Question about proxy or Vpns

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Ok I have created 15 different web2.0s all from different computers. Now I am ready to add articles to them. I only have one internet connection and 1 computer at home. Do I need to use VPN like hide my ass to log in to each of these properties from home? Or I can use single computer?
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    I think there's no need to use proxy/vpn. Just download several different browsers like firefox, chrome and IE and use different browsers to log into different accounts. One more thing, clean your cookie before logging in.

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    It depends on you. But I recommend you go for it.

    You can try vpn. From hide my ass vpn ypu can use hundred to thousand ips for $10 per month.

    Just switch to a new one while posting to different web2.0
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    There's no need to use a different proxy or browser to log in and build your web 2.0s because Google will never be able to tell who owns a web 2.0 blog just by crawling it.
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    Don't worry about Google, the only reason to worry is if you're creating multiple web 2.0 sites that link to your money site on one account like dozens of Wordpress accounts, for example. Those will most likley get deleted. For proxies, check out BuyProxies, and for a VPN, check out Private Internet Access.
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      Absolutely ridiculous thinking. Why ( not to mention how) would
      google give a rat's hat?

      Use a proxy at your own risk. People do not fully understand
      what they are, what they can do, the harm they do, etc.

      I value my work too much.

      Why don't people work as hard at doing good things as they
      do doing stupid things and trying to hide?


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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