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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    Query from 2 database tables PHP

    cwd in Programming

    I have two tables one is called classifieds and one is called users. I am allowing users to post classified ads and would like to give the specific user a ... [read more]

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    My WP footer disappeared... why?

    maninthemiddle in Programming

    Hi everyone, I have noticed today that my Wordpress site footer is not showing anymore, but strangely the problem occurs only in the homepage. The other internal pages are showing ... [read more]

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    Psuedo Streaming MP4's with PHP

    Tuxxin in Programming

    I've been working on a fairly large video hosting website for most of the year and had a ton of issues trying to stream MP4's with PHP. If you've created/manage ... [read more]

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    I Will Pay YOU To Setup Funnels/Goals in Google Analytics w/ DLG URL's

    magentawave in Programming

    Moderated: This post belongs in the Warriors for Hire section.

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    Help me! my wordpress dashboard goes blank

    w13 in Programming

    I've got my wordpress dashboard goes blank after i activate new theme to my site. I've tried to deactivated those theme and hope will back to default theme "twenty eleven". ... [read more]

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    Unable to access my web hosting account.

    Katie Rich in Programming

    If this isn't the correct forum then please redirect me. I am unable to access any of my websites. I am just told that the server cannot be accesses. My ... [read more]

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    Free Wordpress plugin and theme file Search Tool...

    majick in Programming

    I created this Wordpress plugin to search through all your installed plugins (all, one, or combination) and themes for any keyphrase... Makes finding anything in your plugin or theme files ... [read more]

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    Anyone Know The Code For This Function?

    GlenH in Programming

    Hi All, I’m wondering if anyone knows the code that works this function. If you go to this page you will see a list of questions. If you click ... [read more]

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    Help: Need to run scripts based on categories

    waikikicane in Programming

    I need to find a way to load scripts based by category. For example a post in category&tag_ID=776 would run script A While a post in category&tag_ID=433 would run script ... [read more]

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    passing data to an IFrame

    dgmufasa in Programming

    Hello all, Is it possible to pass data to an IFrame? If so, how can it be done? TIA

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    Coded URL

    SpaceSerbian in Programming

    I am not sure should I post this here or somewhere else, but I have found some URLs that are written diffrerently into the address bar (coded). I want to ... [read more]

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    Edit cPanel Theme

    newcpanel in Programming

    Hello I am trying to edit cPanel x3 theme and want to add some features in it. I managed to add new group and new icon, however I am facing ... [read more]

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    Need Woocommerce Expert. Will Pay

    JKinakin in Programming

    I am in need of Woocommerce expert who can talk me (write out the procedure in an email) on setting up shipping for physical products for a percentage of the ... [read more]

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    WANTED: Simple step-by-step instructions on how to integrate DL Guard into Google Analytics Funnels!

    magentawave in Programming

    MODERATORS: Please don't remove this thread. I asked this same question at the DL Guard forum but no one responded because that forum isn't very active and the owner of ... [read more]

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    Disk Space usage in cpanel

    AdamPayne in Programming

    Hi all, First of all, most of this is like a foreign language to me. In my Cpanel, I have exceeded my disk usage quota. On investigation, in public_html, and ... [read more]

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    Google DFP + javascript

    johnwinch42 in Programming

    Hello, I'm using Google dfp do manage my ads, I'm currently trying to add an add to a zone but it's not correctly displayed: Code: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> ... [read more]

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    Display IP and Location Of Users

    TheLoadUser in Programming

    Hi, I need a way to display the IP and location of my users on my squeeze page. For example like this: "You are from YOURCITY and are using the ... [read more]

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    Anyone know how to do image resize and upload using PDO?

    man5 in Programming

    I am learning PDO and so far I haven't seen any PDO tutorials that does all these steps. 1. Upload image 2. Resize image 3. Store filepath to database. I ... [read more]

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    metadata not updated by google

    bapparabi in Programming

    Hi i have updated the site metadata almost 25 days ago ..and submitted to Google webmaster tool ..but still Google search show the old metadata .. So can any one ... [read more]

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    [HELP] “Invalid Redirect_uri:" FB APP

    PersiaGrai in Programming

    Good morning everyone, Okay I'm not a coder, i only have a really general understanding of it through 2nd hand experience, so i'll try to provide as much information as ... [read more]

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    Need help figuring out what kind of hosting I need.

