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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    Best CSS extensions for Google Chrome

    navi11 in Programming

    Just started learning CSS and have built 1 or 2 sites. Can anyone recommend any good CSS extensions they use to extract/analyze CSS from great looking websites? Even any great ... [read more]

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    Articles about WEB.

    Tis in Programming

    Hello guys I'm new in WEB area, now I'm studying CSS, HTML, CMS, JS. So can you tell me about your sources where do you read information about WEB.

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    WordPress Plugin Idea (Suggestions)

    Arshid in Programming

    Hi, I know WordPress plugin development. I think develop WordPress plugin. Which is most looking plugin (idea) ? Please give me your suggestions . Thanks

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    How long could it take to make an app?

    Xarcz in Programming

    This is a very basic question, just a thought I had today. Would any developers mind estimating how long it would take for each of these apps to be developed ... [read more]

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    How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming?

    LetsGoViral in Programming

    I only know the basics of programming with simpler languages and I wondered, how long would it take me to learn programming to a level where I can make a ... [read more]

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    Software to transfer from Win 7 to 10

    hometutor in Programming

    Programming section was the closest to handle this question. A computer client has a new computer and I want to transfer software from the old Windows 7 computer to the ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Web Developemt Expert

    Hello Experts, I would like to share a query with you. I am having a problem in my website. The loading time of my website i.e. World Boutique Hotel Awards ... [read more]

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    The best programming language to develop web systems

    paivadaniel in Programming

    Hello guys, I worked some years with programming for automation systems, basically with microcontrollers and as I´m electrical engineer, I did some basical courses of algorithms and programming too, but ... [read more]

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    I need good tutorials PHP For Beginners [Video]

    amineklose1 in Programming

    i need good tutorials PHP For Beginners [Video]

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    HasOffers Help

    eleet in Programming

    Alright, here's the deal: I have a group of about 50+ social media publishers that promote for my affiliate network. All-in-all we have a reach of a couple 100M people. ... [read more]

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    Chaning PayPal Billing Frequency Code

    JamesMetcalf in Programming

    I recently created a PayPal subscription button to put on my landing page and I created four different payment plans for my customers that they can select via a dropdown ... [read more]

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    Wordpress bulk template search

    renrock in Programming

    Does anyone know of a Wordpress plugin that would allow me to say "auto post an article on my blog for every state and or every state and county" with ... [read more]

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    monere in Programming

    Hi, I see an URL in my tracking (I use histats for tracking) report that goes like this: (I replaced my actual domain's name with "mydomainname" but everything that ... [read more]

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    Which Programming can I learn to Design Social Networking

    Tony4real in Programming

    Hello am interested in creating social networking which coding program can I learn to help me have knowledge of design good social networking site.Any help?

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    aweber email field

    wAvision in Programming

    is there a way to shrink the width of just the email field on an aweber form? When I resize the overall form, it also stretch the email field, and ... [read more]

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    Best theme for wordpress

    sarataylor2013 in Programming

    HI there ! I am using Sequential theme for my blog currently. but i am not satisfied with it. My blog is about articles that contains text and images. can ... [read more]

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    I need a woo-commerce theme with this...

    Web Clinic in Programming

    I need a woo-commerce theme that have this function .please check the image that would be able to allow the user to enter the amount of pieces someone wants by ... [read more]

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    WordPress CMS

    davidmillernyc in Programming

    Why Wordpress is Recommended For Small Businesses as Their CMS Choice?

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    Database, is this possible?

    1963jag in Programming

    I need a database that can pull data from multiple Excel pages, and then be used to populate sections of a financial report in Word. I can provide samples of ... [read more]

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    I need to convert a html to joomla

    yeadh in Programming

    Hi everyone. I have a html file that I want to convert into joomla theme.I know joomla but not much. Still learning. Need help.

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    PHP Framework

    davidmillernyc in Programming

    What is a web framework and which is the best framework to build PHP websites?

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    Contracts for private projects

    1963jag in Programming

    I need to know what is considered standard procedure as far as Contracts go, when a programmer is hired to produce a piece of software. Let's say a small company ... [read more]

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    Woocommerce Error

    Anyone understand how to fix this error I'm getting after I upgrade to latest version. PHP Fatal error: Access level to WC_Product_Variable::check_stock_status() must be public (as in class WC_Product) in ... [read more]

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    Making Wordpress More Secure Suggestions?

    WendellC in Programming

    Hi. Someone suggested I post my question to this board: Does anyone have a solution to prevent injection hacks on their Wordpress sites? In particular, stopping some of these apparent ... [read more]

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    Advice needed for a new site

    silveraden in Programming

    Hello warriors, I want to open a new site with four separate functions. 1. local business directory 2. classified ads 3. job board 4. shopping forum I am not a ... [read more]

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    is it possible to block Exit-popup inside iframe?

    arun1993 in Programming

    Hi warriors, I am so proud to be a warrior because this forum teaches me a lot. Now i have a doubt. If i put my affiliate in iframe. is ... [read more]

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    Help with ClickBank API Instant Email Notification Script

    Ryan Dunn in Programming

    I have a working instant email notification script, however CB has since updated their api to include new variables. The old script still works for now, but will be depreciated ... [read more]

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    Accessing $_REQUEST['caffitid'] from ClickBank

    George Lukas in Programming

    Hi; I am trying to access to tracking id from CB when I make an affiliate sale but $_REQUEST['caffitid'] keeps coming back blank! When I see the payment page I ... [read more]

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    If PHP 5.4 breaks my site would it require major repairs to fix it?

    magentawave in Programming

    1) If I flip the switch in my cpanel from the current PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4, is it possible that if it breaks my website that it would require ... [read more]

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    PHP and Notepad++

    Young Samurai in Programming

    Can I edit php in Notepad++ ? Specifically, can I develop/customize a WP theme in it?

