How to block certain countries

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Hi is there a way to block high risk countries from a WP website? If so how?


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    You can find security plugins for Wordpress that will do that.

    Just a side note, if you think it is going to help with your other question about preventing links to your site, it won't.
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    I dont think it is a good idea....but if you want to do it then just do a search on google you will find plenty of plugins...
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    Originally Posted by smartren25 View Post

    Hi is there a way to block high risk countries from a WP website? If so how?



    Why to block the countries? If you don't want to add country you will not include the country in your list.

    May i know is there any use to block the countries?
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    Yes, in WP when .htaccess file is used we can add up a code to block list of countries manually into it. As well WP Provides a facility of plugin to block certain countries. Both ways are helpful and effective in blocking countries..
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    Your only real option is via a plug in, you'll probably mess up too much via the htaccess files.

    Why are you trying to block a certain country?
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      Originally Posted by sweezeter View Post

      Why are you trying to block a certain country?
      The reasoning is definitely important. It might be more hassle than it is worth.

      I have a few sites that have different countries blocked. For example, one sells a product that only ships in the U.S. No point in having traffic from India or Germany. Just wastes bandwidth and could slow down the site with useless users.

      Another kept getting hackers from a certain country trying to get into it. Since zero qualified leads or sales were coming from that country, I blocked the whole thing.
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    There's a plugin called "IP Blacklist Cloud", that will allow you to block certain IP's from visiting your website. Hope it helps!
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    I'm using Limit Login Attempts Plugin that will block unauthorized access to my WP Admin after a few attempts. Most IPs are from Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Iran. There were also attempts from US especially from New York and Chicago. Probably they are using proxies.

    Lots and lots of attempts are coming from Ukraine and Russia. If they really are from both regions, they need to find better hobbies in their free time.

    Most attempts were using the typically foolish user login "admin". I would just laugh that out because I'm using unique user names for admin login. BUT ...... recently they have figured out unique user names, despite these user names not appearing in any post or page. To me, this is a step up from previous risks.

    Makes me worry.

    The websites they're trying to hack into are totally about local interest and in local polynesian language for very small communities. There is no reason for anyone from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to enter.

    So the next best thing is to find ways to block regional IPs.

    Can anyone suggest the most efficient way to do that?
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