SEO vs Paid Traffic - Why do people continue to chase the rabbit?

by Roger Rowe 14 replies
For years I chased SEO traffic because it was "free".

That was until I found out it's not really free.

$5 spend each day can yield commissions larger than that.

It took me a long time to learn this reality of life in internet marketing.

Why do you continue to chase the SEO when it takes months to get that traffic?
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    People often think SEO is the "low hanging fruit" because it is "free traffic" when in actuality SEO is the bright shiny apple at the very top of the tree and very few people are able to harvest those effectively. Most people stand under the tree with a bucket hoping the apples will just fall in. They usually don't.

    The reason people chase it still is margin. If you have a $40 average cart then you simply can't afford to pay $1 per click. Likewise if you search for "DUI lawyer los angeles" and click the #1 ad then you have just parted an LA lawyer from $150-$300 of his ad spend. Organic traffic is big bucks in the right niches.

    If you are good at SEO there is a lot of money to be made in it. I make mid six figures as an in-house SEO in online retail. I am very good at getting the bright shiny apple at the top of the tree, but it takes a ton of effort to do it.
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      I agree with everything you said.

      However there are other considerations.

      Things have changed in the last 2-3 years, including the competition for that low hanging fruit + the new machine learning systems Google has put in place.

      And the idea that anyone new can actually get a ranking for an attorney keyword these days is sure to bring frustration and probably months of work.


      I know because I have some of those rankings.

      I have decided that it's no longer scalable due to many factors, for a one man shop.

      There is more low hanging fruit in the ppc world than I have ever seen at this point.

      The point of my questions are this:

      Is everyone making an informed decision to go for SEO when ppc is so easy these days?

      Or are they chasing the next shiny shiny because someone said they could get free traffic.

      No one's time is free, thus is no such thing.

      Thanks for getting the conversation going.
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    My take is: SEO is Organic & nothing can beat organic!

    Agreed for some keywords, a PPC campaign might be much simpler, but, on the long run, you NEED organic traffic to drive you forward. PPC alone wont cut it, especially when the hot click rates are over the top.

    But, remember, there is no point in spending big bucks going full on for Organic. Organic growth should be as it sounds, Organic. So, just make sure you do your bit of work everyday, regularly, and Organic will work for you. You need to set the expectations right.

    P.S: Are we allowed to put links here? I took the benefit of the doubt.
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    It doesn't have to be a one or the other thing.

    The smartest thing is to do both in most cases.
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      Both is good
      don't forget the traffic gives you importance for the ranking
      but what matter is how long does the traffic stay on your site;
      if they stop 15 sec and leave it does not matter is the long run.

      Mike "ProMike" Leger

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    SEO is marketing tools that have the highest ROI.
    i used to spend 200$ for a site and get arround 200$ / months (100%/month).
    it's like 1200% / years.

    any marketing tools that can beat that?
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    I wonder how many respondents are full time compared to part time.

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