Terry Kyle’s Big 60-Day Backlink Experiment

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OK, here’s the 60-day backlinking experiment that I will be running and documenting in this sub-forum starting on Thursday 17 September 2009.

Hopefully this ambitious public experiment will help many Warriors here and you’ll enjoy the ride!

I don’t remember seeing anything like this on Warrior Forum before so it should be interesting and possibly sort out a few SEO/SEM myths from facts (and maybe prove that different Search Engine strategies can each achieve the same objective).

Starting on Thursday 17 September 2009, I will simultaneously run 4 different SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies on 3 different NEW GoArticles in the same niche plus one BRAND NEW website BUT with approximately the same search volume for the 4 different keywords.

This is not really an SEO experiment in the sense that I can’t do much with on-page factors like internal link structure and H2 tags etc as the three articles are examples of so-called ‘parasite hosting’ on GoArticles and the fourth will be relying on WordPress SEO power and Ken Fry’s SB101.

Why GoArticles?

GoArticles are particularly responsive to backlinking but I will choose keywords where there are currently no GoArticles on Page 1 of Google USA (though I live in London, UK) or at least no more than one at the moment.

Each article will target a different keyword within the same niche, be just over 500 words and use the exact keyword phrase 5 times. I will try to have a roughly similar search volume for each keyword (at least 100 searches a day) and a roughly similar degree of difficulty for ranking.

Why 60 days?

In my experience, it takes time to get serious search engine traction with a money site (some Web 2.0 sites generally fade out fast) and this experiment is about building a stable, high, long-term rank for each article.

4 different search engine strategies will be used:

Article 1

Normal backlinking using the backlinks of Angela, PJ and my own WSO (including only IRRELEVANT sites to niche) – 50 backlinks per week for 8 weeks (60 days), minimum PR 5.

Article 2

Backlinking only to RELEVANT sites, blogs and forums (are they of higher value given their topic relevance? Let’s see) – 50 backlinks per week for 8 weeks (60 days), minimum PR 5.

Article 3

SENuke Pro including Link Wheels with all feeder sites backlinked using the backlinks of Angela, PJ and my own. Some articles used in each of the Web 2.0 sites will be spun by Power Article Rewriter to an originality degree of about 40% (I usually hit about 43% judging by SEN). Other articles will be spun by Human Rewriter (which I haven’t used before but Jeremy Kelsall rates highly).

Though I’ve had plenty of success with my own backlinking methods, I have briefly trialled SENuke a couple of times in the past without much success – could have been the proverbial ‘nut behind the wheel’ - but this time I want to use this experiment to fast-track my learning curve on SENuke.

Helpful Warrior Tom Brite is my SENuke wingman he has awesome SE Nuke buyer bonuses by the way so hopefully we can all learn the nuances and insider tricks of SEN Pro during this 60-day experiment.

Wild Card – Test 4

I will also create a brand new site on Thursday, a dot com site with the search phrase in the domain name, install a WP blog as the main site (not in a sub-folder), change the Permalink post names section to be more SEO-friendly, add more RSS sites to ping, install Warrior Jeremy Kelsall’s Content Blender plugin (more on that later), Google Sitemap Generator, All-In-One Seo and Google Analytics.

I will create 60 highly spun versions of a few articles and set up the blog to publish one each day. More importantly, one inner page post URL (the first post) will be added to Warrior Ken Fry’s SB101 WSO which relies solely on social bookmarking backlinks. This site will get no other juice except from the daily posting of a seemingly original article (with cloaked aff links at top and bottom like the GoArticles), WP’s SEO-friendliness and SB101.


Each GoArticle will have two cloaked affiliate links in the same call to action sentence, using offto dot net, one at the top of the article (permitted in GA) and one in the Bio Box.

Each article will direct to the same Clickbank product (each with a different Tracking ID), a product with a respectable gravity of roughly 100+ (probably) and each keyword should show as anything from “Easy” to “Doable” in SE Nuke and have a green or yellow SOC (Strength of Competition) result in Micro Niche Finder.

I’ll post screen grabs of these when I choose them. I will also choose a niche with universal relevance across the world – that rules out reverse phone lookup, dammit!

A new ClickBank account will be created for this experiment.

