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    Reciprocal Links Forum is now CLOSED STICKY

    pauloadaoag in Reciprocal Links

    Hi All, The admins with the advice of the community have decided to permanently close this section of the forum due to various reasons. While getting reciprocal links was a ... [read more]

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    link exchange + guest post

    paivadaniel in Reciprocal Links

    I have more than 40 sites, many of them with good autorithy, and I´m looking for people to do link exchange (with differents sites, for example I send a link ... [read more]

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    Are High PR Domain Backlinks Worth It?

    Hello Warriors, I have been told that high PR guest post backlinks (i.e-,, etc.) are not worth it because... Although the domain has a high PR, your article ... [read more]

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    WTS High Quality High Quality Homepage/ blogpost links

    Hi I'm the owner of many high quality blogs in the following niches Fashion | Health | Finance | Business | Casino | Tech | Seo\Web Design | Home | ... [read more]

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    {WTS} Homepage Links on PR8 and PR7 Sites (DA & PA > 50)(TF & CF > 40)

    Hello Warriors, I'm here selling homepage text links on PR8 and PR7 sites. All these sites have DA and PA above 50 and their TF and CF are also above ... [read more]

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    [WTB] Post on your social media and Channel Youtube

    Sponsored Social Campaigns: Promote brands on your social channels. If you have spent time growing a following on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you can now add one or all ... [read more]

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    SPANISH and RUSSIAN sites needed!

    Hi everyone, Im looking for good quality sites in spanish, requirement is over 30 top 1-2 kwds on semrush, European Spanish sites, preferable poker related, if .es suffix better. Themes: ... [read more]

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    Have Site With 30k Pages

    the indexing fluctuates and working on the coding. solid site. good app. Need good links in return for link rotation. Contact for details.

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    5-Stars High Authority Editorial Links (Huffington Post,,, etc..)

    High Authority Editorial Links "One of the greatest weakness in most of us is our lack of faith in ourselves" The Playbook Authoritative Team of Writers: We have a team ... [read more]

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    WTS Link on Real Website Getting Traffic

    AgentK in Reciprocal Links

    I am selling links on a real website getting lots of traffic from orgnic searches, averaging about 2000-2500 unique visitors daily. Alexa is 500k Available for blogposts and links in ... [read more]

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    Kick Ass editorial links with HUFFPOST + POD for reputable members! Reviews inside

    krnekdo in Reciprocal Links

    Here is the info for the sites that we offer: PR4, DA39 site 1 PR5, DA31 site 2 PR5, DA42 site 3 PR5, DA52 site 4 PR5, DA65 site ... [read more]

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    looking for health sites

    I am looking to buy guest posts on health related sites or general ones , only blogs and no link farms , I'll provide the content .Payment via paypal .Please ... [read more]

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    WTB: Motorcycle, Finance, Legal, Law, Home Improvement and more...

    Hi there It's that time of month again. I need new sites. Do not contact if your sites are of poor quality. I will pay a premium for the right ... [read more]

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    Looking for High Quality Education Links

    We are looking for high quality edu sites to post on. If you have these sites, kindly let me know. Thanks.

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    WTS High Quality High PR Links In All Niches. Fast Delivery.

    We have been in business helping people get links back to their sites since 2013. We offer high quality sites that you can post on with quick turnaround time. The ... [read more]

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    [WTS] PR4 Health Blog, All Quality Unique Content, Contextual Link, I Will Write

    I am selling homepage links to my healthy eating PR4 website. Site currently gets approximately 4000 visitors a month and has all unique content written by me. I want the ... [read more]

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    GET PUBLISHED: Editorial Links on Authority Sites.

    ifti in Reciprocal Links

    We are high end content marketing firm specializing in native advertisements and paid citations. In this forum we are offering your link to be placed on some of the most ... [read more]

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    Guest Posts on High Authority Websites | DA 76+ Websites

    thunderrank in Reciprocal Links

    Hey Guys, I have a contributor account with 3 very authoritative websites. Site 1 DA: 88 TF: 52 Site 2 DA: 76 TF: 34 Site 3 DA: 83 TF: 63 ... [read more]

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    Games - 1400 UV/day! Text links and Banners!

