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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    How Do I Create a Rewrite Rule To Do This?

    The Expert in Programming

    I was wondering how I could redirect ALL of the links to tag pages on my wordpress MU site that appear on a sub-blog to the clone tage page that ... [read more]

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    Flash source protection

    Goran Zinic in Programming

    Hello, I hired a programmer for some flash application. Everything went good except the final delivery of a product. He said that he will protect the application only for 1 ... [read more]

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    I NEED HELP! How to...Popup on image click?

    Robert Brauer in Programming

    Just wondering how to get a small popup window to appear when someone clicks on an image....

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    Help With Autoresponder

    Robert Brauer in Programming

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    amember and post affiliate

    layouts4you in Programming

    i am looking for someone that can assist me in integrating these 2 scripts together. i need to have it where it will give the affiliates reoccurring payment credit. im ... [read more]

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    Help, my WP blog displays so small, I cannot read it!

    homejobcreator in Programming

    Hi, I looked at my blog again today after some time and saw this tiny strip of unreadableness on the screen! The whole blog displays in tiny font, including WP ... [read more]

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    Banner Image Placement Problem

    colinph970 in Programming

    Hi all I have a banner image in the sidebar of my site and it does align with the rest of the sidebar. The site is Niche Blog Sales and ... [read more]

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    Email Delivery Increase

    incatchllc in Programming

    So I have an application that basically users can sign up to receive content by email. What I have found is that as opposed to unsubscribing the users begin to ... [read more]

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    Questions about using an Exit Generator script

    ezeeforall in Programming

    I can't seem to find the answer to my questions, so thought I would see if any members here in the Warrior Forum could help me. I'm fairly new at ... [read more]

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    Have I upgraded to Wordpress 3.0 or not?

    KenJ in Programming

    Hi clever guys and girls I have upgraded to 3.0 on my host (Bluehost) but my blogs still say I need to upgrade in the dashboard. So have I done ... [read more]

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    FRAMES Question

    RokNStoK in Programming

    Hi, I would like to use frames to display 'member' websites from my URL much like the 'traffic exchanges' do it. This would allow me to include navigation buttons in ... [read more]

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    SQL sytax error - on what?

    Krisism in Programming

    Hey Warriors, I'm hoping we have some sql wizzes in here who can help me with this one. I've been boggled for hours trying to find a solution but it ... [read more]

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    NoFollow Question

    Matt Barrington in Programming

    Hey Warriors, quick question for you. How can I tell if a blog or forum has the "Nofollow" attribute enabled? When I googled it, it said to check the robots.txt ... [read more]

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    Cant Login To Wordpress Blog After Upgrading

    shaunwilliams in Programming

    Hi I recently updated my wordpress site from within the back office to the 3.0. This is not a fantastico installation. My problem now is when i go to login ... [read more]

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    How do I set up a countdown clock on a web page?

    Johnny12345 in Programming

    I need to set up a countdown clock on a web page. But that's not all... when the clock strikes zero, I also need the page to change. However, I ... [read more]

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    Linking up with PSN and XBL.

    GameLinx in Programming

    I created this as a question on Yahoo answers, but I don't think there are any smart people in there. I have seen many gaming websites with Xbox Live achievements ... [read more]

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    Unable to Get to Wordpress Admin Page After Activating Theme

    bdriggs182 in Programming

    Hello, Today I registered a domain and set it as an addon domain through my hosting cpanel. I then proceeded to install the domain using wordpress. This is not the ... [read more]

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    Help! php.ini/php5.ini issue

    ProEFI in Programming

    Yesterday I tried installing the Memberwing plugin on a wordpress site hosted by Godaddy (yeah I know). Godaddy does not come loaded with Ioncube so the plugin would not work. ... [read more]

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    Improve Website Speed

    tresfavian in Programming

    Good Morning Warriors - I checked my speed loading on a site and it's 44 KB opening up in 31 seconds. I believe it's largely due to a big flash ... [read more]