My secondary goal at the end of the 60 days (approximately 17 November 2009) is to sell, one, some, or all of the article accounts and the website here on Warrior Forum and/or at Flippa.

Value estimations on site flipping can be volatile but I will look to sell each article account for a minimum of 10x monthly revenue e.g. if one of the GoArticles is averaging $100 a day and $3000 a month, I will TRY to get $30,000 for it but let’s see what happens. That could be too ambitious.

I know that a GoArticle is not as attractive to a buyer as a standalone website and there are always fears about GA changing their rules (on affiliate links, for example) or Google suddenly slapping them (as they have done with Squidoo in the past) so my valuation is lower than the 12-24x monthly profit ballpark with normal websites.

Time will tell there.

However, website buyers are ultimately attracted to revenue, be it from a popular YouTube video or any other form of web property so hopefully that stage in this experiment will prove as interesting to you (and me) as the SEM stage.

By the way, I have absolutely no interest in promoting one method over another and am only interested in what WORKS in this ‘race’ between the 3 articles and the new website.

I will not be favoring any one approach and will be doing all four simultaneously over the 60 days with my outsourcer backlinking Article 1 (IRRELEVANT sites), me backlinking RELEVANT sites for Article 2, SENuke doing the ‘heavy lifting’ on Article 3 and SB101 carrying the hopes of a generation for the brand new website.

I make no income predictions whatsoever but let’s see how the race goes.

As the experiment unfolds, I will post screen grabs of GA article views, ClickBank hop stats, commissions, Analytics stats etc.

Hopefully 200 Warriors won’t jump all over these keywords when the experiment begins which would artificially distort the results of this test.

Being able to show the keywords, site, articles and progress is what will make the whole experiment worthwhile.

So, one niche, three GoArticles, one brand new site and 4 different SEM strategies.

Let the race begin and feel free to chime in with your questions or suggestions (parameters can be modified before the start) as we go…

More details soon as we get closer to the kick-off.

Stay tuned…

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  • Profile picture of the author Floyd Bogart
    Looking forward to the results...
  • Profile picture of the author remodeler
    This will definitely be interesting Terry and help a LOT of folks along the way. Looking forward to following along!
  • Profile picture of the author Yuds
    Very interested to see how this turns out.

    Thanks so much for doing this!
  • Profile picture of the author olamilekan2
    Brilliant thread, i will be following along, this will definitley help many Warriors.
  • Profile picture of the author purelight
    I'm really looking forward to your results as a subscriber to Angela and Pauls service.
  • Profile picture of the author Tom Brite
    I think everyone here will be interested in the results!

    Me and Terry have been bouncing ideas off each other and perfecting this for the past week before he goes off and does all the hard work and testing for you all!

    Hoping to see some very definite differences in results to show which one is the best winner out of all of them.

    Good luck Terry.

    Tom Brite
  • Profile picture of the author GuerrillaIM
    Hi Terry,

    Unfortunately these types of threads get deleted. Real shame in my opinion. Any time anyone even slightly refers to a case study and *poof* thread deleted.

    Hope this thread survives.
  • Profile picture of the author JoshuaG
    OMG I've been waiting for this thread my entire IM career.
    Can't wait to see the results!!

  • Profile picture of the author m4ster
    I'll make sure to follow this thread! I'd really like to know the result and I have no doubts that you will stay consistent until the end. Good luck!
  • Profile picture of the author hcl_23
    Looking for the results.
  • Profile picture of the author Joe118
    Terry, I think you cannot expect this experiment to turn out well if it is run publicly during the 60 days that count. Everyone who wants to blog about the experiment will be distorting the results by including links. The links from blogs are not going to be worth the same and not going to be distributed evenly, so you lose control over the experiment.

    That, and of course also the links from WF itself.
  • Profile picture of the author younghamir
    I will subscribe to this thread and learn from your results. good luck
    This is signature. I Love it.
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  • Profile picture of the author LIndaB
    This looks to be a really interesting experiment. I'll be checking back often to see how it goes. However, I would suggest that you keep the domain, the niche, and the article titles under your hat until after the 60 days are over. If you don't, your results are going to be skewed. Plus, I've seen too many times in various private forums that when someone is doing a case study, that all kinds of people assume that it is going to be super profitable, so they jump in as well. If you want a fair test, you don't need those headaches to account for.
  • Profile picture of the author flaminjo
    i will be eagerly waiting for the results... do keep us posted about the developments
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr_Julian_S
    Hi Terry and thanks for the wonderful tip. I would really like to give your suggestion a try and even excited to see the results then. Thanks again.
  • Profile picture of the author SaSeoPete
    Hey Terry, good on ya definitely want to see the results.

