WTS - Contextual Link at PR 5 Homepage - Only 10 Links Max

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I have a PR 5 directory and would like to sell links from the homepage text. Please PM me for the URL and price.

#reciprocal links #contextual #homepage #link #links #max #wts

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    I'm stuck here on what software I can use to perform some basic tracking. I'm using Bing PPC and Leadpages. I thought I could use the basic tracking in Bing and the simple analytics in Leadpages. I've done a small test, running a handful of targeted ads and a few landing pages, however leadpages shows I have 0% conversions. I'm not even sure if it is tracking when someone actually clicks thru my landing page or if all 3 pages I have tested suck that bad.

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    I read a post today on the WF declaring that article marketing was dead. If youíve been on this forum for a while youíve seen this declaration multiple times before. The Warrior said it used to work years ago, but there is no sense in using this outdated bygone strategy today. Let me ask you Ė do people still read articles online? Of course they do and these articles are the lifeblood of some of the most popular web sites on the planet. All publish articles that have outgoing links to further information or the authorís web site. Here are some examples:

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