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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    can somebody please clear the error ?

    infogeeky in Programming

    hello. i am not getting the webpage loaded using proxy. can some one please find the bug in it. $proxies = array(); // Declaring an array to store the proxy ... [read more]

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    Shopping Cart; JavaScrpit?

    sweetcrabhoney18 in Programming

    Hi! I found this site: Sourcecode says "Javascript " ," Jquery " and Product cart" everywhere But I don't see where it says which javescript or powered by .. ... [read more]

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    Membership software query

    ragstworiches in Programming

    Hi, Hi, I wish to use membershipsoftware with clickbank and wordpress I have done this before, however my latest project is a bit different as its across two separate websites. ... [read more]

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    Any good Wordpress Plugin Developers out there?

    infohog in Programming

    Hello - I'm looking for a solid WordPress plugin developer to bring my idea to life? Any recommendations? I'm on the hunt through Fiverr and Gigbux now but was hoping ... [read more]

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    Fiverr Bot in Development

    TSOS in Programming

    Hey WF, I'm developing a Fiverr Bot because I've realized that there is no Fiverr bot around on the internet. The ones that are on the internet are now abandoned. ... [read more]

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    WordPress Them Help

    Tim Alwell in Programming

    Hi WF, I am posting this issue on my girlfriends behalf. We have no idea how to fix the issue below. Any suggestions? So, I am horrible with techy stuff. ... [read more]

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    Possible to integrate JVZoo affiliate program in WPMuDev Membership plugin?

    lookielookies in Programming

    I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate the JVZoo affiliate program in the WPMuDev Membership plugin. If so, where do I go to find someone who can ... [read more]

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    Standalone PHP script with wordpress front end or plugin?

    EzbizMobile in Programming

    I have a standalone PHP script that I would like for users to be able to access on a WordPress site (front end). It takes user input variables, creates an ... [read more]

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    how to change page title and Description in Joomla Joomla! 1.5.25

    mathews in Programming

    I have problem i n my all page i am change the page title and description from all pages what meta description not show in the page and also title ... [read more]

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    how can i optimize my php code ?

    peter09 in Programming

    Hello everyone, I know there is ample ways to optimize php code .. but i m in doubt .can we optimize our code through htaccess or can we optimize through ... [read more]

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    Hostgator PHP Upgrade

    ManFromUncle in Programming

    Was anyone here affected negatively from the latest PHP upgrade from Hostgator?

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    what is this?

    ajmalkhan in Programming

    hello web pros i wnt know what is this how it is donewhe i click on image it took me to wrong page and i come back click on same ... [read more]

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    Fees dependent upon subtotal in WooCommerce

    I am using WooCommerce and would like to add certain fees to the customer's final total depending on their subtotal. For example, if their subtotal is: Less than $8.99 | ... [read more]

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    modifying WP theme

    darious in Programming

    Hi, I have this theme WordPress › Ward « Free WordPress Themes on this site Social-Wisdom | - Online Digital Agency. I want to change 3 things to change ... [read more]

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    What kind machine you working with

    momo1978 in Programming

    Hello every one, I hope I'm posting in the right spot, I wanted to ask the vets of the online marketing, no we dissing including or graphics work, What kind ... [read more]

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    Layout Editor question

    JenChan in Programming

    Hello Guys, I found some newsletter templates with some cool layout editor or theme builder. Samples from different developers; *** *** *** Does anybody know what library or script they ... [read more]

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    Joe J in Programming


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    Multipress Installation

    bighostchennai in Programming

    we have already got a site with WP installed, which has got some customized codes i.e, URL's ending with .php or url having space.. now the problem is that we ... [read more]

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    Some CSS problem!

    jakobia in Programming

    I posted here to get help, but at this time no help: . v7n .com/forums/coding-forum/367623-css-problem.html Quicker here? /Jakob

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    Clickbank CBF Parameter

    richjerk321 in Programming

    Hi, I'm sure some people here are vendors on Clickbank who've set up their pitchplus pages (upsells / downsells). As you know, you need to setup the cbf parameter via ... [read more]

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    ClickBank Recurring Upsell Checkbox Issue

    urban renewal in Programming

    I'm trying to set up a recurring payment upsell in ClickBank. Before they approve it, I need to have a checkbox on the offer page that they must check before ... [read more]

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    WordPress Plugins

    pryidevsblog in Programming

    Which plugins is best to keep my WordPRess site secure... Should I go with already create plugins or make my own for this?? What's your opinion developers???

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    Website Help

    Zaiyan in Programming

    Hi Warriors, I have recently begun with a reseller site for hosting and domains. The url of the website is I set the default currency by adding (&currencyType), ... [read more]

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    Backbone Theme Question

    lerxtjr in Programming

    Attempting to help a friend here... on twobearssolutions dot com the Backbone theme is being used. I can see where to choose 1 column, 2 column, 3 column, but fear ... [read more]

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    What Makes a Nav Bar NOT Show in WordPress?

    lerxtjr in Programming

    Goofy WordPress. I can pull up three of my own computers for a friend's website, cleared the cache, and still I see the nav bar just fine. My friend brings ... [read more]

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    How Can I Stop Spam from Contact Form WordPress?

    lerxtjr in Programming

    I use a couple of different contact form plugins on my wp sites so which one doesn't seem to matter. The form works just fine for real contact attempts from ... [read more]

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    Question for anyone that uses Code Canyon

    JimOrr in Programming

    I am just curious to ask other people's experience with code canyon as an author. Has anyone ever got a response from a support ticket from them? I have submitted ... [read more]

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    Need a programmer or coder...not sure which

    keyconcepts in Programming

    Maybe they are the same thing. I am a techno dummy in regards to those kinds of things, but I need someone to write a script for me. I don't ... [read more]

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    Does anyone host WP on s3?

    lotre in Programming

    Hi guys I know there is a firm called oblaksoft who have created a program that allows wordpress to run on s3 (not just cdn but the dynamic site) but ... [read more]

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    PHP Script for GIt Pull

    Niks24 in Programming

    Hello Every One, I have made a PHP Script that pulls the code from GIT Hub repository, But when I execute that particular code it shows error, But when we ... [read more]

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    Autoplay audio on exit pop up

    eternalwarrior in Programming

    How do I embed autoplay audio on exit pop up?

