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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    Javscript Issue in Firefox

    osegoly in Programming

    Hi, I am trying to add some simple javascript code to one my webpages as I need to hide a couple of divs on page load. Firefox does not seem ... [read more]

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    How Do I Take Out The Date From People's Comments On My WP Blog?

    Dreams in Programming

    Hi everyone, I'm currently using a WordPress plugin to take out the dates from my posts. But whenever someone makes a comment it leaves a date. This plugin doesn't take ... [read more]

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    Can I Create this Image Scroll without using Flash?

    sgboston23 in Programming

    I'd like to emulate something like this: Columbia Artists Management Inc. but without using flash (due to iPad, iPhone visibility) It appears to just be a bunch of images that ... [read more]

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    CMS system/site builder - ease of use?

    aamcle in Programming

    Hi all. I have made static sties with Frontpage and/or Kompser but it's slow and messy to maintain. I've been having a look at Drupal and Joomla, they are both ... [read more]

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    How do keyword discovery applications interrogate search engines for their results?

    Phil in Programming

    Yes, it's a hobbiest question. I recently got an email from J. Leger about his new keyword Tool which interrogates Google Suggest. And it got me wondering all over again ... [read more]

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    Can't center topheader images in wordpress

    nelsonbiglar in Programming

    I'm having some difficulty with centering images in wordpress header. When I move to different resolution screens or larger monitors than I normally work from, the images are way outta ... [read more]

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    Cool Right-Click Menu

    Will Edwards in Programming

    Don't know if anyone has posted this before but here is a useful Right-Click Menu generator (no affiliation) ... 1-st Pop-Up Menu Builder -- Create your own menu on right ... [read more]

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    MP3 preview on landing page

    Belinda Jane in Programming

    What is the easiest way to set up a 30 second preview of an MP3 file on my landing page? Thanks.

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    Looking for eBay Scripts

    valleytech in Programming

    I am a we developer and I have a client that own a sports memorabilia store on ebay and he currently has around 3,000 items up for auction and continues ... [read more]

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    Cant modify theme??

    Andrew Kryzak in Programming

    Hey warriors, So I downloaded a wordpress theme designed to be used with google adwords. I can get the base theme to show up on the web ok, but when ... [read more]

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    How to open or post two urls from one BB Code ?

    infobuddy in Programming

    Hey I tried lot but couldn't link two urls from one BB Code. Can someone suggest me anything to come over my problem ? Thnks

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    Create popup on Forums

    infobuddy in Programming

    Hey friends, can someone tell me How to create popup link on forum ? Pls reply soon

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    Stumped on WordPress edit button

    Harvene in Programming

    I have completed my blog and saved my changes. When I used another computer I was able to get into my blog but at the bottom of each page there ... [read more]

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    Need a programmer to build a niche search engine

    adesbarats in Programming

    I know Google has a pretty good api that can be used to build niche search engines. I am looking for a programmer to help create a search engine using ... [read more]

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    Could you do this?

    DonFinch in Programming

    Hi Guys, I am looking for, what I have been told is, a simple programme to link my website shopping cart to a drop-ship ordering process! I am in the ... [read more]

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    Transferring a Blog To A Different Host

    the_icon in Programming

    Hi Lets just cut to the chase here. Need help and herre are the basics. I have sold my site/blog. I am giving them the WP login and domain name. ... [read more]

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    {Joomla} AEC is installed, but I have a lot of errors!

    Kory Pearman in Programming

    ============================================ File Permissions Problems AEC has detected that you are using an Apache Webserver - To be able to hack files on such a server, those files have to be ... [read more]

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    addon domains with Hostgator

    Gaszzer in Programming

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but would like some advice if possible. If you have several addon domain sites hosted with Hostgator, and a surfer views one of these ... [read more]

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    Moneybookers payment form for website

    arsoni in Programming

    hey i want to add an ordering form to recive payments with moneybookers on my site.. can any one help me with this script? i want to add a form ... [read more]

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    What's A Ballpark Cost Figure on Cloining This Tool?

    The Expert in Programming

    I found a tool called Visual Pagerank Overlay (Visual PageRank View) that seems like a great little application. The idea is you plug in a url and the tool displays ... [read more]

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    Problem - Blue question mark in WP header

    gdhunt in Programming

    Firefox shows no problem. Safari shows a blue question mark at the top left in the header. Internet Explorers shows a red X. I looked at this page to see ... [read more]

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    Problems Adding a WordPress Sidebar to Template

    Mike Adams in Programming

    I'm having difficult adding a wordpress sidebar to my template. Can someone help me out? I need a skinny sidebar on the left and a wider sidebar on the right. ... [read more]

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    Double Meta Refresh Code

    Jamie Kochan in Programming

    hi warriors, I have to add this code to my wordpress site, and am having problems with it, can anyone recommend a good place to outsource it to. It should ... [read more]

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    WordPress Problem - Google and Dates of Posts

    Chuckger7 in Programming

    Hello everyone, I love this forum! What a resource. I am a noob but hopefully I can contribute something meaningful down the road. I can't solve this mystery and I ... [read more]

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    Writing Aweber Form Data to A Cookie?

