" feature to my website, with the incentive of giving away "store credit" for each referral. However, I am ... [read more]

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    Advice On Creating PAD Files?

    davidjames42973 in Programming

    Warrior, I've been dabbling with using PAD Submissions for backlinks. I create a PAD file, but something always goes wrong. Can anybody suggest a youtube video, website, or whatever that ... [read more]

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    Need Help: Exit popup javascript

    leahpot in Programming

    Is there any codes for the "Leave this page button to link it on other page". I mean once you click Leave this page it will go through to another ... [read more]

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    HORRIBLE, my site wont load (adult site), HTACCESS PROBLEM

    ReikiGirl in Programming

    Oh geez I messed something up in godaddy. I removed all redirects cause the site wasn't loading. Now the main page loads but any link you click redirects to you ... [read more]

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    Remotely accessing a php file

    scotl47 in Programming

    On the main site the code works : <?php $keyword = preg_replace("/_/",' ',$_REQUEST["keyword"]); ?> <? include_once("/keywords.php"); echo " $keyword1 "; ?> And pull a random keyword. Instead of loading the ... [read more]