    May I make a suggestion? Maybe do not give the niche away until the end. I bet you are going to get 100's of people jumping on the gravy train here. Just a thought
  • Profile picture of the author saintsguy
    Like everyone else I will be following this and definitely hope this thread is not deleted. It will be interesting to see how successful an IM'er can be using GoArticles. Best of luck, Terry
  • Profile picture of the author Fernando Veloso
    Nice Idea Terry. You have another follower here.

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
    • Profile picture of the author Tony Dean
      Good luck with your ambitious experiment - I look forward to the results, maybe all Warriors can learn something from this.

    • Profile picture of the author Terry Kyle
      My thinking at the moment is that without revealing the articles, site and keywords, this experiment loses a lot of interest.

      What I'll do is provide some other attractive keywords in the chosen niche for the 'keyword vultures' to attack which hopefully will draw some of them off.

      OK, here's my first screw-up in preparation for this experiment and exactly why this whole process is of value to everyone following along.

      I was experimenting with Human Rewriter and just got back my first rewritten article (in under 24 hours by using the Express option) and wanted my article to have plenty of spin syntax options so that it would be good for 20-30 semi-original articles. This was for an article in an unrelated niche as a test.

      When I set up the article though, I only asked for one rewrite but "Word Spins Per Sentence: 3" and "Spin Options Per Word: 2". These last 2 settings are the maximum you can request.

      The produced spun article needed a little correction here and there which is fine but basically - unless I'm doing something wrong - I only have 2 articles: my original and the single rewritten one. Not quite what I had in mind.

      In short, if you are using this service, you MUST choose 4 or 5 rewrites when you FIRST submit the article for spinning BUT keep in mind that this will 4-5x the price so you could be looking at $20-$30 for an article that has a 30-spin 'lifespan'.

      That's OK as it saves a lot of time at my end and a buck an article is hard to complain about.

      Also note that at Human Rewriter, without the express option ("Rush My Order" for 1.25 'credits'), article turnaround time is presently 48-72 hours.

      A lot of IM is trial-and-error and my little errors with new services and programs (like this) in my experiment should mean that you won't need to.

      If Jeremy Kelsall (or another Warrior experienced with HR) reads this and thinks the above is incorrect, I'd love to be advised otherwise Jeremy (he uses this service a lot)...
  • Profile picture of the author cashcow
    When I set up the article though, I only asked for one rewrite but "Word Spins Per Sentence: 3" and "Spin Options Per Word: 2". These last 2 settings are the maximum you can request.
    I think your writers might have forgotten to do the spin syntax parts.

    What you should have gotten (If I am reading this right) is 1 new sentence for each of your originals, but each sentence would have had 3 words spun for 2 different options.

    Kind of like this:

    The {quick|fast} brown fox {jumped|leaped} over the lazy {canine|dog}.

    To me, that would make for a crapload of different articles, wouldn't it? Each sentence would have 8 different permeations, wouldn't it? Or am I thinking wrong?

    Gone Fishing
    • Profile picture of the author Terry Kyle
      Latest update:

      Thanks for the positive feedback, firstly.

      Apologies to Human Rewriter as my second and third test articles (for other sites of mine) came back with spun syntax OK - setting was one rewrite with the maximum number of word spins per sentence and maximum number of spins per word (about $6 for a 500 word article); maybe I missed changing those on the very first article


      when I pasted these two spun articles into SENuke and checked their uniqueness level under the "Social Network/Article Directory Nuke" module, the two spun articles achieved scores of only 10% and 15% unique. 20% is a minimum and 30% preferred.

      HR are now showing a 3-6 day backlog so I will look at Human Spinner as an alternative (good to try both of course). Later in the test I will feed in some HR-spun content for my SENuke Linkwheels for Article 3 (2 rewrites per article - about $12 per spun article).

      That means that I will spin articles myself in Power Article Rewriter as I have pretty much settled on my niche and keywords for Thursday's launch...

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