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    Clickbank api

    CarloD. in Programming

    Hey All, Anyone have info or links to some articles on setting up a clickbank API? ...or IN I am interested in integrating clickbank with my db so I can ... [read more]

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    Need professional ideas from programmer

    Imayday in Programming

    Hi, I need reviews on the shopping cart——TomatoCart. As a layman, I can just compare it with other famous shopping cart such Magento, prestashop,osCommerce,Zen Cart and Virtue on Functionality. So ... [read more]

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    Please help while uploading file on RegNow

    IRichie in Programming

    HI, I am using RegNow for selling one of my products. The file I want to upload is in Zip format and can be sold only in this way. After ... [read more]

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    Can I Automatically generate a WordPress Login?

    VilPietersen@ in Programming

    Hey all, I need some advice on how I can automatically generate a password and username for people who buy one of my products. It's for wordpress and I'm going ... [read more]

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    looking someone to me a website

    desp12 in Programming

    hello im looking for someone that could make me a website such has or can someone help?

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    Exclude hyperlinks depending on which page is loaded on WordPress...

    VilPietersen@ in Programming

    Hey everyone, I've got a question for anyone with a pit of php knowledge. I'm wanting to exclude certain hyperlinks from my site, but only on one page. I can ... [read more]

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    Anyone have a link to Frank Kern's Good Karma List Machine Video?

    adell50 in Programming

    Last week I watched the instruction video and downloaded the Frank Kern Good Karma List Machine app (along with countless and would like to implement the system. Trouble is, ... [read more]

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    Compare and Count Character help

    IvisFiallo in Programming

    I am creating a guessing word game (That only has one answer) that when the user types in a guess the innerHTML will display the number of letters user got ... [read more]

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    Image path

    I need to find the server path to the location of my images, can anyone tell me how I do this. I am using Shopper press a shopping cart theme ... [read more]

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    affiliate link cloak

    desp12 in Programming

    how do you cloak a affiliate link from clickbank or paydotcom? or is they a software i can use? because those links are just ugly.

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    New Twitter application getting ready for beta

    Manfred Ekblad in Programming

    After a lot of hard work I've decided to finally release a private beta of my new Twitter-application to a few warriors. Trust me, it's really just a beta and ... [read more]

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    Wordpress, Please try again

    bush in Programming

    I got 2 challenges 1. When l save widget, a new window opens with, Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. Have tried, deactivating plugins it ... [read more]

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    Canonical Code

    reynoldscorb in Programming

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to get a few things straight with my canonical code in my header. All of my backlinks are to "" but my site is at "" ... [read more]

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    Need a Photo Voting and Image Battle scripts asap

    mm-93 in Programming

    Could you guys recommend the best Photo Voting and Image Battle scripts for sale? Ideally, a script that had a simple "Vote" button (i.e. not the 1-10 option) would be ... [read more]

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    Plain Contact Form - On Hostgator

    AlanCarr in Programming

    Web-based stuff drives me nuts. I happily use a WYSIWYG editor (yes, it's standards compliant) and it suits me fine, usually. However the forms it can produce and which work ... [read more]

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    Elgg Alternatives

    Dan C. Rinnert in Programming

    Anyone have suggestions for alternatives to Elgg? Preferably something that's not as flaky as Elgg. Basically, what I need is something that will allow a public side and a members-only ... [read more]

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    How can I set up clickbank with my Yahoo Small Business Checkout? Problems with Download page

    Mr. Manpower in Programming

    Hey Guys: I sell a downloadable e-book I want to start up with ClickBank, but my problem is the following. It is my understanding that clickbank has their own checkout ... [read more]

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    Can you 'defragment' a MySQL database ?