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    Wordpress linking

    robertdiffin in Programming

    Having used FrontPage way back in the day, I am getting stuck on some aspects of Wordpress. I know the structure of a site layout, with a siloing layout etc. ... [read more]

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    IPS Signatures

    Nail Yener in Programming

    Hi, I am looking for some information about IPS signatures (Intrusion Prevention System) and if you could direct me to relevant resources I will appreciate it. The project consists of ... [read more]

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    I have an idea that would need programming, where do I start?

    ej2012 in Programming

    I have an idea that with programming would become a product, but I have no idea where to start. Is there anywhere I can go where I can share this ... [read more]

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    Looking for a WP Plugin to create affiliate links

    marc7 in Programming

    Hi, Marc here. I'm looking for a wp plugin that will allow people to create an affiliate link so when they refer people who sign up with a website of ... [read more]

  • 7 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} Online MySQL

    nbatioco in Programming

    Hi, I have been creating simple application for restaurants, hotels and alike. But my problem is that I don't know which hosting company I should use for Online MySQL ... [read more]

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    Bejtman in Programming

    Can someone help me and tell me is there a program to make menu like this. Thanks.

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    Geo Location for commercial PHP scripts

    nick88 in Programming

    I am developing a PHP script that I plan to sell to people. This script is going require getting website visitor's geographic location. I'm aware of free options that do ... [read more]

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    Vps, Filezilla and connection.

    avada14 in Programming

    Hello all, I have a new VPS (windows) with LibertyVPS offshore and was trying to connect to my VPS via Filezilla in order to upload files to my server. When ... [read more]

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    Android App Builder Questions

    David B in Programming

    I tried asking this on the main forum but didnt get a response so I thought I would try the programming forum. I have been developing a desktop application that ... [read more]

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    Need Aweber Form to track Referral ID

    gwpmike in Programming

    I'm looking to have an aweber form that will recognize the "?ref=referralID" at the end of the URL that the visitor has come from, track the referral ID (as a ... [read more]

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    What language for search engine scraping? experience with.Net?

    heslil in Programming

    A while ago, I started writing a search engine scraper in C# (.Net) and had to resolve many issues until I got a quality tool. What languages/frameworks have you used ... [read more]

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    Node.js CMS

    RDB85 in Programming

    Has anyone tried these Node.JS CMS systems yet. I am torn between PHP frameworks such as Laravel or down the JS route?

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    Image path in mysql

    heroecitadel in Programming

    I wrote this script to upload images to a folder in my server and add the image path and description to mysql table. I tried retriving the images and descriptions ... [read more]

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    Programatically generating contour map in Unity 3d over a flat surface

    ate8tree3 in Programming

    Hi! I am working on a project in Unity3D in which I have to Generate a contour map from data obtained from formulas separately over a flat surface. I have ... [read more]

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    Video with Chapters

    actionbiz in Programming

    Anyone know of a simple way to create chapters for videos so when a viewer comes to watch the video they can select titles that jump to different parts of ... [read more]

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    Python lose connection after 15min

    Daniel22 in Programming

    Hey guys, I'm using python 2.7.6 to run a small script and everytime it just lose the connection and i have to run it again after 15min.. anyone knows what ... [read more]

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    Blacklist domains in Contact form 7

    ThomasTe in Programming

    Hi, I would like to block email addresses (from senders) from for example,, etc. Is there an easy way to do this with Contact Form 7, so that ... [read more]

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    Multipart (MIME) email with PHP: Creating the text and HTML parts simultaneously

    David Beroff in Programming

    I'm creating my first PHP script that generates multipart emails, and I'd like some consistent method for creating the text and HTML parts at the same time. There are plenty ... [read more]

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    question about cPanel access for coders

    Ian Jackson in Programming

    Hello I am having some coding written for a WP plugin; is it common/safe practice for coders to be given access to one's cPanel account for testing? thanks

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    Can only create DAP products in myPHPadmin when on wi-fi

    rhinocl in Programming

    When I try to create products in DAP (on a Wordpress site) I can't save them if I am on a fast wi-fi connection so I have to create them ... [read more]

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    Scrapy "frontend deprecated" issue with Python

    KubiK in Programming

    My version is 32-bit Python 2.7. I've installed Scrapy and all the dependencies. But when I try to scrape wikipedia for testing using this line in the command prompt: "Scrapy ... [read more]

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    PHP email submit backend question

    Joe Ray in Programming

    I am creating a squeeze page for myself using html5/css. I don't know php but I am using a short php script I put together from what I found on ... [read more]

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    Web Based Design Platform - Potential for hiring

    SkyeFWP in Programming

    Gentlemen I am creating a product for a specific niche market which will include a range of "Done-For-You" materials including leaflets, business cards and flyers. The idea is there will ... [read more]

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    How to find foreign employer?

    Artur Golisz in Programming

    Hello Warriors! Many of you have own company or employs the programmer, on the other hand there are many programmers - opinion on both sides will be interesting. I work ... [read more]

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    in need for a human test..

    nenala in Programming

    hello! www. openmindedlifepath .com is the site I dedicate topic title to.. i have worked on it hard, whereafter a turbulent personal time made me work on it a bit ... [read more]