Creating Too Many links Without No Follow Attributes

by Dailylifehacks 9 replies
I want to know that Creating Too Many links Without "NoFollow" Attributes is harmful or not? Does it affect the website anyhow?
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    I never create nofollow links. Creating nofollow links is stupid unless you are doing it for direct traffic.
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      Actually, i want to ask creating too many links on the website without nofollow attributes will affect the website, is that what i want to ask
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    Its doesn't affect if you do not create no follow links for your website but obviously its suspicious because your method of building links for the site is intentional for manipulation of rankings.
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    Just build the links, nobody cares.
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      It's not suspicious at all. That is nonsense.
      Nonsense? I don't think so. Quality links are earned not created.

      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Just build the links, nobody cares.
      Just build links anywhere on those low quality sites, who cares.
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    It wont be harmful until you overdo it, Matt Cutts mentioned this a couple of years ago. If youre a hardcore spammer, it doesnt matter if the links are Nofollow, youll probably get penalized anyway.

    Keyword Rank Tracker - AntRanks

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    I think nofollow links are not countable by Google for website ranking. so, you can create only dofollow links and don't waste your time.
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