    Harvey Segal in Programming

    In the same way that you can defragment a disc to improve performance is there a way to improve the performance of a MySQL database by running a utility (as ... [read more]

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    Client's PHP site hacked, no back up other than a scraped version HEEELPP for ideas

    Mark Riddle in Programming

    Warrior coders, To make a long story short, one of my clients has a site that was written in php , someone hacked the web server and the original webmaster ... [read more]

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    Opening a video in the same window

    GlenH in Programming

    Hi Guys, I need someone a lot smarter than me to give me some help. If you go to this page, Untitled Document and click to play the video, you'll ... [read more]

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    Is there any timer component in php?

    Katie_White in Programming

    Is there any timer component in php? I want to repeat some task at particular interval how can i do that? Please help me

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    New Squeeze Page Software with integrated Web2.0-technology... I need beta testers!

    Manfred Ekblad in Programming

    Alright, so I'm preparing to launch a killer application, the point&click kind of Squeeze Page generator - with a twist! This one has some unique features (only beta testers will ... [read more]

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    Error message when trying to log in

    generalee in Programming

    Just installed wordpress to my hosting c-panel through fantastico. However, when I try to log in to my blog, I get the following message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' ... [read more]

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    1 article shows in 2 categories when doing a copyscape type search

    N3lly in Programming

    Not sure if this is in the right section - mods please re-home if its in the incorrect location. I'm running an asp site. I recently done a PLAGIUM search ... [read more]

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    Need help regarding mod rewrite please help

    Katie_White in Programming

    Need help regarding mod rewrite please help. What I want is mydomainname/index.php?id=9 convert to mydomainname/index.php/9.html can anyone tell me how to do it?

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    Need Help with .php Shopping Cart

    ntnsllc in Programming

    A client of mine has a paypal shopping cart that isn't cutting it. His product is customizable and the paypal cart requires visitors to click back to the shopping pages ... [read more]

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    Wordpress NoFollow?

    janeiro82 in Programming

    Hey everyone. I wonder how to set a specific page in wordpress to NoFollow. I don't want google to index this site. I've tried several plugins but they didn't work. ... [read more]

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    [I need somone to help me] Page rotator script

    Simon Royal in Programming

    I want a page rotator script made that I can install in my root directory and then rotate the home page. ex. visitor 1 = page 1 visitor 2 = ... [read more]

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    Can You Help Me With One Line of PHP in a WP Theme?

    I have this code <?php if(is_home()) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/home-about.php'); } ?> It only makes a display appear on the home page. I want that display to appear on ... [read more]

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    transferring to wordpress from weebly

    NicholasCarter in Programming

    I am having the hardest time trying to transfer from weebly to wordpress. its not formatting. I know nothign about code. Is there an easy way to do this? I ... [read more]

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    HELP! I've Messed Up My Files!

    BarryOnline in Programming

    O.K don't know if this is the right place to post this but I need some help! I'm a newbie so go easy on me lol I've got myself into ... [read more]

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    PHP developer yanking my chain?

    warriorr101 in Programming

    I hired a web developer to do a big php site for me a while ago. I payed alot of money for this due to the fact that i know ... [read more]

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    How to Remove Joomla Title 'Welcome to the Frontpage'

    MervikHaums in Programming

    Hey guys, to be familiar with the joomla platform and its customization I'm developing a blog using joomla. Installed everything. And its working fine. But the home page is showing ... [read more]

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    Auto-update RSS feed script

    TheNightOwl in Programming

    Hi folks You know how WP automatically updates the feed(s) and then pings the sites that you add in the ping list? Well, I'd like to have the same kind ... [read more]

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    virtual spokesmodels

    halfbakedrew in Programming

    how to make a virtual spokesmodels? Im lost when it comes to programming, but this cant be to hard. I dont care how long it takes me to make one ... [read more]

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    [WANTED] Web Designers, Programmers & Software Developers

    Aliaksandr in Programming

    Basingstoke & Dean Creative Solutions is currently seeking to recruit Web Designers, Programmers and Software Developers. We are a small firm and we have a few junior and intermediate level ... [read more]