    ABBinvest in Reciprocal Links

    Hey guys. Selling text links and banners on my games website. Gets 1400 UV per day. 5$ text link per week. 10$ banner per week. Three banner places available. Five ... [read more]

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    Buying links on real tech/gadget websites

    harro1 in Reciprocal Links

    Looking to buy links on real tech/gadget websites, NO PBN PLS PM me with your website thanks

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    WTB Auto Links

    Send me the best Auto Sites you have (USA ONLY)

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    [WTB] Automotive and Law Niche Guest Posts 50DA +

    Looking to guest post on Automotive and Law websites that have DA 50 or more. Ill provide the content as I have it professionally written. Please PM your sites and ... [read more]

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    Games Niche - Post your text link for FREE! Only for Warriors! Limited Spots!

    ABBinvest in Reciprocal Links

    Hey guys. How are you doing today? Selling text links on my online games niche website. It has around 180 uniques per day from social networks and rising. Next week ... [read more]

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    Fatloss, Weightloss, Raw Foods, Healthy, Women Fitness Solos.

    Let me know if you have Fatloss, Weightloss, Raw Foods, Healthy, Women Fitness Solos. I'm looking for the Best Deal. If good I will buy consistently. I need them ASAP. ... [read more]

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    WTB - Gambling, SportsBetting Sites & Posts - Need Good Quality

    Looking for Good Quality Posts and Link on Gambling and Sports Betting sites. Prefer DA 20+, TrustFlow 10+, MUST be Google indexed. Looking for lots of links and high quality ... [read more]

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    Need DA 50+ Auto/Law niche sites

    I'm looking for DA 50+ Auto/Law niche sites. Send me your list with price for blogpost.

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    Buying - Outdoor Niche

    Hi Warriors I'm looking to buy/rent links on powerful domains in the outdoor, mining niche I'm not interested in metrics or sites with 1 million blog comments, only with domains ... [read more]

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    Anyone can post adult links on high authority sites?

    Ramp in Reciprocal Links

    I'm looking for people who can mention adult/porn sites/links on their upcoming posts. if you can do that, please PM me.

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    [WTS] PR6 Alexa 4,589 - Links / Banner for sale

    sonicsbros in Reciprocal Links

    Web Design Ledger is a publication for web designers and internet creatives. According to Technorati, Web Design Ledger is ranked in the top 1,000 blogs and in the top 100 ... [read more]

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    Looking to xchange links related to debt consolidation

    sridhar in Reciprocal Links

    Hi guys, I have started a mini site on college debt consolidation. If you have a similar blog/site and would like to exchange links, please let me know here or ... [read more]

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    WTB Link on health website (My link will be Drug Related)

    HI i want links on health website, my link will be related to Drugs, only send me sites if you accept that send me sites with price for 3 months ... [read more]

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    WTB links on good education sites

    cottonmouth in Reciprocal Links

    PM me if you have good sites on EDUCATION NICHE only The main parameters are: - Google Main Index / Google Index >= 15%; - SemRush Traffic scale is not ... [read more]

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    looking for interviews

    any websites do interviews with product producers?

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    WTB: UK Focused Fitness Links

    Trying this post a 2nd time as the first one seems to have failed (apologies if 2 similar do appear). I'm after a few high quality links on the topic ... [read more]

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    Hi, I am looking PR0+ Betting/Sports/Casino, Gambling websites for blog post and Text link. Please include your e mail id for blog post article. Thanks Jack

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    WTS: Guest Posts And Links on GAMBLING SITES

    KristiW in Reciprocal Links

    Hi! If you need links and guest posts on casino/gambling sites, contact me at sales(at)fopi(dot)net or PM Sincerely, Kristi

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    WTS or Trade guest blog or blogroll links

    js5810 in Reciprocal Links

    Hello, I have built a few high authority sites from expired domains to use for guest blog links for my Niche sites. I am looking to sell guest posts and ... [read more]

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    Editorial Placement on , ,

    Hi , I have access to different editors/contributors at 2 popular magazines i.e Tech.Co - Tech & Startup Events, News and Resources and MyCustomer . Cost : $99/placement on either ... [read more]

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    Get Guest Posting On Lifestyle DA 40+ Sites

    Hi, I hope you are doing well there, This time I've HQ DA 40+ Lifestyle sites for Guest Posting.... If you need Quality DA 40+ sites please PM me Thanks ... [read more]

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    ---FREE--- Authority links. All niches. Never pay for a backlink again! 50 people only.

