[WTS] 1 PR5, 7 PR4, 33 PR3, 34 PR2 BLOGROLL PERMANENT FOR $ 18

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New List - Limited offer - PERMANENT blogroll 1 PR5, 7 PR4, 33 PR3, 34 PR2
Price : $ 18

If you are interested or ask the list kindly reply on thread and i will PM you.
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    Please Help.

    I am applying for a job as a Sales Manager for a garbage company. I have a lot of skills the other applicants don't but they have some that I don't have. One thing i was told by a person on the inside here is what he sent me--You should work on preparing a marketing plan, as an example, and how you would respond to somebody saying You have $10,000 dollars and I want to use it to increase our revenue in this market, what are you going to do with it and how would you use it . It will take some research but that is what they are looking for out of you. Just between you and I. This company has 3 cities, 1 city they are the sole company but the other two cities have 2 or more competitors. Please help with any ideas as well as anywhere you could suggest online that I can read and learn more about sales and marketing plans and business strategies. I thank you for any and all help, this job would be an amazing opportunity for my family and I would love the chance but my only hang up is the above question. THANK YOU so much!

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    How long until you made your first IM dollar?

    A discussion with a WF member gave me this idea. How long from the time you started until you guys made your very first cent? It can be from an affiliate commission, or an actual product sale, or ad revenue. It doesn't even matter if it's 2 cents or 2 thousand dollars, as long as its actual measurable monetary results. This is for the benefit of newbies who are on the fence or who may just be starting out.

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    EVENTBRITE: Affiliate Marketing for Author Events

    I posted a thread on here a little while ago titled Traditional Book Sales and Marketing Ideas for Authors where I talked about three popular offline forms of marketing for authors: bookstore signings, evening book launches at restaurants or pubs, plus craft fairs and farmer's markets. Oftentimes, the venue owners and fair organizers will do their own event marketing (e.g. community flyers, print/radio advertising) to bring people to the events they host. But no matter where you're trying to sell a book--whether offline or online--you still have to make a concerted effort to drive additional traffic of your own there. Otherwise, your sales will be lower than they could be. One of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to an author event is by using Eventbrite. Not only can you organize all your event details and ticket sales through this website, but it is also set up nicely for affiliate marketing which means you can get help selling more tickets! It's like hiring a 100% commission sales team to help you promote and sell more books.