How to get rid of 404, category page and tag pages from Indexing

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Hello Warriors

I have a problem and it is that I am working on a e-commerce site which has total 30 pages but the problem is that google is showing 157 pages that are currently indexing for that site.

There are lots of tag pages, category pages and 404 pages are indexed I tried top remove those page through search consoles remove url section. It was gone for few days but now its once again indexed

So what can I do in this situation please help
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    If your site is new then it may take some time to get realized by Google. Give it a week or two.
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    Remove the tags and the categories from the backend. Check your robots.txt file and fix it.
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    By robots.txt file, you can control that particular pages for stop indexing and crawling.
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    Create Robots.txt file are using inhibit the particular page or category.
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    Add a noindex tag to the pages you do not want indexed. Google will not work instantly on removing them, but they will eventually be removed from the index.
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    Besides adding a noindex tag to the pages you do not want indexed, you can do a 301 redirect of the error pages.

    Install the 301 redirect plugin, follow this step by removing the errors on Search Console.

    Then wait a few days for the updates to kick in.
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    The robots.txt is the correct answer. You can't keep playing whack-a-mole.

    Those pages are generated, then if google is crawling they will index them.

    Simple code, but you may need to look for an example.

    That would also solve the 404, but have a custom 404 page.
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    You should simply make sure that there are no links on your website pointing to those 404 pages, and restrict the valid pages from indexing if you want them to be removed from Google`s index.

    I`d recommend you WebsiteAuditor to quickly handle that: it can collect all indexed pages along with all internal links to them, detect any broken links, or separately collect all the pages with specific words in URLs like 'tag' or 'category%name'. Also, there`s a cool robots.txt generator to add a disallow rule for a bunch of pages at once.

    There`s no way to force Google to remove the pages from indexes right away, but once it re-visits them - they should get de-indexed.

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