    NateJasper in Programming

    I'm working on a marketing project that will have four websites. One will be a static authority site, one will be a squeeze page, one will be a blog, and ... [read more]

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    Most common "text to image" php extension?

    perneali45 in Programming

    Hi! I'm thinking of developing a PHP script that turns text into images. The script will require a text to image PHP extension like: GD, ImageMagick, Gmagick or Cairo. Have ... [read more]

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    [VPS SERVER] Is There A Faster Way To Find Out Which Sites Are Inactive?

    EdmundLoh in Programming

    I hope this is the right place to ask this question, as I don't think it's suited to be in the Main Discussion Forum and leans more to a technical ... [read more]

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    Solved: Don't Want Two Lines Of Menu Links

    Spencer Jones in Programming

    One Changed Life | Join Me On My Journey To A Better Life When I added new menu items to my blog, the menu formed a second line of links, ... [read more]

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    How To Remove SubCategory Posts From Category Pages

    Spencer Jones in Programming

    How do I remove all subcategory posts from showing up in the parent category page ? I just want the subcategory posts to show up in the subcategory page. Eg: ... [read more]

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    someone worked on my wordpress site now can not login

    networkmom in Programming

    I paid someone to help me with my website at and now can not login to my wordpress admin area. I keep getting this error message when I try ... [read more]

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    I have a problem with my hosting or coding- a Complete newbie here, so i really need a help

    Berkxz in Programming

    Hi! Guys, i'm a CPA marketer and i just bought a domain and hosting on peerfly. It has been 2 hours of searching and i haven't found the instruction that'll ... [read more]

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    How to apply wysiwig editor to splash settings?

    mohamedismail in Programming

    I actually use WYSIWYG module to get editor working on fields.But editor isn't available for my setting field on admin/settings/splash/what . So how can i set an editor for this ... [read more]

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    Sell, Maneuver, or Give Up?

    stacycooper in Programming

    OK - so here's the deal. I have a website that is an exact domain name site that was ID'd by my affiliate network as not being cool. Therefore, they ... [read more]

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    Image Border Appear Upon Hover

    wiseworks in Programming

    I'm trying to get my related posts image to have border appear only upon hover. How do I do this? My current style is the following: /************ Related Posts *************/ ... [read more]

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    Better WP Security is no more...

    Humbee360 in Programming

    Hi folks, I used the BWPS security product for quite some time, it worked nicely did not stop everything, but sure slowed them down. I was updating 100 WP websites ... [read more]

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    Question about website hosted on 2 servers!

    jerem in Programming

    Hello warriors I have one question and maybe you can help me out. I have been working long time with websites etc but never came to this issue. I would ... [read more]

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    Changing order of wordpress plugins?

    CutPasteProfits in Programming

    Hi Warriors, I've been scratching my head about how to do this the last few days. It's really starting to annoy me now, because I would have thought this to ... [read more]

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    Need help I think my server is hacked

    blitz20 in Programming

    I have this code being added to all my sites on the server <?php eval(gzinflate(base64_decode( its much larger but how do I stop it and clear it out. Also what ... [read more]

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    Save to mysql and show text while typing onkeypress

    xcislav in Programming

    The idea is simple. A key you press (a letter) appears in updated page: keyj.php: <input id='k'></input> <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('k').onkeypress=function() { <?php $db=new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test;charset=utf8 ','$us','$ps'); $db->exec("UPDATE TXT SET texts=k.value"); $rl=$db->query("SELECT ... [read more]

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    Need help adding mobile redirect script

    chuckievee in Programming

    I built a mobile optimized website for a customer and went to install the redirect script. When I opened their index.html page there are no <head> tags and no <body> ... [read more]

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    membership site using wordpress registration preventing users from upgrading

    rhinocl in Programming

    Here is the issue:Our membership plugin uses the default wordpress user registration to sell memberships. We have fair number of users registered who registered for the free package but they ... [read more]

