How to get more traffic in website?

by vinsol 65 replies
Hello everyone,

I do all seo activities, like

Social bookmarking
directory submission
forums posting
image sharing
blogging n commenting
guest posting
and many more activities.

but I still get only 200-300 per day traffic, please give me some suggest to increase traffic.
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    Dear Bro,

    You are doing actually link building to your site and getting visitors from your references sites. But if you want to get lots of visitors from Google or other search engines, you have to write quality and informative contents to your blog. Then if you share it to social media like facebook, twitter and others sites, your blog will get lots of traffic. On the other hand, you should maintain your social sites regularly by updating with interesting posts.
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      Great advice. If I create a new video, should I post that on my site first or on Youtube? to get maximum SEO?
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      Yes I totally agree that this is how it should be done. Slowly but surely.
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      In addition to this acts, you have to build inner linking on your site and analyze technical part of your site. Also try to run contextual advertisement, at least for a month for increasing visibility of your resource.
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    Doing these activities would not help you much. By doing the social media marketing you can can increase the traffic to your website.
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    Reddit is a great platform to get good traffic to a web page but you have to follow the rules and guidelines of posting in reddit as it is a bit tricky to use, especially if you are using it for advertising your website/blog.
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    Are you optimized On-Page SEO?
    Focus an On-Page SEO factors. you will get more organic traffic.
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    Maybe you focus at too many strategies at the same time. In my experience I go opposite. Mastery instead of dabble. All of the biggest name in the world taught me that and I found it's true. Hope this helps!
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    More traffic to your website needed then share your website in social media and also in groups like facebook, google plus, linkedin which is relevant for your website or business.
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