WTS: High quality PR 2-4 links for sale on websites with traffic, 5 outbound links max

by romanruckus 2 replies
I have a PR 4 with only 1 outbound link so far $400 for six months or pay monthly

I have a PR 2 with only 2 outbound links so far $300 for 1 year, $200 for six months

I have a PR 2 with 1 outbound link so far, $300 for 1 year, $200 for six months

All of these websites have good search engine rankings and they all receive traffic so it would boost your traffic as well

PM me for URLS

They are in the facebook covers / facebook niche so good for anyone trying to rank for graphics, media, or related keywords such as pictures and much more.

I set a maximum of 5 outbound links per site so you get the most SEO Juice

All my sites are hosted on separate C class IP's
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