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    htaccess referral redirect loop error

    cjreynolds78 in Programming

    Hi there, First post, thanks for your help through google searches it helped me find: to help me write a rule in our htaccess to prevent some unwanted traffic, ... [read more]

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    admin-ajax.php Opening Multiple Windows

    clausont in Programming

    This has just started recently. Once in a while, when i first go to our website it will open about 6 extra windows ( Each page has simply a "0" ... [read more]

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    Are all TAE Scripts downline builders broken? Apparently, yes. Fix inside.

    balrogbob in Programming

    One of my top referring affiliates on one my TAEs, just pointed out the fact that NO tae he is a member of, including MINE, has a working downline builder. ... [read more]

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    how to remove this error from my header site?

    w13 in Programming

    I've got an error on my header site Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/wirzycom/public_html/yoga/wp-content/themes/headlines_enhanced_v3/functions/admin-hooks.php on line 160 could you please help me to fix this issue? I've ... [read more]

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    Email software Question

    trevstar22 in Programming

    A few months ago there was a $7 WSO that offered software that would keep your emails coherent no matter what email client they were seen on. According to the ... [read more]

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    can somebody help me, i need a process payments in my website

    isaacjvega in Programming

    hello well basic what i'm trying to do is this a client for my website come and want to buy one of my packets, i need to request a URL ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Pitchplus script

    Franz Regan in Programming

    Hi, In order to use clickbank pitchplus for recurring product, I have to use a code ( javascript ) provided by clickbank. The problem is that when I put this ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing and SEO related Program/Bot Ideas? (using ubot)

    Sam Zachuth in Programming

    I have been wondering about the current market trends of the online industries as a whole lately. And for the past few months I have been playing with automation software, ... [read more]

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    getresponce problem.

    drunk24 in Programming

    Can anyone help , I want to import a list of subscribers into get responce but I cannot do it through my word saved process, I need to alter it ... [read more]

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    JavaScrip or jQuery help

    otfromtot in Programming

    This theme is no longer supported even though it's pretty new . At the top of the page when you hover on the search icon a search area drops ... [read more]

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    RSS Broadcast question

    Mike Martel in Programming

    Quick RSS question. What's the RSS code to pull the post short description along with the featured image. I can get it to show on the page feed, but can't ... [read more]

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    Remove Ads & Titles From Embedded YouTube Videos

    GlenH in Programming

    Hi Guys, I’m embedding a YouTube video on my site, (not my video) and I want to do two things if possible 1. Stop the video ‘title’ from being displayed ... [read more]

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    How To Hide Category In Wordpres

    shahnawazsadique in Programming

    Hello Guys , I have a WordPress site and when ever I post on it I select multiple categories for a single post ,So now on I want to select ... [read more]

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    My Wordpress Clusterf-ck

    Biz Max in Programming

    I am hoping the braintrust here can give me some insight to what happened to my website. It went screwy and I can not even get into the dashboard. Is ... [read more]

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    How does this website display this data?

    dssguy99 in Programming

    Does anyone know if this website runs a plugin to display this Alexa ranking data? How is this done? Skillshare App Review - Teaching and Learning Marketplace - AppAppeal We ... [read more]

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    how to get output based on a Webform the user filled out?

    abdel in Programming

    Hello, I have a webpage with a 3 fields webform inside. The user will have to fill in the form and to click the button "generate". The output will be ... [read more]

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    IE mouseenter on select box

    otfromtot in Programming

    This theme is no longer supported even though it's pretty new At the top of the page when you hover on the search icon a search area drops down ... [read more]

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    My Programmer Stole Coding From Another Website

    gregdavidson727 in Programming

    I recently hired a programmer to create a simple script for me. Basically, I asked him to create a clone of another website that I really like. After I paid ... [read more]

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    Laravel vs Ruby on Rails (PHP vs Ruby)

    jamesrykos in Programming

    Hi, I want to which is a better language to learn for a beginner? I know HTML/CSS, some basic PHP (I work mostly with WordPress). But I want to if ... [read more]