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    PHP programming

    Gaurav singh in Programming

    Is PHP a badly designed programming language?

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    Please Help: How do I Add Affiliate Link to Banners?

    Hello guys, I really need your help. I want to put a banner up on my blog (blogger), from a ClickBank vendor. The vendor's banners do not automatically embed my ... [read more]

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    problem configure related posts

    happydz in Programming

    hi I've just downloaded a custom template for my blog (I am using blogger platform), however, I am not able to configure related posts and instead of showing every post ... [read more]

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    Making theme mobile friendly?

    Haship in Programming

    Is it really difficult to make a theme mobile friendly if it's not now (without any plugins)? What file should be edited in order to make changes (like index.php etc)?

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    What's the best hosting domain provider for european user?

    Linegend in Programming

    Hello, My website speed is very slow as well as my wordpress admin. Until now I've used a shared host solution at (For around $40 / per year). I'm ... [read more]

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    WordPress plugin ideas

    Arshid in Programming

    Hi, I am looking for WordPress ideas. Please suggest your ideas and help me. Regards

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    your advice about an opencart problem

    yonip in Programming

    Hi, there is a wierd error i can not find a solution for, and maybe you can help me: i have opencart installed with 2 languages . when i ... [read more]

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    popunder javascript code not work in blogger site

    tanim0167 in Programming

    Hallo every one. I have a movie blog site. I put a propellerads pop under java script code in my blogger gadget area. But my java script code not working ... [read more]

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    Disable Advertising Affiliate Pop-Under on Mobile Device for blogger

    tanim0167 in Programming

    Hi warrior Members, I am a blogger. I have a movie blog site. I give propellerads pop under affiliate link in my page. It was good For computar. Its show ... [read more]

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    Which way do I go?

    glenpud in Programming

    Hi everyone So I have, in my mind, an idea that I really want to follow through. It is to build a piece of software that is, in its basic ... [read more]

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    Ethic Question: Prying open someone else's files

    Prance in Programming

    Hello Warriors I'm new here, I'm in need of some advice. If someone took my creation lets say a game which i've packaged the files and encoded them. And decrypt ... [read more]

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    Clickbank API affiliate sale issue

    BlueHulk in Programming

    Hi; I send traffic to another vendor. I wanna make sure when they purchase from that vendor, I get API call so I stop re marketing to them. It would ... [read more]

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    Need help with restoring websites after fatal error

    Fenshon in Programming

    Hello, I upgraded my hosting from reseller hosting to VPS. Three of the websites I host suddenly started showing fatal errors. The first website: Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been ... [read more]

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    Putting HTML from outside sources into my blog

    happydz in Programming

    I've read that putting HTML/JAVASCRIPT codes from 3rd parties sites that are not integrated with (eg Paypal, Flickr,Amazon...) into my blog enables them to truck and hack my blog . ... [read more]

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    Protecting submission form from bots without using captcha?

    Haship in Programming

    Is there a good way to protect a submission form from bots without using captcha?

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    what kind of coding is this ??

    ceotnc in Programming

    hello Warriors. pardonnez moi, i just wanna ask you about the kind of coding used to connect a hardware live with a website , like connecting any types of mics ... [read more]

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    JAVA OR C#

    YSH in Programming

    Got to choose which programming language is best for android application programming android studio using java or xamarin studio using C#

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    Javascript Help

    solidsoul in Programming

    I'm trying to get the javascript working on my form to hide or show an input depending on the selection of a drop down.. HTML Code: <label> What Are You ... [read more]

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    What programming skill need to create a website?

    Justin Rock in Programming

    What is the main idea for creating a website with programing.? I have some knowledge about web design. But, I need more information about programming. Which way I have to ... [read more]

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    NULL's in MySQL logical AND operator precedence

    David Beroff in Programming

    I normally use an INNER JOIN between these two tables, but I have some specific needs for using the LEFT JOIN below. (I've stripped out most of the code, leaving ... [read more]

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    New to Java programming

    katsar0v in Programming

    Hi. I am learning Java for 4 days and i wonder how people create these great apps while i can create simple " sum " apps with the console. Can ... [read more]

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    Tutorials of iOS

    Jessica Oslo in Programming

    Someone have good tutorials to learn iOS for develop in iPhone. Thanks.

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    Wordpress or ASP.NET for my project?

    jimjones in Programming

    Hi, I wanna start a new project about "savings accounts comparison" and other bank related stuff in germany. I am not certain if I should use Wordpress or write everything ... [read more]

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    how to overlay a video in a picture?

    dawoodkhan97 in Programming

    Hi WF Members! I hate technical stuff and dont have much coding experience I am trying to find out how to overlay a video in a picture. I will be ... [read more]

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    Making money with Apps in 2015?

    navi11 in Programming

    There are now so many free apps across the Play store now. I was wondering how anyone made any money doing this in 2015? Is there still money to be ... [read more]

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    Android Question for Programmers/Developers

    thejlw in Programming

    I have a website and there is some Facebook share functionality built in to it. It seems to function fine on a regular computer and it functions fine on Apple ... [read more]