    crissie in Reciprocal Links

    There's a place where you can get free backlinks (and loads more) for your website. You pick the ones you want - all pageranks and in all major niches. I'm ... [read more]

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    DA=30 PA=42 old PR4 hotels travel tourism blog

    EvcRo in Reciprocal Links

    Do you want a guest post / blogroll link on my homepage PR4 blog in the hotels / travel / tourism niche? My blog stats: old Page Rank 4 4 ... [read more]

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    WTS: Guest Posts and Links on Gambling Sites

    KristiW in Reciprocal Links

    Hi there! If you need links or guest posts on gambling and casino sites, don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to be of service for you. ... [read more]

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    SELLING: Homepage Links and Posts on Gambling Sites

    KristiW in Reciprocal Links

    Hi! If you need to promote a casino site with the help of links and guest posts, we can provide you with the adspace on our gambling related sites. If ... [read more]

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    WTS Links on Business, Technology, News Sites. Payment accepted on delivery

    Need posts on sites like or We have a team of writers and professional guest posting outreachers at our disposal. We have sites in nearly every niche. We ... [read more]

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    Needs DA 40+ Sites for Business, Templates, Education

    1234nasir in Reciprocal Links

    PM me if you have good sites DA40+ on Business, Designing, Templates, Education only For Blogposts or HomePage Links Please don't spam with unrelated to requirements. Thanks.

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    [WTB] Car finance related blog posts

    I'm looking for car finance related blogs with tf/cf 30+. Car/auto/finance related blogs will be accepted.

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    Updated DA PA Sites Avaliable

    Hello Members, I have sites in different niches offer for blogpost, home page link, sidebar and links on existing page. As you know Moz recently update DA PA of all ... [read more]

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    [WTS] Backlinks from PR1-3 quality brands sites, good backlink profile ! 5$ PR2 Sites !!

    saarbel in Reciprocal Links

    Hi Warriors, EDITL 5 sites left ! ● Good Metrics - DA 20+, PA 25+ ● Low OBL (less than 10) ● Content is 100% unique ● All Links are ... [read more]

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    anamikanair in Reciprocal Links

    Hi, I am selling high quality PR6+ education links. Site 1 ranking for 720 keywords Alexa rank : 35000 Website PR: 6 Number of backlinks : 1,19,000 Site 2 ranking ... [read more]

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    WTS - Travel PR 5 alexa 260 K App, Auto PR 1 + keyword rich

    smartzrank in Reciprocal Links

    Hi, I have quality site Niche Travel PR 5. Niche: Travel Alexa<<260 K App PR 5 I have More sites PR 1 + Travel/Auto. All sites keyword rich domain high ... [read more]

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    WTS - Links and posts on TOP notch Travel/Lifestyle/Food/Adventure/Fashion blogs

    Icanwrite in Reciprocal Links

    Hi All, I am selling quality links on top travel blogs. Ranging from $50 upto $400 depending on DA, Traffic, social reach and other factions. Please contact me via PM/ ... [read more]

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    [WTS]PR3 Job/Career|Keyword on Domain| Permanent blogroll link for $5

    bravoo in Reciprocal Links

    Are You looking for PR3 Job/Career blogroll (homepage) link? I can give you a permanent link. My Blog Stat: Keyword on Domain *Having 21,554 BACKLINKS. ** Domain Authority (DA) = ... [read more]

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    WTB Health Blogposts on real blogs

    joemcga in Reciprocal Links

    So it's time to pour some blog links for my health niche related client , please contact me with your offers .General/Health related websites are good to go but they ... [read more]

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    Need English sites (UK and AU rankings)

    Hi all, Im looking for high quality sites for my casino and poker articles and brands. Need sites in english (uk and au semrush rankings). Themes I can take: News ... [read more]

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    Need tech links

    Bigeasy504 in Reciprocal Links

    Looking for back links in the IT/Tech niche. Send me pr2 and above. Thanks

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    Selling blogposts on popular magazines at $40/post - Limited time - Only for warriorforum

    Zhi Yao in Reciprocal Links

    Originally Posted by cb605 I just received my completed report and wanted to post a review. I purchased a link on a PR7 site. The article was written very ... [read more]

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    WTB: UK Focused Fitness Links

    Hi All Time to go through the painful process of sorting through the trash to find a few genuine, quality links! I'm after posts and maybe homepage links in the ... [read more]