    Mirnova in Programming

    Hello, I have an aweber opt in form. How would I save the email address entered to a cookie? And then how would I retrieve that data, and autofill that ... [read more]

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    Marketing with Amazon cookies

    cjredart in Programming

    If one were marketing with Amazon Astores, they only are able to make sales off their affiliate ID for a day as the cookie then expires on the customers computer. ... [read more]

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    Calling on Magento experts to shed some light

    Kevin Perry in Programming

    Hey everyone, I am looking to build a e-commerce website similar to and using the Magento e-commerce platform. I want to grow it fairly large and eventually develop ... [read more]

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    PHP echo question

    George Sepich in Programming

    I would like to mirror the index page of one of my domains onto another of my domains. At one time i had a simple php code snippet that did ... [read more]

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    Guide to uninstalling Joomla

    twright in Programming

    I have joomla on a client server and some how the install got corrupted. So I am getting errors etx.. How do I uninstall joomla since I did not use ... [read more]

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    XML site map

    lakelover339 in Programming

    HI - I am backending a wordpress blog into my clients static website. I just realized that I am not sure how to deal with the xml site map issue. ... [read more]

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    Using mySQL error information

    MikeHayes in Programming

    I'm getting an error with a CREATE table query. I know what the problem is (I'm creating tables dynamically and now and then a name slips through with a space ... [read more]

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    Facebook 'Share Button' Problem? Coders HELP

    entry in Programming

    I want to do what Jeff walker has done here, on Facebook, to share my site. Product Launch Millionaires. On facebook, Jeff gets this Product Launch Millionaires How to ... [read more]

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    Need some help/suggestions with Wordpress

    dblgdee in Programming

    Is there a way/method/plug-in to move posts to seperate page? When the posts are published they all appear on the same page I have created multiple pages and would like ... [read more]

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    Any Joomla VirtueMart experts

    sblackburn in Programming

    Hi - Are there any Joomla VirtueMart Experts available? I am getting the following error message on a product that as one drop down selection : "Info: To add this ... [read more]

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    Tracking Affiliate Leads In Aweber-$30 for Help and Setup

    Jeff Baxter in Programming

    Hi everyone, I'm about to have a contest for most referred leads from jv partners and I like to know a simple way to do this. I'll be getting jv ... [read more]

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    $5 for installing BHCB on my site. instant in your Paypal account.

    otherwhirl in Programming

    Hi , I have Black Hat Code Breaker gateway script. Can't figure out how to configure it. Help!

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    Redirect Question - Getting G Website Optimizer to Count Click as Conversion

    ShaneRQR in Programming

    Hi, I'm pretty bad when it comes to coding anything, so I hope you can help me out. I have a landing page where I need Google Website Optimizer to ... [read more]

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    C# .net question

    lloydblinks in Programming

    what kind of code snippet can i use in a button click event, to push a form scroll-bar up when it is down. thanks 4 helping me out.

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    Redirect Post to Page in Wordpress good practice?

    LeonT in Programming

    Is it good practice to have someone click on "read more" or the blog title and be redirected to a new internal page ... the reason is I don't want ... [read more]

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    WordPress Plugin Developer

    Mike Adams in Programming

    Warriors, I have been working on a WordPress plugin for the last few months, but the coding has gotten beyond what I can handle. It is currently fully functional but ... [read more]

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    I need Wordpress theme Designed

    I need a programmer who know the working of wordpress to design for me a fresh theme no one has used.I want to use it for my personal website. I ... [read more]

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    * * * HELP!! My UPDATE Doesn't! * * *

    MikeHayes in Programming

    Calling all Gurus. The coding below does everything programmed to do with the exception of the UPDATE query. Sometimes it updates all rows but with the same array value. The ... [read more]

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    Wordpress drives me insane. (Problem with categories)

    GeorgR. in Programming

    I am digging into Wordpress and Thesis theme down to the core level already, but this problem drives me crazy: I have a site with many categories, categories can have ... [read more]

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    $7 Script: Set Cookie Before Main Index?

    Scott Murdaugh in Programming

    I'm wanting to use a custom front end with the $7 script. The front end script is a custom script of mine, it's in PHP. I figured setting the affiliate ... [read more]

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    SQL database problem

    rosetrees in Programming

    Does anyone know how to tell via cpanel when a database was first set up? I was hoping the set up date would be shown in mysql, but I can't ... [read more]

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    Redirect some users but not all

    Trivum in Programming

    Can someone tell me if there's a simple way to redirect certain users to a different page with some javascript or php or something else easy to implement. What I'd ... [read more]

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    What Script is this site using?

    otherwhirl in Programming

    hxxp:// :confused:

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    Developing Applications for Mobile Phones

    lloydblinks in Programming

    Hello good fellas i am a .net programmer and i have tried using visual studio to develop applications that will run on mobile phones like Nokia but it never worked ... [read more]

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    Email pipe to php script

    jaybaker in Programming

    Hello all, I have the forwarder set up properly in cpanel as well as the permissions to the script set properly. I even can pull out the from email address, ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Do This For Me?

    Mister Bryan in Programming

    Hey "Techie" Warriors, I need a couple of things done for a little project that I'm trying to get off the ground. Think any of you guys can help me ... [read more]

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    Mobile website redirect user_agent

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help. Firstly I'm not a coder so if you can keep it at stupid level I'll try and keep up. I'm trying to gte ... [read more]

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    lloydblinks in Programming

    please, i have a problem when trying to create a database or a connection. the error message i have goes like this (An error has occurred while establishing a connection ... [read more]

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    Need To Know I About Google Result

    BMboyz in Programming

    Hi everyone! I am sorry if this question sound stupid ... I just need to know is it possible or there is a software to view current ranking of our ... [read more]

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    How can I embed Trailers from Apple or IMDB???

    otherwhirl in Programming

    I would like to get embeds from these sites. I've been having a time trying to figure this one out forever it seems. Is it impossible?:confused: hxxp:// hxxp:// Would it ... [read more]

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    How to autocreate/schedule new content for posting on static html sites!

    DonD in Programming

    Hi. Do anyone know of a good solution to autocreating new webpages on static html sites using your own file based content? I have all the content in seperate files ... [read more]

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    for .net programmers

    lloydblinks in Programming

    were can a programmer find a freelancer job thanks